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Travel Essentials for Kids: The Only Items You Need

Posted by Dianne Chen on
Family of three enjoying the sun, sand and waves

Fact: When it comes to traveling, kids fall into just one of two categories - the wide eyed adventure kids and the pouty face kids.

The wide eyed kids get crazy excited about packing their tiny backpacks and setting off on a new adventure. While the pouty face kids, well, they'd rather not have anything to do with any of that.

But, when the kids are miles away from their comfort's really an entirely different story.

The wide eyed adventure kids may end up turning into frazzled balls of energy on the plane, much to the horror of your neighbors on board. While the pouty face kids may end up just sleeping through the whole flight, leaving you wondering why you packed so many stuffed animals in the first place.

And because there's just no way of telling what kids would do, packing the right items can mean the difference between a stressful trip and a successful one. Know the travel essentials for kids so you'd be prepared for your next trip!

Clear Packing Cubes

Woman holding blue EzPacking cube inside an organized luggage

When it comes to traveling with kids, it's all about speed.

How fast can you get that formula?

How fast can you get Mr. Rabbit?

How fast can you change a diaper?

How fast can you get take out those cookies?

How fast can you bust out the wet wipes?

Take on these challenges with ease and win 1st place in the super mom department. 

The only way to accomplish this is if:

  • (1) You've meticulously organized your kids' essential travel items.  

  • (2) Know at first glance exactly where everything is inside your carry-on.

EzPacking cubes for organizing travel essentials for kids

Clear packing cubes like EzPacking's Starter Set allows you to instantly see the items inside, so you don't waste your time trying to guess where you put Mr. Rabbit. It should certainly be included in your travel checklist for kids!

EzPacking cubes also come in a variety of colors such as Blue, Pink, Green, and Grey. So if you're traveling with family, you can assign a particular colored cube for each kid, so you know which cube to reach for when you need it. 

Homemade Snacks

Nuts and fruits for healthy snacks when packing for a trip with kids

Aside from being the universal solution to any problem, snacks are also equally effective in preventing a “toddler meltdown” as well as an adult one.

There are just so many things that can happen while you're trying to get from Point A to Point B with your kids, and honestly, most of these things will not be tons of fun. They may actually suck, however the sight of snacks can turn any frown upside down in seconds.

So, if you're already having a bad day, wouldn't you rather be a ‘Super Parent’ -  nibbling on some guiltless chocolate chip cookies than nothing at all?
Another good thing about bringing homemade snacks is - if you make them, you know what's in them. Check out some easy homemade recipes here - you can make the day before traveling.

Store-bought cookies, for example, have 14 grams of added sugar per serving. Which is already half of the American Heart Association's recommended daily consumption for kids over the age of two.

And you don't need an expert to tell you that no good thing will ever happen if you put kids, sugar, and long haul flight together in one sentence.

To get double the amount of snacks without doubling the amount of space it takes in your suitcase, get refillable containers which can hold two different kid-friendly snacks in one.

Use either an Extra Small or Small Clear Packing Cube to make sure the snacks are always within easy reach when you or your kid is feeling hangry.   

Antibacterial Products

Girl in pink and boy in blue playing with dirt

If this slow-motion video of a sneeze showing 40,000 potential germs flying 25-feet into the air doesn't convince you to pack some antibacterial products, then maybe this TED Talk on how germs travel on planes will.

It also doesn't help that kids aren't the most hygienic of creatures. So, the chances of them getting sick is higher on airplanes than in the safety of your home.

Toiletries laid flat in bed with clear EzPacking cube beside them

In your carry-on, place an EzPacking Extra Small Cube with the most important antibacterial items such as a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, or a surface disinfectant spray, so you're always ready when someone lets out a germ-filled supersonic sneeze.

Also, check out our Overseas Travel post for more information on which vaccines your family should get before going on vacation.


Kids with entertainment items like book, camera and toys

On average, young kids around 4-5 years old should be able to keep their focus for about 4-20 minutes. So, if you're in for a long flight or drive, variety is key for keeping your child entertained while traveling. Make sure to pack entertaining travel items for kids!

If you're not a fan of too much screen time for kids, take an EzPacking Small Packing Cube and pack it with coloring and activity books, erasable pens and crayons, Magic Eye books, a license plate game, and a storytelling roleplaying game.

Kids travel essentials organized in EzPacking cubes

You can also get one of these kid-friendly cameras. So instead of constantly looking down at a screen, taking photos can instill in them a sense of curiosity that can turn any pouty face kid into an extremely wide eyed adventurer. 

Enjoyed this blog post on our recommended travel essentials for kids? For more tips, check our post on How to Travel With Kids: Best Tips for Parents.

Travel essentials for kids

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