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Complete Bundle (For Checked Bags)

$ 138.00 $ 167.00

Ready for some next level packing? Look no further than the Complete Bundle. It's our best selling packing cube set, and a serious value for your money.

You'll get 8 packing cubes + 4 luggage accessories. Plus, you'll save up to $20 with this set! Your beautifully organized suitcase (and peace of mind) will thank you later. 

♡ Perfect for packing your checked luggage
♡ Fits up to 2 week's worth of clothing items
♡ Makes sharing a suitcase super easy

This set includes:
✓ 2 Starter Sets (8 cubes)
✓ 1 Folding Board Set
✓ 2 Shoe Bags
✓ 1 Laundry Bag

Product Details:
• 2 Large Cubes (Dimensions:  16” x 10.3” x 4.0”) 
• 2 Medium Cubes (Dimensions:  12” x 10.3” x 4”) 
• 2 Small Cubes (Dimensions: 10.3”  x 6” x 4”) 
• 2 Extra Small Cubes (Dimensions:  6” x 6” x 2.5”) 
• 1 Folding Board Set (3 Boards) 
• 2 Shoe Bags (Dimensions: 15" x 12") 
• 1 Laundry Bag (Dimensions: 22" x 16")
• Materials - Nylon, PVC, Vinyl
• Total Weight - 3 Pounds and 4 Ounces


Frequently Asked Questions

Make Packing Easy & Fun

These clear cubes make organizing your suitcase super simple and kinda fun! Choose a set in your fav color and get packing.

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Tamica B.
United States United States


Perfect for organized packers like myself! I did almost pack overweight because you can fit so much into each bag.


EzPacking, Inc

Thanks for your feedback Tamica! We are always surprised at how many items fit in each cube :)

Rosanne H.
United States United States

Really happy with these!

I've always been an organized packer and travel often, but after having two girls I started researching other options for organizing travel stuff. Plastic bags and stuff sacks would rip or get too cumbersome. I was sceptical when I came across these, but after trying them out on a short train trip I was surprisingly pleased by how much I could fit in a backpack. My family will be going on and international trip soon and I'm looking forward to really putting these to the test!


EzPacking, Inc

Thanks so much Rosanne! We're so glad you gave us a try. Looking forward to hearing how the international trip goes! :)

Lindsey A.
United States United States

Great product

Packing up for a recent trip was practically seamless with this system. The bags kept me incredibly well-organized not just with packing up but with unpacking at my final destination as well. I was also surprised how durable the individual bags were- I was able to stuff them and wasn’t worried that they were going to rip or that the zippers would break. I plan to use this system for all my trips moving forward.

Mandi L.
United States United States

Excited to use

I haven't actually used them yet but will be using them next week. I am really excited to try them out.

Geia B.
United States United States

Great packing cubes! Everyone needs them!

These packing cubes are outstanding for organizing for going on trips and organizing at home! Purchased the blanket cube to store my travel blanket with two small travel pillows! Dress cube for storing some winter coats. Purchased two large sets in three colors. Gray, dark blue and teal.

Andrea T.
United States United States

Quite handy

I have not yet had the opportunity to put these to use for a trip just yet however, I'm currently using the xs and the small cubes for my daughter's medications and they're the absolute perfect size. The XS can fit her inhaler plus refill and her spacer perfectly and the small holds the variety of allergy meds and such that I keep together for when she goes to stay overnight with family so if anything minor happens, they don't need to run to the pharmacy for anything. I love the piping around the edges so the cubes can keep their shape. I got one color for me and one for my daughter and I imagine if I ever meet a special someone they'll end up getting their own color as well . I wish I had purchased these sooner. My literal only 'complaint' is that the set arrived in 3 separate packages. That's a lot of waste for what was inside. I'd rather have had the option to hold my shipment until everything was ready to go at once. Otherwise, thus far, I'm quite happy with my purchase. I look forward to using these for years to come.

United States United States

My favorite packing cubes!

These are my favorite packing cubes! They hold their shape, are high quality, see through, and can hold a lot! I love having different colors for different members of the family!

Janice L.

I lOVE these EZ Packing and Unpacking and Living Cubes

Besides organizing my packing: This one is for underwear and jammies, this one is for tops, this one is for pants, this one is for dresses, this one is for makeup, and this one is for the bathroom, it’s very easy to live from them. When I go to my sister’s, I sleep in her office and the cubes get stacked in a chair. Much easier to manage than balancing a suitcase on an office chair. When I go to my other sister’s, I put the cubes in dresser drawers. When I was on the cruise, I unpacked the cubes and then repacked when it was time to leave. Easy and organized. If something doesn’t fit, I rethink what I’ve decided to take; I rarely need as much as I think I will. This stuff made packing much easier; pack a cube, pack another one, then another. Put them in the suitcase. Live off the bathroom and makeup cubes for a day or two to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Good investment. I’ll never go on another trip without them.


Surprising uses

I bought the double set and have been very happy how much it simplifies packing. But the best part was finding some surprising uses. We went to the local water park and the beach this summer. The medium size was perfect for bathing suit, cover up, towels, sunscreen and a few toiletries. Popped it into my tote bag. After I changed all my street clothes went into the bag. So when it was time to leave there was no embarrassing dropping undergarments on the way to change. Also I didn't have to put my street clothes directly on damp or sandy surfaces. Wet things went into the bag and everything went back in the tote. When I got home, I popped into the sink for a quick wash and hung it on a hook to dry. Two daughters live a couple hours away. I frequently go to school programs or sports for the grandchildren and don't like to drive home at night. The medium in the summer, large in the winter are perfect for night clothes, fresh clothes for the morning, and my toiletry bag. So much easier than packing any kind of tote or suitcase.

Patricia N.
United States United States


I love these packing cubes. They hold an amazing amount, fit perfectly in suitcases and backpack to keep things organized and easy to find. The different colors make it easy to efficiently pack our things and still tell which were mine and which were my husbands when unpacking. I bought a third set in a different color for things that go in our carry on bags and backpacks so I could organize our medicine and toiletries to have the accessible.

Miriam L.
United States United States

Great purchase!

I’ve never been a big fan of packing cubes before, but these are different from any others I’ve seen. I really think the stiffer plastic material that they’re made of is the difference. They actually hold their shape even if they’re not completely full, which helps keep your clothes from wrinkling. All others I have used are either mesh or some flimsy nylon and they collapse if not full, and your clothes just slide around in them and come out looking a mess. I’ve used mine 3 times now and love them!

Lisa S.
United States United States

Review of complete bundle

I bought these for my daughter who has two young sons. She loves them because it helps keeps her 2 year old and his 6 month old brothers things organized when they travel.

Jeanne M.
United States United States

Complete bundle for Checked Bags

Great! We were able to consolidate both my husbands and my entire Hawaii vacation wardrobe for 2 weeks in one checked bag! Amazing! No extra airline fees and just small carry on! Thank you.

Jacqueline T.

Ultimate packing cubes

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love EzPacking cubes! They have made packing so simple and they help me to truly organize so much more thoroughly as I pack. They are aesthetically pretty with all their colors too. Being that they are clear also makes traveling so much easier as you always can see exactly which cube holds what making it easy to use them inside hotel drawers never removing your items from the cubes! The smaller cubes can be used in backpacks for hikers or travelers of any kind. Also good to know the zippers and handles on the cubes are high quality. Also the clear material is strong and clean looking. I don’t really go anywhere without my packing cubes. It helps to keep one in my car too with some floss and a hairbrush, lotion and a nail file. Just the things I like to have around. I highly recommend EzPacking cubes over any other packing cube! You will NOT be disappointed!

EzPacking, Inc Complete Bundle (For Checked Bags) ReviewEzPacking, Inc Complete Bundle (For Checked Bags) Review
Joyce F.
United States United States

Complete bundle

I packed for my son and I using the two sets of packing bags for first time. I had one suitcase that is the size you can put into overhead bin when you fly and one cosmetic suitcase. This trip was a driving trip. I was able to pack all of my clothes and other items into packing cubes. Only had room to pack part of my son's in some of the other color packing cubes. He had to hang part of his clothes in car. I enjoyed using them for the most part except my room did not have a bathroom and seemed like I always got to the bathroom with wrong stuff and there was no place to set anything. That really wasn't the packing cubes fault. My clothes stayed wearable without a lot of wrinkles. I took next days out to hang in closet when I was getting dressed for the day and left rest packed. Used the laundry bag the first thing in morning to put previous days clothes in after they had hung on doorknob to air out over night. Packed correct amount this time and used all the clothes I took. I gave my son what was packed in suitcase as he needed so that worked out ok. He was staying upstairs and he took care of his dirty clothes in a trash sack. We left on Thursday and came back Sunday. I did not use the shirt folding boards. The cubes seem to be made of a good quality material and like they will hold up for a long time. I think my favorite size was not the biggest one, but the next smaller one. The biggest one almost did not fit in my suitcase. Now they are just in my closet empty. Have not decided if I plan to use for home use.

Caline S.
United States United States

Mrs s Moinet

Hi caline cohen bought them on my behalf but sadly I do not have them yet as she is in Las Vegas and me in Cape Town...waiting for someone to being them fo me. Sally

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