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The Best Travel Gifts for Mom (2023)

Posted by Dianne Chen on
Monica and Salo carrying clear packing cubes
If you're looking for meaningful travel gifts for moms, you've come to the right place. But before going any further, you must know that there are no mugs, ugly sweaters, or other cliché Christmas gifts on this list. This list only contains awesome, useful, well-thought-of, and unique presents for all the moms out there who love to travel. Just take a look at our list and take your pick. We guarantee you that she will love it!

Top 15 Useful and Unique Gifts for Traveling Moms

Feast your eyes on the best travel gifts for moms with wanderlust. Don't worry, we've rounded up 15 of the finest practical gifts for traveling moms so you won't have a hard time choosing. Let's begin...

1. Set of Clear Packing Cubes

Woman packing a duffel bag with clear cubes

**Thanks to Xo Livi for this photo!

One of the best-kept secrets of travel pros is using packing cubes to organize their luggage. Not only does it keep their belongings organized, but the see-through material also makes it TSA-friendly and easy to see what's inside each cube. The EzPacking Complete Bundle is just what she needs to organize her suitcase (and her life). These packing cubes come in lots of different colors and sizes, so you are sure to find something that fits her style.

Large packing cube for organizing new baby's clothes

These clear packing cubes can be used as an organizer for diapers, toys, and clothes in the baby station. Since these cubes come with an easy-to-carry handle, it can also double as a bag for scheduled doctor visits. You can purchase each cube in different colors (color-coding organization hack). The different sizes can be super useful for separating things like diapers or toys from clothes. Check out the variety of colors and size options here.

2. Tote Bag

Tote bag and clear packing cubes on a bed

If there's one thing a traveling mom should have an abundance of, it should be tote bags! These awesome day bags can be used not only for sorting personal items but most importantly, you know, for keeping baby stuff on the go. With the help of some travel-sized clear packing cubes, she can easily organize and access her essentials inside the tote.

3. An Adorable Travel Journal

Journal as an awesome gift idea for the volunteer mom

Give traveling moms the space where they can write their more personal and introspective thoughts during their trip. She’ll think of you whenever she opens this adorable 5-year journal's front cover. You can choose from the more traditional journals that can be personalized or those that are waterproof, with adorable floral prints.

4. Instant Camera

Instant camera and polaroid photos as awesome gift ideas for mom

Print out photos will give her the perfect souvenir for capturing real moments during her time away. She can also use these print outs in her photo album for when she returns. Polaroid is back with the OneStep 2 using its classic pre-Instagram square film. There are also other instant cameras like the famous Fujifilm Instax Mini which gives its users more editing control over their photos.

5. Electronic Sandman

Baby sleeping with mouth open and a baby shusher device

Sleep - the one thing all new parents want (and need!) but their baby won't give to them, even more so while traveling! A gift like the Baby Shusher (shown above) gives both the baby and parents quality sleep, immediately putting you in the magical fairy godmother category. This will definitely change the game whenever she's flying with a baby.

6. Eco-Friendly Apparel

Patagonia fleece jacket

Any girl who loves the outdoors would also have a strong commitment to the environment. So, getting her a Christmas gift from Patagonia, who not only produces "high-performance gear that leaves the tiniest footprint possible" and Fair Trade Certified but also involved in social issues, pretty much guarantees you the Best Gift Ever Award.

7. Instant Travel Accommodation

Unique gift idea for outdoor enthusiast mom: A camping hammock

She can hang (or sleep) anywhere - the beach, the mountains, the side of a cliff - all she needs is something to sleep on and she’s all set. Who needs a hotel suite, when she’s got a 5-star hammock like the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock (shown above)? This gift is something she’s been wanting to buy for herself but doesn’t want to spend the money on herself. Make her happy and do it for her. She’ll store it in her trunk and be thankful the next time she decides to take a spontaneous road trip!

8. Feet Hammock

feet hammock for travel

This airplane footrest is perfect for moms who usually travel on long haul flights. Every journey with kids will now be more bearable and relaxing thanks to this portable footrest hammock. Just easily hang the footrest to the bracket of the tray table, rest both feet on it, and voila! Goodbye back and leg pain, hello relaxing flight. 

9. Water Purifier

Portable water purifier for trekking trips

There's no argument that safe drinking water tops any must-have list for any outdoor enthusiast. But nobody wants to lug around liters and liters of drinking water. Purifiers like the super cute LifeStraw (shown above) guarantee access to bacteria-free, protozoan-free, and virus-free drinking water. The is the perfect size to store in her backpack, and she’ll thank you the next time she runs out of the water on that 6-hour hike.

10. Hydrating Sheet Masks

Hydrating beauty face mask

The skin can get especially dry while flying, that's why you should gift your mom some hydrating masks she can wear on the plane to keep her skin moisturized. Make sure to give her extras so she can offer it to the person sitting next to her. Be conscious of fragrance allergies that people have, especially elderly members who are traveling. Consider getting sheet masks with low fragrance. The plane cycles air and the cabins are small enough that people from opposite aisle seats can smell the sheet mask from where they are.

11. Tent for "Glamping"

Tent for glamping

Make your mom's glamping dreams come true by getting her a standing room tent for her next outdoor adventure. This kind of tent has a very large cabin area, tall front and back entryways, and huge windows for ventilation. It's quite roomy that she can easily fit a 22" air mattress inside and have the best sleep ever at night. Just include some battery operated LED lights around the tent to create that calm and relaxing vibe.

12. Travel Jewelry Pouch

Silver travel jewelry roll

A woman is never without her accessories, and the same is true with traveling moms. One of the best travel gifts for her would be this travel jewelry pouch to organize her beloved trinkets. Although one should never travel with expensive jewelry, she can put her lesser-priced bracelets, necklaces, and rings in this compact and classy bag for easy access and storage.

13. Clear Makeup Bag

Clear makeup bag

Wouldn't it be awesome if moms had a makeup pouch to organize all her cosmetics in when she's traveling? And wouldn't it be more awesome if that pouch was clear, like this one, just so she can easily see what's inside? Better yet, you can even get her this large cosmetic bag to fit all her beauty essentials for longer trips.

14. Laundry Bag

Travel laundry bag

**Thanks to A House Full of Sunshine for this photo!

Moms gotta do what moms gotta do and what they do mostly is to make sure everything's organized not only at home but even when traveling. Get her this travel-sized, foldable laundry bag to conveniently separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones for all her trips. It can easily fit up to 10 days worth of filthy garments and it's machine-washable for repetitive use.

15. Smart Home Camera

Smart home camera

Not all the best travel gifts for moms are those they can take with them, but sometimes it's what they can leave behind. This smart security camera is the perfect device to keep watch of her home while she's away. She can easily access the camera with a mobile app anytime, anywhere with its 24/7 emergency response service. Now, she can travel without having to worry about what goes on at home with this techy gift!

We hope you are now clicking away online and found some inspiration for the lovely lady you are shopping for. Showing appreciation to the special ladies in your life - your mom, wife, sister, aunt, bestie, co-worker - will go a long way, especially with these thoughtful gifts.

Need gift ideas for the special man in your life? Stay tuned for inspiration ideas for your Husband, brother, father-in-law... Coming soon!

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