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Clothing and T Shirt Folding Board

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Welcome to precision folding! Fulfil your inner desire for perfectly folded shirts and clothes. These t shirt folding boards (set of three different sizes) are ideal for neatly organizing clothes after doing laundry or before packing into our packing cubes (for travel) or your closet (for the home)! Printed instructions on the shirt folder shows you exactly what to do for a consistent and clean fold every time.

Sizes: Our shirt folding device set comes in 3 sizes that correspond with our packing cube sets. Here’s how to use each size:

  • Large: Easily fold dress shirts to be stacked in our Large Cube, placed on a store display, or packed away in a closet at home.

  • Medium: The perfect size for folding t shirts and tank tops into our Medium Cube or for home storage after laundry.

  • Small: Use the small folding board to fold t shirts and tank tops into two piles in our Large Cube. This is also a great size for folding kid and baby clothing!

How to use clothes and t shirt folding board of EzPacking

Our Folding Clothes Board Can Also be Used For:

  • Travel: Worried about your hubby’s lackluster folding skills? Pack these folding boards in his suitcase (there’s built-in instructions so no need to teach him beforehand). He’ll be self sufficient on business trips while looking remarkably put together!

  • Home: Want your favorite dress shirts to look as smooth as the day you ironed them? Take advantage of our shirt folding device. It’ll save you time on steaming or ironing clothes as well!

  • Retail Stores: Buy this clothes folding board for staff at your retail stores to help them neatly fold clothing for retail display. Get that same consistent fold every time and save your staff time so they can focus on your customers.

Product Features:

  • Comes in three useful sizes (smallest size ideal for kiddos).

  • Each board has visual instructions for easy folding.

  • Lightweight and good for travel  (easily fits in smallest crevices of your suitcase).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the edges smooth and rounded? Yes, our folding boards have smooth and rounded edges. Clothes slide off easily so you won’t ruin your perfectly folded shirt!

Product Details:

  • Small - 9.5'' x  7.5''

  • Medium - 11'' x 9.5''

  • Large - 14.5'' x  9.5''

  • Weight - 6.6 Ounces

  • Set of Three

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