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How to Organize a Diaper Bag With Packing Cubes: Plus Essentials to Pack!

Posted by Jel Navarro on
Diaper bag organization with packing cubes

Moms are the designated packers of the family. Whether it’s packing a suitcase for a long trip or a backpack for a short getaway, it’s usually mom who does it all. Same goes with packing a baby’s diaper bag… You might have memorized the essential items for your bubba’s diaper bag. But, you might be missing out on this special organizing tool that can lift loads off your packing struggles. We’re talking about using packing cubes for diaper bag organization! It might just be the miracle #diaperbagorganizer you never knew you needed.

Diaper bag essentials + how to organize using packing cubes

Here are the essentials to pack in your diaper bag + some packing and organizing tips using cubes:

1. Baby’s First Aid Kit: We’re starting with the most important --- your baby’s first aid kit. Not sure what to pack? You can check out our DIY First Aid Kit blog post. We’ve given a brief summary of what should go in your little one’s first aid kit below too. Use our Extra Small Cube as a first aid kit pouch. It’s the ideal size for your diaper bag!

First aid kit for diaper bag

✔️ Infant’s Pain Reliever - Must have whether you’re going on a short or long trip. Don’t forget the medicine dropper!

✔️Teething Gel - There’s nothing worse than a fussy baby with painful teething. Don’t forget to pack a mini teething gel in your diaper bag. 

✔️ Gas Relief Medicine - Pack some gas relief medication in your first aid kit. Just a few drops of this (in your baby’s formula or breast milk) can help reduce gassiness and provide a LOT of relief. 

✔️ Saline Wipes - If your baby is already crawling or walking, it helps to be prepared. Pack some saline wipes for cleaning or disinfecting!

✔️ Small Band-aids - For those boo-boos that need to be covered, your baby will love these owl-designed band-aids. They don’t hurt when removed from the skin (unlike other brands)!

✔️ Anti-Mosquito Patches - Because you can’t let pesky bugs ruin your baby’s good mood! We recommend patches which you can attach to your baby’s clothes and don’t need to be in direct contact with your baby’s sensitive skin. 

✔️ Nail Clippers - For cutting sharp tiny nails or just removing skin hanging around the fingernails. 

2. Grab and Go Pouch: For those quick trips like running around the park or lunch at your fave cafe… We present to you the Grab and Go Pouch. Fill our Small Cube with the things you might need for a short trip. Leave your bulky diaper bag in the car or at home. Grab this pouch instead and you’re good to go!

✔️ Hand Sanitizer - Little hands get dirty so fast… It helps to have a bottle of hand sanitizer inside your Grab and Go Pouch. Choose one that is alcohol free to avoid drying your baby’s delicate skin!

✔️ Baby Wipes - You never know when the next explosion will happen. Be prepared and pack some wipes, we like these because they’re unscented and have simple ingredients. 

✔️ Bib - Because teething babies drool… A lot! Better bring along a bib or two even on a short walk out. 

Quart Size Bag

✔️ Diapers (1 to 2) - Don’t forget to pack a diaper or two even if you’re going out for just a few minutes. 

✔️ Pacifier - Calm a fussy baby with a pacifier! Make sure you pack along a pacifier clip to prevent it from falling on the dirty floor. 

✔️ Milk Bottle - You can also bring 1 bottle with either formula or breast milk. We know how quickly babies can get hungry!

✔️ Water / Sippy Cup - If you have an older baby who can drink water already, bring a leak-proof sippy cup with water. 

✔️ Tissues / Towel - The last item on your Grab and Go Pouch should be some tissues or a towel, especially if you live in a humid area.

3. Changing Bag: You’ll love our Small Cube as a changing bag. It has an easy pull handle for sudden trips to the bathroom. You can pack all your diaper changing essentials in this size cube. For a poopy diaper attack, grab this cube and make a quick run for the bathroom (with your baby of course)!

Diaper Changing Bag using EzPacking Small Cube

✔️ Diapers (2 to 3) - Make sure you pack the appropriate diaper size for your little one (they grow super fast). Bring at least 2 to 3 diapers if your outing is 2 to 3 hours long. Bring 1 extra diaper for each additional hour you’re out!

✔️ Wipes - Bring larger wipes just to be prepared for the worst. We also recommend investing in a reusable wet wipe pouch. You can buy wipes in bulk and store them in these pouches. 

✔️ Changing Pad - Germs are lurking everywhere, especially in public bathroom’s changing tables. A changing pad can protect your baby from direct contact with public changing tables. 

✔️ Diaper Rash Cream - We like this travel-sized option from TriDerma (it’s effective too)!

✔️ Diaper Disposal Bags (2 to 3) - Pack the matching number of disposal bags to your packed diapers. 

✔️ Hand Sanitizer / Alcohol - Need we say more? This is very important since you’re going to hold your baby after changing him or her. 

4. Snacks Pouch: Even babies have huge appetites! So allot another cube as a snacks pouch. Pack your little one’s fave snacks inside (biscuits, fruits, etc.)

Snacks for diaper bag essentials

✔️ Biscuits & Cookies - Your baby won’t be able to stop snacking on these organic cookies (they’ll love the shape too). 

✔️ Vegetable Bakes - Start them early with veggies! It isn’t so hard with these delicious vegetable bake pouches from Ella’s Kitchen

✔️ Fruit Bars - If you have an older baby or a toddler, fruit bars can help with satisfying their sweet tooth. 

✔️ Water / Sippy Cup - Don’t forget  water (in a sippy cup or bottle) especially if your little one’s eating more solids. 

✔️ Foldable Suction Placemat - Very handy when you’re eating out and you want to avoid messes while still allowing your baby to enjoy the food!

5. Feeding Essentials: Both breastfeeding and formula feeding moms can enjoy a hassle-free trip using our Small Cube. Pack 2 to 3 bottles filled with either breast milk or formula milk. Below are the essentials to pack in your feeding kit for the baby:

✔️ Milk Bottles (2 to 3) - Fill them with breast milk or formula before you go out. You can also pack some powdered formula in a dispenser. But don’t forget to fill your bottles with water before you leave to ease the process.

Starter Set

✔️ Freezer Blocks - Turn our Small Cube into an insulation bag. You can use mini freezer blocks for this purpose!

✔️ Nursing Cover - For breastfeeding moms who want some privacy, a nursing cover is an essential diaper bag item.

6. Change of Clothes: One set of extra clothes might not be enough… Pack at least 2 to 3 outfits even for a short trip. Vomit, saliva, explosions… you just never know. Our Small Cube is a perfect size for this occasion. 

Change of clothes for baby bag essentials

✔️ Onesies (2 to 3) - We love onesies because they’re easy to snap open and closed. Very helpful for changing diapers quickly. 

✔️ Socks (2 to 3) - Little feet seem to always lose socks! Be prepared and pack a few extra pairs. 

✔️ Mittens (2 to 3) - If you have a smaller baby, mittens are also essential. Avoid scratches on their delicate faces! 

✔️ Bibs & Burp Pads - Always necessary. 

✔️ Beanie / Cap - Babies are more affected by temperature changes. Something to cover their head can help protect them from sudden temperature drops. 

✔️ Wet Bag - For dirty, wet or soiled clothes, use a handy wet bag (make sure it’s foldable when not in use).

7. Entertainment Bag: While not essential, packing a few entertaining items can save mom’s sanity. Pack some toys, small stuffed toys or books in our Extra Small Cube to keep your baby entertained. You’ll need them during waiting times for food, in the car, etc.

Diaper bag essentials - toys

✔️ Activity Ball - Smaller babies love shaking and noisy toys. This shake and spin activity balls will keep their attention focused for some time!

✔️ Stuffed Toy - Little girls will adore this mystical unicorn stuffed toy. And it fits perfectly well in our smallest size cube!

✔️ Fabric Books - No papers to tear and no bulky books to bring. Fabric books ease your baby into appreciating the wonders of reading!

8. Mommy Essentials (yes, you matter too): We can’t forget about the essentials for you! Use an Extra Small Cube or Small Cube  for all the things you might need when out and about with the baby. Choose your fave color so you can easily recognize which cube is yours!

Change of clothes for mom

✔️ Change of Clothes - Mommies are the easiest targets! That’s why it’s a must to bring a set of clothes (at least a shirt) for yourself as well. 

✔️ Valuables - It’s easy to misplace and forget about your valuables when you’re busy with your little one. Use a Small Cube or Half Moon Pouch for keeping track of your phone, wallet, tissues, powder, chapstick and keys.

✔️ Hair Ties / Clips - Keep your hair out of your face (and your baby’s)! Pack a few hair ties inside your mommy bag. 

✔️ Makeup & Sunscreen - Busy taking care of the little one? Don’t forget to freshen up once in a while. Bring the minimal items: powder, tint and lip balm. A mini sunscreen if you’ll be walking around all day. 

Examples of how to use the cubes for your diaper bag

Want some packing inspiration? Check out these diaper bag organization ideas using our very own EzPacking Cubes:

1. Starter Set + Duffle Diaper Bag

Kids’ bag organization using packing cubes

Here is Livi’s (@xolivi) cheat sheet for packing 2 kids into one diaper duffle bag for an overnight trip using the Starter Set:⁣ 

✔️ Large Cube - Pack one of your kids’ clothes into the Large Cube (the oldest / tallest kid). You’ll fit multiple outfits in this size. ⁣

✔️ Medium Cube - Pack your other kid’s clothes into this cube. A few outfits can fit in here. ⁣

✔️ Small Cube - Pack their bathing suits, undies & socks in this size. ⁣

✔️ Extra Small Cube - Pack smaller toiletries like hair brush, comb, toothbrush, etc.

2. Hospital / Baby Bag

Hospital bag organization with EzPacking Cubes

Expecting mom? Here’s how Clarissa from My Wife Styles used packing cubes to organize her Delivery / Baby Bag. Click here for the detailed guide!

3. Grab and Go Pouch

Theme park bag organization with packing cubes

Here’s another of our packing cube in action for a theme park trip. You can use a carabiner to attach the cube to your kid’s stroller for easy access to the items inside. 

Our recommended diaper bags for moms

Looking for recommendations on the best diaper bags for moms? Here are some good diaper bags that we love:

✔️ For the Fashionista Moms - Want to stay in style while caring for your little one? Check out this super stylish Vera Bradley diaper bag. It’s so cute, no one will ever think it has dirty nappies and bottles inside! It even has insulated pockets so your baby’s milk can stay cool all throughout the day.

Vera Bradley Ultimate Diaper Bag

✔️ For the Full-Time Moms - For the full-time moms who’ve got both hands full, we got you! This diaper duffle bag is your best friend. It has a classic design and can be used as a messenger or hand bag. You won’t need to deep wash it (just like our cubes), wipe to clean and you can get on with your day.

Ruvalino Diaper Bag

✔️ For the Sporty Moms - This Colombia Backpack Diaper Bag is perfect for moms who are always on the go. It is super stylish and durable and has lots of room for all your baby’s essentials. The padded back and adjustable straps means that it’s super comfy to carry even for an extended period of time.

Columbia Diaper Bag Backpack

When you’re organized and neat, you can actually find what you’re looking for. No more crying, fussing or throwing of tantrums just because it took you 5 minutes to find their favorite snack.

Get yourself some of our packing cubes and organize your diaper bag into a functioning baby bag! Sort and categorize items according to what you need for the day. You’ll be the envy of your mommy group in no time!

- The EzPacking Team

P.S. Want to learn more about packing cubes? Check out our Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know and More!

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