Starter Set (Packing Cube Set of Four for Carry On) – EzPacking, Inc

Starter Set (Packing Cube Set of Four)

$ 48.00

 **please note that Royal Blue and Orange are out of stock

The Starter Set is the perfect way to get started with EzPacking. One set comfortably packs a standard carry on suitcase with seven to ten days of clothes. If you travel carry on only, then this set is for you! Consider adding on a laundry bag and shoe bag to complete the organizing experience.

Feel free to add on individual cubes as needed or jump up to the Complete Bundle, which sells at a discounted rate.


1 Large Cube - Dimensions:  16”  x  10.3”  x  4.0”

1 Medium Cube - Dimensions:  12”  x  10.3”  x  4”

1 Small Cube - Dimensions: 10.3”  x  6”  x  4”

1 Extra-Small Cube - Dimensions:  6”  x  6”  x  2.5”