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What To Pack In My Hospital Bag? I’m Having A Baby!

What To Pack In My Hospital Bag?

I’m Having A Baby!

Pregnant woman wondering, "What to pack in my hospital bag?"

One common mistake that moms-to-be are guilty of (myself included) is forgetting about the hospital bag.

Surely, our minds are preoccupied with so many thoughts that we forget to find out what to pack in the hospital bag. We’ve even started ticking off some important tasks such as painting the baby’s room, filling up their closet, and even saving for their future.

We’re here to help you remember that super useful (and not so stupid) hospital bag, and tell you what to pack inside!

Even with a due date given by your trusty OB, you’ll never truly know when that tiny human will come out of you. So to avoid this mistake, it’s best to pack around 35 weeks or earlier (no one’s stopping you pretty momma!).

Below, we’ve listed the important things we think you’ll need on your big day. It will answer the question, "What to pack in my hospital bag?"

Note: If you’re not a fan of carrying two bags, the best way to sort your things (and save space) from your baby’s belonging is to use EzPacking cubes. Get two colors -- grey for you and pink for her.

Pink packing cubes to keep mom and baby essentials before giving birth


Hospital Bag Checklist for Mommy

Pregnant woman holding on to belly

If you’re having a vaginal delivery, you’re probably staying in the hospital for one to two days, but if you’re delivering via C-section, it might be three to four days. So, here’s a list of the hospital bag essentials to help keep you fresh, clean, comfy and entertained!


  • - Warm socks

  • - Slippers

  • - Flip-flops (for swollen feet)

  • - Bathrobe / nightgown (you can use the hospital gowns, but bringing your own might help you feel more comfy and yourself)

  • - Birthing outfit: old t-shirt, nighty

  • Nursing bras (bring 2 or 3)

  • - A few pairs of maternity underwear (that can get ruined)

  • - Sweat towel

  • - Extra comfortable, lightweight clothes (maternity rooms are often hot)

  • - Small blanket (to make the hospital cozier if it get cold)

  • - Comfy, clean outfit for coming home 


Remember: travel size toiletries are your friends.

  • - Facial wash / facial cleansing wipes

  • - Moisturizer

  • - Lip balm

  • - Toothbrush / toothpaste

  • - Shampoo / conditioner

  • - Deodorant

  • - Soap

  • - Brush / comb

  • - Hair clip / hair ties

  • - Face cloth / bath towel (the hospital will probably provide a small, thin one. bring your own thick, fluffy one.)

  • Mini hair dryer (especially if it’s winter time)


  • - Phone  / iPad/ iPod

  • - Magazine / book

  • - Chargers

  • - Journal / pen

  • - Sugar-free hard candy / lozenges (to keep your mouth moist during labor / Candy with sugar will make you thirsty)

  • - Knitting materials / coloring books(not for the baby, for pain distractions)

Relaxation Tools

  • - Homemade hot pack (sock filled with beans or rice)

  • Squeeze balls

  • Back massager

  • - Soft pillow (bring two for your partner)

  • - Eye mask / ear plugs

  • - Lots of snacks (relax, your hubby doesn't need to leave you if he's got snacks)

Duffle Bag / Plastic Bags

  • - For dirty clothes, towels, laundry, etc.


    • - Your birth plan and maternity notes

    • - Cash / change for vending machine

    • - Credit card

    • - Birth plan

    • - IDs

    • - Health insurance information / insurance card

    • - Hospital registration forms

    • - Camera / Charger

    Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby

    Infant laying on blanket propped on couch

    One of the best ways to welcome your new sunshine is to make her/him feel warm and protected.

    Here are some essentials:

    • Receiving blanket (something you can wrap around to keep warm)

    • - Going-home outfit (make sure to bring different size clothes - you never know how teeny tiny or yummy and chubby they'll be!)

    • - Clothes / Onesie

    • - Mittens

    • - Socks

    • - Beanie

    • - Diapers

    • - Pacifiers

    • Baby car seat (some hospitals won’t let you leave without one)

    • Baby nail file (you may get scratched without this)

    We hope this list helps you prepare your labour bag for success! Woot woot!

    You should be so proud of how far you’ve come - carrying a baby for almost nine months is no joke. You’re basically Super Woman by now. Feel like the powerful woman that you are and be overly prepared! You got this mama.

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