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Packing Cubes Australia

Packing Cubes Australia

packing cubes australia

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Are you tired of rummaging through an endless abyss in your suitcase when you only need one item? Does the thought of an airport security agent touching your precious clothes shudder you? It might be time to invest in packing cubes! They’re a big hit among traveling families and couples and great for Aussie travelers!

Welcome Aussie friends! We’re here to help you ease your way into packing. Never heard of packing cubes before? We’ve shipped thousands of cubes over the years. They’re quite popular in Australia too. On this page, we’ll share a bit about our packing cubes and then explain how you can get them in Australia! 

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First things first… A story from Karen, an Aussie mom!

An Aussie mum’s EzPacking story

How Australian mom organized suitcase using packing cubes

It’s the usual dilemma of any mom. Five minutes after arriving to your hotel, all the suitcases have already become a tangled mess. It’s very easy to blame it on the kids (or your other half)! But Karen from A House Full of Sunshine found a secret weapon.

As a mom of four, she struggled with packing for a long time. But when she discovered our travel packing cubes, this Australian mom finally found a way to keep a suitcase organized (throughout the entire trip)! Here’s how The Complete Bundle simplified packing for Karen:

✓ She used two Large Cubes for organizing her tops, dresses and bottoms. Karen was able to pack five shirts, some blouses and two dresses in one cube. The other cube was able to hold five sets each of shorts and skirts plus one pair of pants!

✓ Karen used two Medium Cubes for her two boys. Each cube was able to hold a few pairs of shorts and five shirts. With plenty of room to spare for underwear and socks!

✓ For her daughter, she used two Small Cubes. One cube for holding shorts and skirts while another cube for holding tops, undies and hair stuff.

✓ She then used the Extra Small Cubes for the kiddos’ toiletries!

Want to read the complete blog post? Click here. If you’re like Karen, an Aussie mom struggling with organization when traveling, our clear packing cubes might just be your best investment!

How to get our packing cubes in Australia

EzPacking’s The Complete Bundle in suitcase

Here is some information you might need before making your first EzPacking purchase:

1. How it Works: We do our shipping with USPS (United States Postal Service). It is the national carrier in the United States and it’s great! However, since they are a national carrier, they do not handle delivery abroad. When we ship internationally via USPS, they will handle sending the package to Australia. They will then hand off delivery to Australia Post for delivery to you. Since Australia Post is reliable (we have shipped hundreds of packages with them), you should have no problems. Unfortunately, we cannot send packages via DHL, UPS or Fedex.

2. Shipping Options & Fees for Australia - Our website uses a real time shipping calculator. That means that at any given time that you are on our website, the software will look for the most efficient pricing. Please note that the prices below are rough estimates and can change at any time. Want to see for yourself? Add an item to your cart and see what prices are offered today. 

Here are some sample rates:


USPS First Class (7-21 Business Days)

USPS Priority Mail (6-10 Business Days)

USPS Priority Mail Express (3-5 Business Days)

1 Medium Cube




2 Medium Cubes




Starter Set




Complete Bundle




2 Complete Bundles




3 Complete Bundles




*Note: All prices are in USD. To check the latest conversion rates, you can use the Google Currency Conversion Tool

3. A Note About Delivery Times - Delivery times are calculated in Business Days. This means that you should not take in weekends into account. Please also note that a shipment will leave (latest) by the next day.

If you place an order with a 3-5 day business day delivery window on Sunday, the package will only go out Monday (Day 1). The package should arrive between Wednesday (Day 3) or Friday (Day 5). If this same order was placed on a Wednesday, it will be shipped on Thursday (Day 1). Since the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) does not count, the package should arrive between Monday (Day 3) and Wednesday (Day 5) of the following week. 

4. Extra Fees - After completing the details about your purchase, you will be shown the total cost for both the product and shipping. This does not include any other fees levied by the Australian Government such as taxes, duties and other charges. The customer is responsible for these fees. If you need more information about this, head on to the Australian Government - Department of Home Affairs website.

5. Return Policy - In the unlikely event that our travel cubes didn’t meet your expectations, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You can refer to this page for more information about the return process. 

Looking for luggage organisers in Australia?

There’s lots to choose from! But we think our packing cubes are the best because they offer both organization and space-saving capabilities. Give EzPacking a try and let us know!

EzPacking is not just good for travel. Here are some unique storage ideas for using it to organize your home.

Good luck and happy packing!

P.S. Want to learn more about packing cubes? Click here for our Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know!

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