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Make Your Own Hair Travel Kit (2023): Must Bring Hair Tools and Products

Posted by Dianne Chen on
Woman with must have tools and products for the hair

How many times do you go to the hair salon every month? Once? Twice? Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be guilty about. We’re all in the same boat honey! After all, we know that your hair can make or break any outfit; that’s why we go to great lengths just to make sure our locks are shining bright (like a diamond).

Sadly, no matter how careful you are at keeping your hair under control, going on an all-girls trip may as well spell out the word: chaos (especially if you don’t know which items to bring). Lucky for you, we’ve created a simple guide on the must bring hair tools and products for travel that will help you decide which items to bring and which to leave at home.

Our list of hair travel essentials will be sure to keep your locks “silky smooth” -- as Zohan would say. Oh and of course, you should always be using clear packing cubes to organize your hair travel kit (so you can see what’s inside) and be a #girlboss at your packing game.

What to Bring in Your Hair Travel Kit

Don't leave home without these hair tools and products (so you can have a good hair day, everyday of your trip!):

1. Travel Size Hair Comb

Comb for travel hair tools for traveling ladies

Unless you’re bald or your hair is shaved, you know how much of a travel necessity a comb is. Especially helpful when your destination involves swimming, don’t leave your hair in tangles. When your luscious mane is still wet, it’s at its weakest, so it’s easier to get damaged. Rather than using a brush, a wide-toothed comb is a better option and won’t pull a large amount of hair out. 

2. Travel Size Hair Brush

Hair brush for must bring hair product for travel

Hair brushes are another beauty essential when you’re on a trip with your favorite ladies and perfect for blow drying the hair when getting ready for the night out. The size of the brush is up to you, but definitely bring one that is small enough to include inside your travel cube.

3. Mini Travel Hair Dryer

Black Babyliss hair dryer

If you’re like us, you're in love with your hair dryer and its mad skills (shout out to the Babyliss Hair Dryer in the photo) and will almost always bring our own. It dries the hair so quickly, making your locks livelier, fuller, and silky smooth. Make sure to bring your own favorite!

Pro Tip: Call the hotel to see if they provide a hairdryer (It's one less hair tool to pack for).

  • 4. Mini Flat Iron

  • Flat iron for must bring hair tools

    Having a hard time taming your hair? Flatten your locks within seconds so you have more time to get your #OOTD ready.

    Pro Tip: If you want to reduce any hair damage because of too much heat, be sure to consider a flat iron with ceramic plates.

    5. Compact Curling Iron

    Medium cube with travel hair tools and products

    Like flat irons, a curling iron is another must have! This slim hair tool can easily fit inside your Medium Cube. Add a few curls before leaving for the night, adding a little bounce to your step. Use some hairspray to secure a nice hold for those lovely locks.

    6. Travel Size Hair Spray

  • Hair spray for travel hair productsGoing on a road trip and keeping your hair somewhat put together sounds impossible, but good thing we have hairspray! This travel hair product is a must have whether you’re out for a special occasion or even out to brunch during day. 

  • 7. Shampoo / Conditioner

  • Alba Botanica Hawaiian shampoo and conditioner for travel hair products

    So you’ve been exploring all day, living your life with the ladies and now your hair is oily and ready for a wash. Don’t forget to bring your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Our favorite is the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Shampoo and Conditioner (smells so yummy!). If you’re flying somewhere with the ladies and plan on bringing only a carry-on suitcase (which you should), transfer your shampoo and conditioner to a travel size container and organize it in a TSA Approved Extra Small Cube. 

  • 8. Leave in Conditioner & Curling Cream

  • Leave-in conditioner and curling cream for hair travel essentialsCurling your hair can be done with a iron or with your hands - when you have the right leave in conditioner such as Unite 7 Seconds Detangler (best used for chemically treated hair, so you can go out in the sun worry-free!) Second in line, but just as important is the right curling defining cream to form perfect, natural curls for the day. Try this Moroccan Curling Defining Cream for frizz-free, natural beachy waves.

    9. Hair Defrizzer & Heat Protector

    Woman holding cube with all travel hair tools and products

    An all-girls trip usually means going out and having fun, and this means trying new things, visiting new places, and of course, going out in style! We know how much you want to make the world your runway and you want to stay as stylish as possible. Before blow drying, straightening, or curling, protect your locks by using a heat protector

    10. Dry Shampoo

    Dry shampoo for hair products to bring when traveling

    Washing your hair is not a bad thing -- unless you just had a beautiful blowout. Thank the heavens, dry shampoo has come to save the day. Spray a decent amount into the roots of your hair and remove excess oil effortlessly. Rub the roots with your fingertips and give your hair a little fluff. You’re all good to go!

    11. Hair Ties / Clips

    Hair ties and clip inside clear packing cube for travel

    Whether you're planning to go out for an adventure or you just want to keep it sweet and simple, hair ties and clips are a must! Make sure to save extra space for these hair essentials in your packing cube and keep your hair out of the way without compromising style.

    The Best Travel Bag for Hair Tools and Products

    Hair tools and products for travel

    Packing all your hair travel essentials can be fun if you’re prepared! Avoid mess and stress with this organization hack: Clear Packing Cubes! These space-saver clear cubes come in different shapes and sizes to suit your mood and personality. Simply place your travel items into categories (one cube for every occasion) and you’re good to go.

    You may also use Small Packing Cubes to store your fragile makeup items. Unless you want to see your brand new Naked palette in pieces, be sure to pack it properly.

    The best travel bag for hair products

    Which of these items are no brainers for you? What hair tools and products you can’t live without?

    Three women having fun and laughing by the beach

    Be sure to share this article and tag your girlfriends! Girls trip 2019? We think yes.

    P.S. Click here for a more detailed travel essentials for women list!

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