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Packing Cubes UK

Packing Cubes UK

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Want to make your travels easier? Packing cubes are the answer! Move from one place to the next without any worries about packing or unpacking. Our travel cubes have a clear, see-through design which means you can find what you need in a snap. The double zippers and easy-grip handle make it simple to pack and travel organized. And yes, EzPacking ships to the UK!

Here’s more about our different size packing cubes and packing cube sets you need to know about.

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More about our packing cubes

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If you’re not familiar with luggage packing cubes yet, they’re an organization tool that help travelers with packing. These small pouches come in different sizes, have zippers on three sides and separate a suitcase into functioning parts. So instead of one unorganized suitcase, you get one suitcase divided into several compartments. EzPacking becomes like a set of clear traveling drawers.

Different size cubes for different organizing purposes:

✓ Extra Small Cube - Make way for our TSA approved clear toiletry bag! So cute but packs a LOT! It can fit 10 to 15 bottles under 100 ml. The clam-shell opening is very handy, no need to rummage through the bag to find what you need! Simply set the cube in your bathroom counter and use as a toiletry caddy.  

✓ Small Cube - Keep your bras and undies away from curious onlookers (especially during TSA inspection). Use our small packing cube which can hold up to a week’s worth of underwear. This size is also ideal for holding large toiletries or cosmetics that will be checked with your luggage.  

✓ Medium Cube - Our medium cube can hold all your casual and light clothing items! Pack up to 15 shirts inside this size cube! Or if you’re the type who can’t leave home without your hair essentials, this cube is perfect for holding hair products and tools (dryer, iron or curler).

✓ Large Cube - Our large cube is perfect for packing pants and long sleeve items. It’s also a hit among families traveling with bulky skiing or snowboarding clothes. Got off-season clothes or bed sheets in the house? Store them inside a large cube before keeping them under your bed or the linen closet.  

We also offer packing cube sets for our customers! Sharing a suitcase with your hubby or kid? The Complete Bundle is the best deal for you. It includes 2 sets of each size cube, 2 shoe bags, 1 laundry bag and 1 folding board set. Traveling alone with a carry on only? The Starter Set will help you maximize limited luggage space. You can also purchase our cubes individually!

How to get our packing cubes in the UK

How to get packing cubes in the UK

1. How it Works: We do our shipping with USPS (United States Postal Service). It is the national carrier in the United States and it’s great! However, since they are a national carrier, they do not handle delivery abroad. When we ship internationally via USPS, they will handle sending the package to the UK. They will then hand off delivery to Royal Mail for delivery to you. Since Royal Mail is reliable (we have shipped dozens of packages with them without problems), you should have no problems. Unfortunately, we cannot send packages via DHL, UPS or Fedex.  

2. Shipping Options & Fees for the UK: Our website uses a real time shipping calculator. That means that at any given time that you are on our website, the software will look for the most efficient pricing. Please note that the prices below are rough estimates and can change at any time. Want to see for yourself? Add an item to your cart and see what prices are offered today.

Generally, the larger the package, the lower the per unit cost of shipping.

Here are some sample rates:


USPS First Class Package International (7-21 Business Days)

USPS Priority Mail International (6-10 Business Days)

USPS Priority Mail Express (3-5 Business Days)

1 Medium Cube




2 Medium Cubes




Starter Set




Complete Bundle




2 Complete Bundles




3 Complete Bundles




*Note: All prices are in USD. To check the latest conversion rates, you can use the Google Currency Conversion Tool.

3. A Note About Delivery Times - Delivery times are calculated in Business Days. This means that you should not take in weekends into account. Please also note that a shipment will leave (latest) by the next day. If you place an order with a 3-5 day business day delivery window on Sunday, the package will only go out Monday (Day 1). The package should arrive between Wednesday (Day 3) or Friday (Day 5). If this same order was placed on a Wednesday, it will be shipped on Thursday (Day 1). Since the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) does not count, the package should arrive between Monday (Day 3) and Wednesday (Day 5) of the following week.  

4. Extra Fees - The total price shown on your checkout only includes the product price and shipping cost. UK residents might need to pay for levied VAT, duty and other fees. Refer to this page for more information.

5. Return Policy - What if our products don’t meet your standards (we hope this doesn’t happen)? We offer a 30-day money back guarantee! You can refer to this page for more information about our return process.

Yes, our travel cubes can be shipped to the UK!

We’re so glad we can ship to the UK! Did you check out our discounted sets? Make sure to look at The Starter Set and The Complete Bundle to get the most value for your purchase. Happy Packing!    

P.S. Want to learn more about packing cubes? Click here for our Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know!

Packing cubes UK
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