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Complete Bundle (For Checked Bags)

$ 138.00 $ 167.00

Ready for some next level packing? Look no further than the Complete Bundle. It's our best selling packing cube set, and a serious value for your money.

You'll get 8 packing cubes + 4 luggage accessories. Plus, you'll save up to $20 with this set! Your beautifully organized suitcase (and peace of mind) will thank you later. 

Not sure your suitcase will work? Get all your suitcase questions answered here.

♡ Perfect for packing your checked luggage
♡ Fits up to 2 week's worth of clothing items
♡ Makes sharing a suitcase super easy

This set includes:
✓ 2 Starter Sets (8 cubes)
✓ 1 Folding Board Set
✓ 2 Shoe Bags
✓ 1 Laundry Bag

Product Details:
• 2 Large Cubes (Dimensions:  16” x 10.3” x 4.0”) 
• 2 Medium Cubes (Dimensions:  12” x 10.3” x 4”) 
• 2 Small Cubes (Dimensions: 10.3”  x 6” x 4”) 
• 2 Extra Small Cubes (Dimensions:  6” x 6” x 2.5”) 
• 1 Folding Board Set (3 Boards) 
• 2 Shoe Bags (Dimensions: 15" x 12") 
• 1 Laundry Bag (Dimensions: 22" x 16")
• Materials - Nylon, PVC, Vinyl
• Total Weight - 3 Pounds and 4 Ounces


Frequently Asked Questions

Make Packing Easy & Fun

These clear cubes make organizing your suitcase super simple and kinda fun! Choose a set in your fav color and get packing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Susan S.B.
packing genius

My trip to France is still a few weeks away, so I haven't used the packing cubes as yet, but I'm very impressed with the hints you've thoughtfuly given. Can't wait to start packing. thanks!!

No problem Susan! We hope your trip to France is everything you dreamed of!

Jackie C.
Customer since 2015

I enjoyed my first in 2015 and had to get more for my growing family. I would recommend to family and friends. Enjoy! Make great gifts too.

Emily L.
So Excited to use them!

I was looking for some cubes to help pack for my mission in a few months.
I found these on Amazon and loved that they are clear and everyone said they were super durable.
I ended up looking on their website to see if they had any other options and found the complete bundle, which is something I needed, and got the starter kit as well.
I haven’t had a chance to use them quite yet, but will have several in the near future, and I’m incredibly excited, especially when I need to pack out of a backpack!
They are a little more expensive than some of the other ones I’ve found, but I’m hoping they will last for a long time and many trips and years in the future.
If I ever need more cubes, this is where I’m coming!

Hey Emily, thanks for your kind feedback! We're so happy you found us and excited for you to use them on your missions. Please reach out to us if you ever have questions. Safe travels x

Catherine W.
I am a neat freak.

I love to have all my belongings in their onw place. Pajamas, lingerie shorts and tops etc. This will work for me!

Thanks for your feedback Catherine! Enjoy your organizing goodies :)

Tamica B.

Perfect for organized packers like myself! I did almost pack overweight because you can fit so much into each bag.

Thanks for your feedback Tamica! We are always surprised at how many items fit in each cube :)

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