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7 Day Trip Packing List for 2023: Change Your Life With These Travel Hacks

Posted by Dianne Chen on
Organizing with blue packing cube for 7-day trip

If you're still new to traveling and clueless about how it works, you may be wondering how seasoned globetrotters are making their lives easy on the road. Unless you're living in a perfectly ideal world where your butler packs your suitcase, packing is a real dilemma.

This post will serve as your very own genie in a bottle, granting your wish to become a packing guru. Master these tips and find out which one works the best for you. Make sure to share this 7-day trip packing list with your travel partner and make your life a little more exciting and a little less complicated. 

Packing Tips for a One Week Trip

Starter Set in lilac

Before we head on to the checklist, let’s go over some tips that can make packing easy breezy for you! This is going to be quick, so let's start.


Tip #1: Find the Best Suitcase That ‘Suits’ You

Step one before packing is deciding on your main luggage. Are you planning to bring a rolling suitcase or a backpack? It all depends on what kind of trip you are taking.

Are you flying or driving? You may want to take a carry on (if flying) to save the baggage claim annoyance. If you are driving, it’s not such an issue. Once you've decided on a bag, the next thing you want to do is ensure the bag’s warranty.

While traveling, your bag may experience a lot of thumps and bumps so it's not surprising to find a broken zipper, handle or wheel. Find a trusted luggage brand that promises high-quality products. After all, you want to get your money's worth.

Backpack vs suitcase for travel

✔️ Backpack - If you want a hassle (and hands) free getaway, you may find a travel backpack to be your new BFF. Opt for a bag that reduces the extra weight of wheels so you can walk with one hand for your phone (for selfies, of course) and the other for holding your drink (no, we're not gonna judge). If you know that you'll be carrying your bag around a lot, this kind of bag could be helpful, especially if you’ll be walking around cobbled or uneven streets.

✔️ Rolling Luggage - A 7-day trip is long enough to carry almost one-fourth of your closet and that thought alone is enough to make you feel exhausted. If you're worried about your back and you don't want to put too much pressure on your body, a four-wheeled suitcase may be the choice for you. Effortlessly roll your suitcase around, and save your back the stress.

Pro Tip: Be sure to carry a duffle bag with you for "just in case/emergency" moments. Bring out this baby when your suitcase is overweight at the airport, or you don't have enough space for those souvenirs you brought back for each family member.   

Tip #2 - Plan Activities So You Know How to Pack

The first step to an organized suitcase is proper planning. Where are you exactly going? What activities are you going to do? Are you planning to visit different climates? These questions will help you come up with a list you need. Now, it's time to organize.

As much as you wanted this part to be easy, it will always be chaotic unless you commit to this traveling hack -- packing cube organizers. These travel cubes help to sort your items into categories, such as toiletries, hair accessories, sweater/jackets, pants, shirts/blouses, and more.

Organizing travel essentials in a Starter Set

Place undergarments in the blue Small Cube, skincare essentials in the pink Extra Small Cube, shirts & blouses in the green Medium Cube, and jackets & jeans in the black Large Cube.

Even more awesome is that EzPacking products are transparent - so you can easily see what's inside every cube, and even without a vacuum sealer, your clothes are carefully compressed. The result? More space for other items.


Tip #3 - Pack Like the #GirlBoss You Are

Starter Set

Bring versatile and lightweight clothes to avoid overpacking or under packing. Roll up your garments inside this Starter Set to save space and reduce wrinkling. Go for a color scheme. Think black and white, or earthy colors like brown and tan, or pastel colors to keep it fun! Sticking to this scheme will help you pack light.


Tip #4 - Get Your Carry-On / Tote Bag Ready

Pack all your airplane essentials and go-to’s in your tote, purse, or backpack. Make sure your personal hygiene kit is in an accessible place. You’ll never know when you’ll need to disinfect a seat or a handle using an alcohol spray before sitting or touching them. Remember to sanitize your hands as often as possible as well.


Tip #5 - Secure Your Home

Whether it's a one-day escape or a 7-day trip, it's important to prepare your home before you leave. Closing up the house should be on your “7-day vacation packing checklist” as the last vital step. Leave extra time for this, so that you’re not flying around the house right before your flight.

Things you should do before leaving the house:

Call the post office and ask them to hold your mail for the meantime

Set up a voice message or email Autoresponder (c'mon, leave your work for a little while!)

Pre-pay your utility bills

Unplug home appliances

Take out the trash

Empty the fridge (of food that will expire)

Close windows and lock all doors

Secure your valuables in your safe (or with family)

Leave your puppy / kitty with family, friends, or a pet hotel

Leave your house key & details of your itinerary with a trusted family member / friend (in case of emergencies)

Week-long Trip Checklist

 7 day trip packing list

Here's everything you need for your 7-day trip. Bookmark this page so you can easily access it later!


Before deciding what clothes to wear, check what the weather's like at your destination. Plan your outfits in advance around it so you'll be ready.

For the Ladies

☑ 3 bras

☑ 7 pairs of underwear

☑ 4 pairs of socks

☑ 3 dresses (one little black dress)

☑ 4 casual tops/blouses

☑ 4 tank tops

☑ 1 jacket

☑ 3 shorts (warm locations)

☑ 2 pants / jeans

☑ 2 leggings (for airplane)

☑ 1 workout outfit

☑ Bikini / swimsuit

For the Hubby / Partner in Crime:

☑ 7 pairs of underwear

☑ 6 pairs of socks

☑ 2 button down shirts (short sleeve)

☑ 2 button down shirts (long sleeve)

☑ 4 casual shirts

☑ 1 sport jacket

☑ 1 workout outfit

☑ 1 pair of sneakers

☑ 1 pair of walking shoes

☑ 1 pair of pants / jeans

☑ 2 pair of shorts

☑ 2 pair of beach shorts (if applicable)

☑ Baseball hat

Pro Tip: Wear the heaviest clothing you have in transit. For instance, if you're going to sport a jacket or sweater, or if you would like to bring your favorite pair of boots or sneakers, wear them so you can save yourself a great deal of luggage space.


Don't bring more than what you need (as is true with everything else in this checklist) Trust us, you don't need 5 pairs of boots and high heels. Just bring your comfy ones and you're good to go.

Packing shoes in a travel shoe bag

☑ 1 pair of dressy shoes / sandals

☑ 1 pair of sneakers (wear on the plane) 

☑ 1 pair of flip-flops

Pro Tip: Show your shoes some love and pack them in their very own Travel Shoe Bag


Avoid packing toiletries and other personal hygiene essentials every single time you go on a trip. Keep a TSA Approved toiletry bag packed with all your essentials in your cabinet that you can easily grab and go for your next trip. Once an item is already used up, simply replace it with a new one and keep it ready for your next trip.

Friendly Reminder from TSA: Keep your liquids in a 3.4 ounces travel size container (like this extra small cube!)

Quart Size Bag

For the Ladies

☑ Mini shampoo / conditioner

☑ Mini soap / facial cleanser

☑ Mini deodorant

☑ Travel size sunblock

☑ Bubble bath (because why not!)

☑ Personal hygiene items

☑ Mini toothbrush / toothpaste

☑ Floss / mouthwash

☑ Tampons / pads

Clear Makeup bag

☑ Makeup remover

For the Hubby / Partner in Crime:

☑ Mini toothbrush / toothpaste / mouthwash

☑ Mini shampoo / conditioner

☑ Mini soap / facial cleanser

☑ Mini deodorant

☑ Mini sunblock

☑ Shaving supplies


Take into consideration your health needs and whatever unprecedented events that may happen while traveling. It's always a good idea to bring a first aid kit with you, no matter the length of the trip. You can master a DIY First Aid Kit by reading this article.

Mini first aid kit

☑ Prescription Medicines

☑ Band aids 

☑ Dramamine

☑ Allergy Meds 

☑ Advil

☑ Neosporin 

☑ Aloe Vera Gel 

☑ Tylenol / Paracetamol

☑ Imodium 

☑ Bandages

☑ Insect repellent

☑ Cough and Cold Medicine


Keep your electronics secure by sandwiching them between bulky clothes, like your jacket or sweater. Keep cords and wires from tangling by using velcro ties.

Phone charger organized in an extra small cube

☑ Phone

☑ Laptop

☑ iPad / Tablet

☑ Kindle (Optional)

☑ Camera

☑ External Drive

☑ All chargers

☑ Adapters / Converters


Pack these essentials in your carry-on bag and make sure to secure those important ones, like your electronics, passport and boarding ticket, in an easy access place for security reasons.

What to pack in a carry on bag

☑ Airline tickets / e-ticket confirmation (if applicable)

☑ Passport / ID (driver’s license)

☑ Copy of hotel / restaurants / reservation confirmations

☑ Copy of trip / medical insurance coverage

☑ Photocopy of prescriptions

☑ Ear plugs / eye mask / neck pillow

☑ Electronics

☑ eBooks / Kindle

☑ Journal / pen

☑ Medicine Kit

☑ Snacks / water bottle (empty before TSA Security)

☑ Important toiletries (birth control / retainer / contacts)

☑ Sunglasses / case

☑ Tissues / wet wipes

☑ Makeup kit (for ladies)


Got everything you need? Double check these items to make sure you won't forget them.

Travel essentials in a pink medium cube

☑ Chargers (phones / cameras / iPad)

☑ Universal Adapters (in you’re traveling outside us)

☑ Clear packing cubes (take 1 suitcase & share)

☑ Ziplock / resealable plastic bags

Travel Laundry Bag

Travel Jewelry Roll for accessories

☑ Map / guidebooks

☑ Foldable tote / duffle bag

☑ Travel Documents

☑ Sunglasses

☑ House Keys

Clear packing cubes discount for 7 day trip

Leaving the hustle and the bustle of the city is always a good idea. No matter where you go or what activity you do, have fun and try to be present (aka not thinking about work)! Just make sure to follow these vital tasks before saying YOLO! That way, you're promising yourself a hassle-free, memorable, and exciting 7-day adventure.

We hope you have an awesome trip!

— The EzPacking Team

7 day packing list

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