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How to Pack Your Kid's Toiletry Bag: Travel Toiletry Essentials Checklist for Children

Posted by Bea Manzano on
extra small turquoise cube bathroom toiletries

Packing toiletries for your kids is something that you, as a mom, need to master. Although it’s not every day you go on vacation, being prepared when you do can definitely save you a lot of potential headache moments. Letting them have their own toiletries will spare you from "Moooom! Where's my toothbrush?" or "Mooooooom! Where's the toothpaste?" But seriously, it's also a great way to bond and teach them how to pack their own toiletry bag and be responsible for their things. 

Whenever you're traveling, we know that your family's health and proper hygiene is your top priority. As a way to honor you- and all the other rocking moms out there - we've made a list of the must have travel toiletry essentials for your kids to help you pack and be prepared for your next family trip.

The Best Toiletries Packing Tips

baby's travel essentials in packing cubes

**Thanks to Ashley for this photo!

Before we get to the essentials, let’s quickly go over these few tips in getting ready for packing your children’s toiletries for travel. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s start with the first one.

Tip #1 - Use a kid-sized toiletry bag

It might be extra small by name, but it’s spacious in real life. Just because your kids are little doesn’t mean they only have few essentials. You’ll be surprised how much toiletries these little kids need. And you’ll be even more surprised how many travel size bottles you can fit into this TSA approved toiletry bag. Plus, it comes in different adorable colors, so if you have a bunch of cute little munchkins, you can color code their items so it’s easier to tell their things apart.

travel size bottles in a pink extra small cube
**Thanks to Karen for this photo!

Tip #2 - Use travel-size bottles for their liquids.

Aside from helping you get through TSA more quickly, kids don’t actually need full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner for their little hair. You’ll fit more essentials in their toiletry bag if you use travel size containers.

travel size bottles and an orange extra small cube

**Thanks to Home Made By Carmona for this photo!

Tip #3 - Refill items that have run out.

Instead of running to the pharmacy to buy toiletries again, just reuse the containers and refill the ones that have run out. For example, if the travel size toothpaste tube is out of toothpaste, just get your full size toothpaste and gently squeeze some toothpaste into it, and voila, good as new. You’re not only saving money, you’re also saving the planet by reusing plastic tubes.

Pro Tip: Keep their toiletry bag in a cabinet or drawer (with the essentials packed inside) so you don't have to constantly pack the items whenever you travel. Next time you go on a trip, just grab your kid’s wash bag and get ready to go.

What to Pack in Your Child's Toiletry Kit

toiletries in a turquoise extra small cube

It’s easy to forget the basics when you’re packing in such a hurry. Well, that’s the thing. Don’t pack in a hurry. And don’t forget the basics - toothbrush, shampoo, soap, you get the idea. But packing your kid’s hygiene kit is so much more than just the basics. Don’t worry, we’ve covered everything you need to bring for your sweet child’s toiletry kit.

✅ For Baby

baby holding a green small cube with travel essentials

✔️ Baby Shampoo / Head to Toe Wash - Choose a brand that’s gentle on your baby’s skin and with no-tears formula.

✔️ Mini Brush / Comb - Go for a wide-toothed comb with soft bristles.

✔️ Baby Oil - To keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized.

✔️ Travel Size Baby Lotion - Got to keep their skin moisturized!

✔️ Sunscreen - Consult your pediatrician before applying sunscreen on your baby’s skin. As much as possible, just keep them in the shade when it’s too hot outside.

✔️ Nose Aspirator - For clearing out the baby’s nose when it gets stuffy. 

✔️ Digital Thermometer - To check your baby's temperature.

✔️ Travel Baby Wipes - For wiping the mess your cute little baby makes and for cleaning the boogies out of their nose. 

✔️ Saline Drops - You can never be too prepared with an infant. It's better to be safe than sorry.

baby powder and other toiletries in an extra small cube

✔️ Travel Size Baby Powder - For freshening up, getting rid of oily hair, lots of uses! 

✔️ Baby Orajel Naturals - For baby's teething.

✔️ Rubber Duckie Sponge - To play with and keep them entertained while bathing.

✔️ Nail Clippers / Nail File - Smallest nail file that can fit in their toiletries.

✔️ Washcloths - Very useful for cleaning your baby during & after meal times, diaper changes, and spit-up moments.

✔️ Neosporin / Antibiotic Ointment - You'll never know when your baby will get a cut or scratch. Here’s how you can master a DIY first aid kit for your baby.

✔️ Hand Sanitizer - Go for a baby-safe, organic, alcohol-free hand sanitizer that’s great for your baby’s skin.

✔️ Travel Pocket Tissues - For wiping down your baby’s face, nose, etc.

✔️ Travel Size Diaper Rash Ointment - Keep the ones your pediatrician gives you.

✔️ Healing Ointment - Use when the weather’s making your baby’s skin dry.

✔️ Disposable Plastic Bags - Put your baby’s smelly nappies in a plastic bag before throwing in a garbage bin, or use for whatever gets soiled, dirty, or wet.

For Kids

 two kids holding clear packing cubes and a suitcase

**Thanks to The Traveling Child for this photo!

✔️ Shampoo & Conditioner - Pack the ones they usually use at home in travel size containers.

✔️ Body Wash / Soap - If they use liquid soap, make sure to pack it in a travel size bottle. A mini bar soap would be much easier to pack.

✔️ Toothbrush w/ Case - Store their toothbrush in  a case to avoid contaminating it.

✔️ Mini Hairbrush - To keep their hair looking neat and clean all day long.

✔️ Retainers Case - If they’re wearing retainers.

✔️ Lotion - To moisturize their skin when it’s dry. 

✔️ Face Wash - Choose a brand with no-tears formula and non-alcohol based so it’s gentler on their skin.

✔️ Lip Balm w/ SPF - To avoid chapped lips.

✔️ Dental Floss - Pack a few with colorful handles, those that are designed for kids’ small mouth and sensitive gums.

deodorant and other toiletries in an extra small cube

✔️ Antibacterial Creams - Go for brands recommended by your pediatrician.

✔️ Wet Wipes - To easily clean their hands when eating food in the car or while in transit.

✔️ Digital Thermometer - To check your child’s temperature when they’re not feeling well.

✔️ Organic Deodorant / Antiperspirant - For kids developing body odor. Make sure to teach them how to use it.

✔️ Eye Drops - Choose a brand that's safe for kids. Use when their eyes get itchy and watery during the trip.

✔️ Disposable Sponges - You can trash them when you're done using so you don't need to pack them going home.

travel size mouthwash and other toiletries in an extra small cube

✔️ Mouthwash - An alcohol-free mouthwash is safe for your kids over the age of six. Little ones aged 6 below must not use mouthwash yet.

✔️ Aloe Vera - To soothe sunburnt skin after a full day in the sun.

✔️ Hair Gel - For styling their hair or to ease stubborn flyaways.

✔️ Facial Wipes - To easily clean their food-smothered faces.

✔️ Body Cleansing Wipes - When showering is not an option at your destination, use body cleansing wipes to keep them fresh.

Add these for your teens:

✔️ Makeup (for older kids) - Pack your little girl’s blush, bare minerals foundation, lip gloss, and powder. Make sure they’re all safe for kids.

✔️ Headbands / Ties - So your little princess can wear her hair in many styles.

✔️ Hair Straightener - Hack: Put your hair tie around your hair straightener with the cord so it won't get all tangled up.

The Best Travel Toiletry Bag for Kids

diaper bag organized using clear packing cubes

**Thanks to Xo Livi for this photo!

When picking the right toiletry bag for your kiddos, don't just go for the cute ones; go for the functional bags in cute colors instead. It would also be best if it’s clear so they can easily see what’s inside and won’t keep on bothering you whenever they can’t find their toothbrush or shampoo. And most importantly, they must be travel size, just like your little ones, so it will fit right in their mini suitcase.

toiletries in a royal blue extra small cube

If you’re wondering what’s the best travel toiletry bag for kids, you’re looking right at it! EzPacking’s TSA Approved Toiletry Bag checks all the boxes: 

It’s functional

✓ It’s available in cute colors (kids and moms alike would definitely love!)

✓ It has a clear design (which allows you to easily see your kid’s essentials inside), and

✓ It’s slightly under a quart size so it's perfect for passing through airport security check!

travel size bottles and a royal blue extra small cube

So now that we’ve covered how to pack your kid’s toiletries, what to pack, and what’s the best bag to pack it in, it’s time to do the packing! If you’re traveling with a carry on bag only, make sure to pack your 3 oz liquids in a TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

Remember, before packing your own travel essentials, make sure to pack theirs first so they won't keep on bothering you when you're sorting yours. Let them help you pack by giving them a list with all the toiletries they need to gather from their room and bring to you for packing. If they’re too young to read, just make it like a game of “Bring Me This” and have fun!

First time traveling with your little munchkins? We've got the best tips for parents on How to Travel With Kids. Make sure to check that out.

You got this, mama!

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