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Sister Missionary Clothes Packing List for LDS Mission Trip

Sister Missionary Clothes Packing List:

For LDS Mission Trip

LDS sister missionary clothes sample outfits

Packing for a mission can be a daunting task. So we designed this list to give you ideas on what a typical sister missionary clothes packing list looks like to get you inspired and excited to pack.

Things to keep in mind before packing your mission clothing:

LDS Sister Packing and Organizing Her Luggage Using EzPacking Cubes

  1. Choose climate-appropriate fabrics for your mission destination.

  2. Choose blouses & dresses that are made with anti-wrinkle fabrics.

  3. If larger items are taking up too much space in your luggage, prioritize versatility. You can also ship it to the training center, if that option is available.


Different types of sister missionary tops


10-12 blouses

  • Consider getting packing boards to prevent blouses from wrinkling.

  • You can never go wrong with neutral colors like black, white, and beige. But don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and colors either.

  • Pack blouses with varying sleeve lengths (e.g. short, half, long, quarter). But, when in doubt, go for the three-quarter length sleeves. They are more versatile and can transition from formal to casual quite easily.

10-12 shirts

Dresses and skirts:

Different types of mission clothing bottoms for LDS sisters

1-2 Formal Dresses

  • Consider getting a dress cube to prevent your LDS dresses from wrinkling.

3-4 Casual Dresses

  • Sister missionary dresses are great options if you’re in a hurry and need to put a quick outfit together.

6-8 Skirts

  • Consider the forms of transportation you’ll be using at your mission destination. If using bikes is an option, consider bringing more a-line skirts instead of pencil skirt.

  • Choose neutral or solid colors to get more outfit options.


Different types of LDS missionary clothing outerwear

Insulated hooded jacket

  • Choose a style that has a removable hood to fit more temperature variations.

  • Choose 3-in-1 systems, so you have an option to wear each item separately to fit temperature variations.


  • Choose a style that has a removable hood to fit more temperature variations.


  • Bring 1-2 coats. Choose from any of these styles:

Cold weather gear for LDS sisters

Cold-weather gear


Blazers, Cardigans, Sweaters


  • - This can also be included as part of your exercise outfit if you’re working out outdoors.


  • - Recommended if you’re going to tropical countries, where there’s a high amount of rainfall.

  • - Depending on your baggage allowance, consider getting this at your mission destination.

Sleepwear / Loungewear:

Sister missionary clothes should include lounge wear and pajamas

2 Pajama Sets

- One option for cold weather and one for warm. 

1 Robe

- This item is optional but recommended.

4-5 Joggers / Sweatpants

- These can also double as sleepwear.

4-5 Sweatshirts / Pullovers

- Bring neural colors to wear with any outfit

5-7 T shirts

- These can also double as sleepwear.

* If you’re going to use shirts for sleepwear, choose long sleeve shirts for its versatility. It keeps you warm in cold weather, but it can also keep the mosquito bites to a minimum if you’re in destinations with warmer climates.

Socks / Tights:

Good socks and hosiery offer support for LDS Sisters who tend to walk a lot during a mission

Bring 5-6 pairs of different types of socks for rotation. 

Compression socks

  • - For exercise or athletic activities.

  • - Has strategically placed cushions which offers more protection and support.

  • - Minimizes swelling. 

Crew and Knee-high socks

  • - Recommended when you’re wearing boots.

Wool socks

  • - Recommended for cold weather destinations.

  • - Can also be included as part of your sleepwear.

Liner socks

  • - For ballet flats, brogues, moccasin, loafers, canvas shoes, mary janes, etc.

No Show socks

  • - For sneakers. 

3-4 Nylons For formal occasions.

  • - Stick to simple / subtle patterns.

  • - This optional but recommended.


EzPacking Cubes are useful when organizing small clothing items like undergarments

8-12 Temple Garments

10 Pairs of Underwear

  • - Always remember extra for that time of the month.

6-8 Pairs of Bras

  • - Bring different neutral colors (white, black, skin tone).

2-3 Slips

  • - Bring different neutral colors (white, black, skin tone).

  • - Match it to the lengths of your skirts and dresses.

2-3 Pairs of Thermal Underwear

  • - Recommended for cold weather destinations.

4-5 Pairs of Leggings

  • - You can use these as an added layer of modesty when wearing skirts or dresses. These are especially useful if you serve in a specially windy area. Also, recommended if your main transportation is bikes.

P-Day and Other Activities:

You can be comfortable and fashionable on P-Days if you know the right clothes to pack.

1-2 Pairs of Jeans
  • - Boot / straight cut.

    Shirts and/or Blouses

    • Stick to simple designs and patterns.

    Pullovers, Cardigans, Jackets

    • Stick to simple designs and patterns.


    Keep an exercise routine to keep your energy up while you're on your mission

    1-2 Activewear Outfits


     LDS Sisters are always on their feet so the right shoes is a must

    2-3 Pairs of Walking Shoes

    • Prioritize comfort and durability.

    • Choose shoes with thicker soles for added protection.

    • Make sure to get footwear recommendations from your doctor if you have flat feet or other foot conditions.

    • Waterproof your shoes if they aren't already to make them last longer.

    1-2 Pairs of Dress Shoes

    • Recommended for formal events.

    • Bring one pair of leather flats and one pair with a bit of a heel.

    1-2 Pairs of Training / Running Shoes

    • Recommended for workout sessions.

    • Also can use these for a casual P-Day look.

    1-2 Pairs of Winter Boots

    • Since boots take up a lot of space in your luggage, consider versatility when choosing your boots. Check that the length goes well with all your skirts and dresses.

    1-2 Pairs of Flip Flops / Indoor Slippers

    • Recommended for use in the bathroom / shower. 


    A practical everyday bag ensures LDS Sisters always have everything they need

    1 Everyday Bag

    • - A leather shoulder bag or cross-body bag is a good option for hands-free travel.

    • - Make sure that it's lightweight.

    • - Try to get a design that can easily transition from casual to formal.

    1 Eco bag

    • - Recommended for P-Day or when running errands.

    1 Anti-theft Waist Pack

    • - Recommended if there are many reports of theft in your mission destination area.

    1 Set of Clear Packing Cubes

    • - Recommended to keep your luggage organized.

    • - A set of packing cubes can even double as closet and /or purse organizer.

    Clear Packing Cubes from EzPacking Make LDS Mission Trips Easier and More Organized When Packing


    Packing the right accessories can spruce up any outfit for LDS Sisters during a mission

    Jewelry / Hair / Hats


    No more spilt shampoo in your luggage when you use EzPacking Extra Small Packing Cube for your toiletries

    1 Toiletries Kit

    Manage your baggage allowance and bring only 1-2 weeks worth of bathroom necessities. Simply refill/restock on P-Day when you're running low.

      • - Shampoo

      • - Conditioner

      • - Toothbrush

      • - Toothpaste

      • - Floss

      • - Deodorant

      • - Feminine hygiene products

        • - Note that tampons aren't as common in asian countries.

      • - Foot deodorant / spray

      • - Q-tips

      • - Cotton pads

      • - Contacts solution

      • - Wash cloth

      • - 2 Towels

    1 Skin Care Kit

    • - Facial wash

    • - Body wash / soap

    • - Toner

    • - Moisturizer

    • - Sunscreen (For face and body)

    • - Lotion

    1 Makeup Kit

    Choose waterproof makeup or products meant for oily skin if you're going to warm weather destinations.LDS Sisters can use EzPacking Small Packing Cube to pack their favorite makeup so they can look fresh for special events while serving on their mission

      • - Primer

      • - Foundation

      • - Eyeshadow (Choose a natural palette with subtle colors)

      • - Eyeliner

      • - Mascara

      • - Blush

      • - Lipstick (Choose natural and subtle colors)

      • - Lip gloss

      • - Powder

      • - Oil blotter

      • - Makeup brush travel set

    1 Everyday Kit

    This kit is something you can carry around with you when you're out on daily missions. Consider keeping these items organized in an extra small packing cube in your purse.

      • - Lip balm

      • - Hand sanitizer

      • - Eye drops

      • - Oil blotter

      • - Powder

      • - Tissue

      • - Wet tissue

    1 Tool Kit
     Always keep on top of your grooming with EzPacking Large Cube in Black to organize all your tools and products.
    • Nail clippers

    • Tweezers

    • Razors

    • Hair Products

    • Hair dryer / Straightener / Curling iron

      • - You don't have to bring all of these hair styling tools. Just choose one that you'll get the most use of based on your current hairstyle. 


    Use an EzPacking Extra Small Cube to organize your prescriptions and your First Aid medicine

    • Bring only 1-2 weeks worth and just refill/restock on P-Day when you're running low.
    • If you have prescriptions, make sure to check if it's available in your mission destination. If it's not, make sure to bring enough with you for the duration of the mission.
            • - First-aid kit

            • - Multivitamins

            • - Pain reliever (Ibuprofen)

            • - Muscle pain patches / ointment

            • - Anti-itch cream

            • - Anti-fungal cream

            • - Insect repellent

            • - Cold medicine

            • - Cough drops

            • - Antacid

            • - Anti-diarrhea (Pepto-Bismol, Imodium A-D)

            • - Allergy medication (Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec)


     If you're bringing electronic devices on your mission, use EzPacking Cubes to organize cables, batteries, memory cards, and chargers

    Mobile Devices
    • Two weeks before your departure make sure to contact the mission office to confirm whether you are authorized to keep your tablet. If you are, follow these instructions to setup your device.

    • Check this article for further information on the use of electronic devices on missions.

      • - Pre-configured tablet

      • - 1 Point and shoot camera

      • - 1-2 USB flash drive

      • - 1-2 Memory cards

      • - 1 Memory card reader

      • - Battery charger

      • - International power converter

      • - GPS device

      Self-defense Tools

        • Although many Sisters who have gone on missions say that they didn't feel the need to bring any self-defense tools, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.


      LDS Sister reading and reviewing scriptures while sitting outside



                  • - True to the Faith [Download]

                  • - Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage [Download]

                  • - Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Download]

                  • - Our Search for Happiness by Elder M. Russell Ballard [Buy]

        • 1 Study Kit

                    • - Pens

                    • - Pencils

                    • - Highlighters

                    • - Markers

                    • - Notebooks

                    • - Language study

                    • - Scripture study

                    • - Notepads

                    • - Sticky Notes

                    • - Journal


          Always bring a copy of your important travel documents especially if you're serving your mission at a foreign country

          • Use a small cube to organize all your important documents.

          • Check with your mission president if you can securely store it at the MTC.

          • Make sure to make a copy of all your documents and keep it on your email or send it to one of your family members:

            • - Passport

            • - Visa

            • - ID / Driver's license

            • - Health Insurance

            • - Immunization Sheet

            • - Address Book

            • - Debit / Credit Card

            • - Temple Recommend

            • - Four-Generation Pedigree Chart

            • - Copy of Mission Call Letter

            • - Copy of Patriarchal Blessing


          Reserve one EzPacking Clear Packing Cube for your miscellaneous items so you're always ready for anything during your mission

          • - Cash

            • - For immediate expenses while traveling / emergencies.

            • - For MTC expenses.

            • - Personal journal

            • - Shoe gel insoles and orthotics

            • - Alarm clock

            • - Waterproofing spray

            • - Umbrella

            • - Extra nametag

            • - Lanyard

            • - Wallet

            • - Coin purse

            • - Book light

            • - Small sewing kit

            • - Laundry stain stick

            • - Clothes hangers

            • - Water bottle

            • - 30-min Workout book

            • - 1 Twin-size bed sheets

            • - 2 Pillowcase

            • - 1 Blanket

              LDS Sister sitting on the bed with her packed and organized mission suitcase

              This packing list is just a guide, and is highly customizable to fit your mission destination as well as cater to your personal style. So don't hesitate to put your own touch to this packing list to make it all you. If you’re an Elder going on your first mission, make sure to check Mission Possible: Smart Packing Tips for Elders.

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