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The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List (2023): Printable Checklist + Tips!

Posted by Dianne Chen on
Tali and Salo at Del Mar

Getting married is one of the most anticipated moments for every couple. Imagine this -- you finally get to wear that Vera Wang wedding gown you've been dreaming about, walk down the aisle towards the love of your life, and party all night with your besties.

Sadly no matter how exciting the wedding is, tying the knot is not a walk in the park. Before exchanging vows, you need to spend about a year getting every single detail ready -- from the flowers to the cakes to the reception. Indeed planning a wedding is pretty exhausting, so that relaxing honeymoon in Bali never sounded so good. Now what to pack? What to do first?

Read the honeymoon packing list below so you can pack like a pro for your first trip together as husband and wife!

General List of Essentials for Your Honeymoon

packing cube and packing list

**Thanks to Home Made by Carmona for this photo!

What's your dream honeymoon like? Is it on the beach, on a cruise, or maybe in the city, a safari, or a simple staycation? Whatever it may be, we've got the packing list for it! Make your trip extra special by having all the essentials you need packed and ready for your most memorable trip, to date.

Important Documents

travel essentials in an extra small cube

✔️ Boarding Passes - Make sure you keep them in an easy access place so they won't get lost or misplaced.

✔️ Passport / Visa - Check your passport's validity and make sure it doesn't expire in less than 6 months. Also check the visa requirements for the country you're going to visit.

✔️ Driver's License / Other Valid IDsIf you don't know already, the Department of Homeland Security extended the REAL ID enforcement until October 1, 2021.

✔️ Marriage License - Some hotels and restaurants may have some discounts and freebies for newlyweds or honeymooners. Make sure you subtly tell them it's your honeymoon and see if you can get special treats! Bring your marriage license for proof to avail their specials.

✔️ Hotel / Other Reservations - Make sure to reserve in advance and don't forget to read some reviews before booking.

Pro Tip: They say "the early bird catches worm" and this may come in handy when you want to book premium rooms or exclusive resorts. Booking at least six to eight months prior to your honeymoon is ideal, and purchasing travel insurance is important. Just in case you get really sick the day after the wedding or the resort gets hit by a horrible storm (literally just happened to islands close to Miami). You just never know. Be prepared!

✔️ Travel Insurance - For unprecedented travel related emergencies during your trip.

✔️ Emergency Contact Numbers - Include your bank and credit card company's contact information just in case you lose your phone or if it gets stolen.

Pro Tip: Make sure to leave digital or printed copies of your itinerary, hotel phone numbers, passport, credit cards, life insurance policy numbers and other important documents with a trusted family member or friend in case of an emergency.

Her Clothes

ladies' clothes in a medium cube

✔️ 1 to 2 Pairs of Jeans, Pants, or Leggings Whichever you deem comfortable to wear going to the airport and back.

✔️ 1 Light Jacket - For when it gets cold at the airport or while you're in transit.

✔️ 4 Casual Tops - Pack your go-to shirts and tank tops (your favorites that you look the best in!).

✔️ 1 to 2 Dressy Outfits - You can never go wrong with a little black dress that you can dress down or accessorize for a fancy night out. Some resorts have a very strict dress code so check before you leave.

✔️ 1 Nice Sundress - Go for floral or light-colored ones perfect for casual daytime stroll.

A couple holding hands on the beach

✔️ 1 Cardigan - Keeps you cozy and comfy any time of the day. 

✔️ 2 Pairs of Shorts - Great for warmer weather and mobility.

✔️ Workout Outfits - Going for a jog or doing a yoga session? Best be prepared.

✔️ 2 Swimsuits - Wear one while letting the other dry.

✔️ Rash Guard - For more sporty water activities or just for protecting your skin against the sun when swimming.

✔️ 2 Cover Ups - Match with your swimsuits to look great on the pic.

✔️ Kaftan or Sarong - Long flowy garment that's perfect for every type of honeymoon.

✔️ Accessories - Scarves, hats, and staple earrings and necklace in a travel jewelry roll.

a couple wearing a hat

✔️ 1 Evening Purse or Clutch - Any color or style would go very well with your little black dress. Throw in your personal essentials and you're good to go.

✔️ Bras & Undies - Pack a few extras if you don't want to stress and worry about washing / laundry on your honeymoon.

✔️ Lingerie - To spice things up on your first night as husband and wife ;)

✔️ Socks - Easy to roll along with your undergarments in an extra small cube.

✔️ 3 Pairs of Shoes -  Sneakers that you'll wear at the airport and for going out on a stroll, a pair of slippers / flip flops to wear in the hotel, and a pair of nice shoes for dining out.

Pro Tip for Her: Make sure those nails are done, waxing appointments are made, summer clothes are ready to be packed, and your Spotify playlists are all set.

His Clothes

men's clothes in a medium packing cube

✔️ 1 to 2 Pairs of Jeans or Khaki Pants - Paired with a comfy shirt to wear at the airport.

✔️ 1 Pair of Slacks - Save for a fancy dinner out with the wife.

✔️ 1 Light Jacket - To keep you warm and comfy when taking a stroll outside.

✔️ 4 Casual Tops - Pack your staple plain tees and tank tops for your everyday look.

✔️ 2 Pairs of Shorts - Pair with any of your casual tops.

✔️ 2 Button-Down Polo Shirts - Wear with your slacks for a special night out.

✔️ 1 Sports Jacket - Wear over your top to complete the look.

✔️ Workout Outfits - Just in case you want to go for a run or hit a nearby gym.

✔️ Board / Swim Shorts - Opt for lightweight, stretchable and comfortable ones.

✔️ Rash Guard - Protects your skin from too much exposure under the sun.

✔️ 3 Pairs of Shoes - Sneakers, walking shoes/sandals, nice shoes

✔️ Socks and Underwear - Roll and pack together in an extra small cube.

Pro Tip for Him: Make sure to make a haircut appointment, trim those nails, purchase any last travel essentials, and pack (or hide) any surprise gifts for your new wifey.


toiletries in a gray extra small cube

✔️ Shampoo and Conditioner - Might be provided by the hotel but if you trust your brand more, better pack your own.

✔️ Body Wash / Bar Soap - Pack your favorite brand, your skin might not like the ones the hotel provides.

✔️ Body Lotion - Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for a full fun day of honeymoon activities.

✔️ Perfume - Look great and smell great every hour of the day.

✔️ Sunscreen and Lip Balm - Protect your precious skin from the blazing sun by wearing sunscreen and your lips from getting chapped by applying lip balm with SPF.

✔️ Aloe Vera - Great source of antioxidants and vitamins to keep the harmful effects of UV radiation at bay. It also helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles!

✔️ Toothpaste and Toothbrush - Bring travel size ones. We recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush, the best type there is!

✔️ Deodorant - To keep the B.O. out of the way during your loving moments with the hubby.

✔️ Cosmetics - Bring the ones that you use on the daily. But if you'd like to bring everything, no worries! You can fit all your makeup essentials in this small cube or in this large cosmetic bag.

makeup for honeymoon trip in a turquoise small cube

✔️ Makeup Remover - Wipes or wash, either way they help cleanse your face from cosmetics, dirt, oil, and other impurities after a long day.

✔️ Cotton Balls and Swabs - Placed in their own plastic container or this clear circular pouch so you know where they are when you need them.

✔️ Comb / Brush - A wide tooth comb is great for detangling wet hair. It's less damaging and gentle on your mane compared to the narrow ones.

✔️ Hair Gel / Spray - Opt for an all-natural spray that keeps your hair supple and soft even after a full day with the hubby.

✔️ Curling / Straightening Iron - For styling your hair for a romantic night with your significant other.

✔️ Hair Dryer - Can be easily packed in a medium cube for your hair essentials.

hair essentials in a black medium cube

✔️ Nail File / Clippers - For keeping your nails on point.

✔️ Shaving Cream - Keep those legs and arms flawless as they can be.

✔️ Disposable Razors - Make sure they have those plastic clip-ons attached to the razor so you won't cut yourself when reaching for them in your toiletry bag.

✔️ Contact Lens and Solution - Remember to wash and sanitize your hands before touching your face.

✔️ Shower Cap - Can be rolled and tucked easily with your other essentials.

✔️ Tampons / Pads - And other feminine hygiene products.

✔️ Hair Accessories - Bring clips and hair ties so you can wash your face in peace.

Pro Tip: Keep your toiletries neatly and safely packed in this TSA approved toiletry bag.

Hygiene Kit

hygiene kit in an extra small cube

✔️ Alcohol - Pack a travel size one in a spray bottle so you can easily spray and wipe a table or chair before sitting, and then spray some on your hands after.

✔️ Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - When washing your hands with water and soap is not an option, your good 'ol hand sanitizer will do. 

✔️ Antibacterial Wipes - Take that wipe it down challenge to a whole new level by wiping down surfaces, tables, chairs, handles, etc. before touching them. 

✔️ Eye Drops - To relieve dry or red eyes during your trip.

✔️ Tissues - Travel size ones that can fit in your purse are more convenient to use.

Pro Tip: Keep your Hygiene Kit with you at all times. You can fit all these essentials in a clear pouch. Pack them in your personal belongings bag so you can easily disinfect and sanitize surfaces and handles before touching them.

Medicine / First Aid Kit 

first aid kit in an extra small cube

✔️ Prescription Medicine - Personal OTC meds prescribed by your doctor. Kept in their original bottles or if repacked, labeled properly.

✔️ Band-Aids - Bring various size ones to suit different size wounds.

✔️ Aspirin - To relieve yourself of pain like headache, toothache, and dysmenorrhea that may suddenly strike.

✔️ Antacid - Helps relieve an upset stomach during the trip.

✔️ Antihistamine - To keep your allergies at bay.

✔️ Antidiarrhea Medicine - Pack a few Loperamide for tummy emergencies.

✔️ Motion Sickness Medicine - Dramamine and Marezine are the most commonly used ones to treat motion sickness.

✔️ Birth Control and Contraceptives - Store in a dry place at room temperature.


travel essentials in packing cubes

**Thanks to Ashley for this photo!

✔️ Packing List - Helps you get organized and make sure you've got everything you need. Also keeps you from over or under packing.

✔️ Travel List - Make a list of your goals and prioritize which tasks are important. If you are leaving the day after the wedding, you’ve probably done most of these things. If you are taking a break after the wedding, or traveling later in the year, put these items on your list.

Pro Tip: Create your own itinerary. While it's a good idea to get inspiration from other trips, their way of traveling is not always ideal your way. Every couple is different, and what works for them might not work for you. Be sure to decide what kind of honeymoon you and your hubby want together! 

✔️ ID Tags (for luggage) - This will help you identify your bags right away especially if your luggage looks like everyone else's.

✔️ Camera (to save your phone's battery) - Save your phone's battery for more important transactions and bring a camera with SD card to capture every scenic moment with your love.

✔️ Sunglasses - Pack a pair or two for a sunny day.

✔️ Sun Hat or Baseball Cap - To make strolling during daytime, under the heat of the sun, bearable.

✔️ Deck of Cards - When you don't feel like going out, playing card games can be a fun way to entertain yourselves.

✔️ Canvas Tote Bag - A perfect day bag for shopping. You can use clear cubes to organize your things inside.

organizing tote bag using packing cubes

✔️ Electrical Converter / Adapter - If you're traveling outside the country for your honeymoon, make sure to pack a universal adapter so you can plug in your electronics no matter the socket.

✔️ Chargers - What's the use of all your electronics if you they're out of juice? Make sure to bring your chargers and keep them in a separate bag to be more organized.

✔️ Waterproof Pouch for Phone - You can order cheap ones online. Don't wait till you're at your destination before buying one because it would be twice or thrice the original price.

✔️ EzPacking Cubes - Highly recommended to organize all your essentials, from toiletries to shoes and sweaters!

✔️ Tide Pen - Just press the tip of the pen on the stain, and voila! Stain removed! Just like magic.

✔️ Swiss Army Knife - The ultimate multi-tool for all types of emergencies and other needs.

✔️ Compact Umbrella - The weather can be quite unpredictable at times. You'll never know when it rains, best be prepared.

✔️ Matching / Couple Items - You may think it's too cheesy, but it's actually cute and romantic. Have a couple shirt that says "Mr. & Ms." or a pair of couple shoes, a couple hat, or even a couple luggage!

Couple shirt

✔️ Earplugs - When you just can't sleep because of all the noise. Nothing that a pair of earplugs can't fix!

✔️ Sewing Kit - For minor wardrobe malfunctions, pack a travel size sewing kit to save the day.

✔️ Snacks - Pack a few for the trip and for your hotel room. Store in a small cube for safekeeping.

✔️ Water Bottle - Bring an empty water bottle and refill whenever needed. Saves you extra from buying water from stores.

✔️ Headphones with Splitter Cable - So you can listen to your honeymoon playlist or watch the same movie using 1 gadget but with individual headphones. 

✔️ Stationery Set - Surprise your partner with a love note or a hand written letter and hide it in a place they won't expect.

stationery for writing love notes

Pro Tip: Schedule surprises. Getting married should not be the end of your little flirty surprises. Try to sneak in a few activities that he (or she) doesn't know about. It may include a special dinner date or a couple's massage, or walk on the beach to a secret picnic. Whatever it is, setting a surprise is one of the best ways to make your honeymoon memorable and fun.


Packing List for Every Type of Honeymoon


You can use the general packing list above and tweak it to match the type of honeymoon you're going to have. Here are some of the essential items you need to pack depending on the type of your honeymoon:

1. Cruise Honeymoon Packing List

swimming essentials in an extra small cube

**Thanks to Lisa for this photo!

Important Documents

✓ Cruise Documents - Passport page and photo copy, driver's license, bank paperwork, emergency numbers, and travel insurance policy. Make sure you have digital and printed copies.

✓ Confirmations / Reservations - Have your reservation confirmations in printed and digital form to be safe. 


✓ Cold Weather Outerwear - If you're going somewhere cold like an Alaskan Cruise.

✓ Rain Jacket - A perfect example of "just in case" because the weather can be unpredictable at times.

✓ Formal Outfit - Most cruises have a formal night so you might want to bring a nice suit and a dress to match the theme. It's also a perfect night to dress up and feel like royals.

✓ Close-Toed Shoes - Certain shore excursions like zip lining, horseback riding, and other activities will require you to wear close-toed shoes, so dress appropriately.

✓ Light Sweater - Restaurants and casinos can be a bit chilly. Pack a sweater or two to keep you warm and comfy.

stationery for writing love notes


✓ Travel-Sized Air Freshener - You're gonna need it for the bathroom. Poor ventilation and closed windows can cause horrible smell. It pays to be prepared!

✓ Razor and Shaving Cream - If you're going on a longer cruise.

Medicine Kit

✓ Cough / Cold Meds - For when you catch a common cold or have a coughing fit, remember to cover your mouth when sneezing and wash your hands afterwards.

✓ Anti-Nausea Meds - Helps prevent and relieve sea-sickness.

✓ Sea Bands - If you're not a fan of taking meds, this bracelet helps prevent motion sickness, but it's quite pricey.

✓ Sleep Aid - It might take a while to get used to sleeping on a cruise, pack some sleep aids to help you get enough rest.

✓ Anti-Allergy Meds - Pack anti-allergy medicines like Benadryl to keep your allergies at bay.


✓ Sunscreen - You're going to spend a lot of time under the sun, if not inside the ship. Whether you're going on a tropical or icy cruise, make sure to pack a travel size bottle of sunscreen to protect your skin from too much sun exposure.

✓ After-Sun Lotion - To hydrate your sun-kissed skin and preserve that natural golden glow for a fresh and vibrant look.  

✓ Underwater Camera - When your phone in a waterproof pouch just won't cut it. Invest in a durable underwater camera and you will not regret the outcome of your underwater photos!

✓ Cash for Tipping - Bring some local currency for tipping.

✓ Power Bank - Bring a portable one so you don't have to wait till you get back to your room before you can charge your phone.

⚠️ COVID-19 Update

CDC extended the No Sail Order and suspension of further embarkation for ships in U.S waters. This order will be in effect until the Secretary of Health and Human Services declares that COVID-19 is no longer a threat to public health, the CDC Director revokes the order, or until September 30, 2020. For more details, visit CDC's website.

For all your other cruise trips with the friends or fam, refer to our general Cruise Packing List 2020! We're giving you full access to all the carry on and checked bag must haves plus a free packing list. Bon voyage!

2. Beach / Tropical Honeymoon Packing List

beach essentials in packing cubes


✓ Sun Dress - Perfect for going on dates with the hubby.

✓ Swimsuits and Cover Ups - Take at least 2 or 3 pieces that you can wear that would look good for the 'gram. 

✓ Rash Guard - For sporty water activities like swimming with the dolphins and other water activities.

✓ Shorts & Tank Tops - Staple outfit for warm places. 

✓ Water Shoes - So you won't ruin your nice shoes or flip flops.

✓ Slides - It's something that you can wear from the beach to the restaurant. It's a great alternative to flip flops.


✓ Aloe Vera - Soothes and calms your skin if it gets sunburnt. 

✓ Hairspray - To keep your hair in place and in style to look good for your dates.

✓ Dry Shampoo - To get rid of oils and dirt or grease from your hair if you skip on washing them.

✓ Anti-Frizz - Great for styling your hair and taming flyaways.

✓ Chapstick - To prevent your lips from chapping.

Medicine Kit

✓ Insect Repellent - There's going to be all sorts of bugs and insects in a tropical country so best be prepared for the bites.

✓ Eye Drop - When your eyes gets too dry or itchy.

✓ Ice Pack - Helps minimize swelling around an injury like ankle sprains, and reduces muscle spasm, and pain.

✓ Tweezers & Magnifying Glass - For removing splinters.


✓ Inflatable Beach Ball - Your beach honeymoon trip surely wouldn't be complete without a beach ball.

✓ Sunglasses - To protect your eyes from the glaring sun.

✓ Massage Oil - Replenishes your skin and a massage can be great for relieving sore muscles.

✓ Portable Speaker - Listen to your playlist while you're lounging on the beach. It will be romantic.

✓ Tealight Candles - Perfect for surprising your partner for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Candlelit date

⚠️ COVID-19 Update

Public beaches are slowly beginning or considering to open in the US, however CDC offers considerations for the public and beach managers to follow in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing, wearing of masks (except for children below 2 years old and those with breathing problems), and washing of hands with soap and water will still be observed. Read here for more details.

We have a more detailed Tropical Vacation Packing List that you can use for all your beach getaway with the fam. We're not only going to tell you what to pack for a beach trip, we're giving you a FREE packing list! You're welcome.

3. Road Trip Honeymoon Packing List

Road trip essentials in packing cubes

Important Documents

✓ Driver's License and Registration - Bring all the necessary papers and car documents and make sure to check your vehicle before hitting the road.

✓ Car Insurance Policy - Bring copies of your insurance policy just in case of an accident or emergencies.

✓ Car Manual - Keep in a safe and easy access place in case you need repairs.


✓ Shorts - Comfortable and not restricting when going on adventures.

✓ Leggings - Great for going on a hike or a taking a long walk.

✓ Comfortable Shoes - You're probably going to do a lot of walking so make sure to wear your most comfortable one.

✓ Comfortable Tees and Tank Tops - Go extra and wear matching shirts with your spouse.

Couple on a road trip


✓ Sunscreen - A must-have for all outdoor activities!

✓ Body Wipes - You'll never know when you're going to shower next when you're always on the road. Pack a few pouches to keep you fresh on the go.

✓ Toilet Roll - Bring a whole pack so you won't run out for the entire trip.

First Aid Kit

✓ Bandages - Pack various sizes to cater different wounds.

✓ Antiseptic - To reduce the risk of infections in a wound.

✓ Bug Spray - Don't let the bugs bite!

✓ Painkiller / Anti-inflammatory - To ease aches and pains during your trip.


✓ Spare Tire - In case you get a flat tire, especially in rural areas where the nearest repair shop could be a hundred miles away.

✓ Roadside Emergency Kit - This should include booster cables, phone charger, hand/foot warmers, ice scraper, folding shovel, and more.

✓ Maps.Me App - Convenient maps of the world that you can use offline.

✓ Portable Shower Essentials - When wiping just won't cut it and you feel like taking a shower.

✓ UV Window Shade - To prevent the sun's UV rays from penetrating your car during the day.

For a fun family affair of hitting the road, we've got the Road Trip Packing List for Families just for you! Don't know what to pack for a long car ride? Don't worry, we got you.

4. Ski Resort Honeymoon Packing List

snowboarding and skiing in big bear


✓ Thermal Base Layer - Best kinds are made from moisture-wicking materials and comfortable high quality fabric to keep you warm when out and about in colder temperatures.

✓ Warm Waterproof & Breathable Jacket - A matching jacket for Mr. and Mrs. would be so cute on the slope!

✓ Warm Waterproof & Breathable Salopettes - Designed specifically for snow sports, these waterproof trousers will keep you warm and comfy all day long.

✓ Waterproof & Insulated Gloves or Mittens - To keep your hands from freezing.

 ✓ Snowboard Boots - Make sure you got the right fit or else you won't be able to ski comfortably.

✓ Ski Socks - Choose ski socks that are warm but not too thick or restricting, ones that are made from soft materials that don't itch, and provide enough cushioning to keep your feet comfortable.


✓ Ski Bib - Provides upper body protection and warmth. Worn with your snow overalls.

✓ Ski Helmet - Make sure it fits just right to keep your head protected when going down the slopes.

✓ Snowboard - Choose the perfect snowboard length for your adventure. Go for a matching color with your sweetheart!

✓ Go Pro - Perfect for capturing your moments together in the slope.

✓ Ski Goggles - Protects your eyes from snow and other debris.


✓ Wet / Laundry Bag - To store your dirty wet clothes.

✓ Spare Gloves - If the ones you use get soaking wet.

✓ Sunscreen - To prevent sunburn on the slopes

✓ Glove Liners - Provides extra warmth for your hands.

✓ Fleece or Warm Scarf - To keep warm air inside your jacket and cold air out.

✓ A Waterproof or Woolen Hat - Keeps your head nice and warm.

If you guys are planning to bring your family with you on your next ski trip, you can refer to our Family Ski Trip Packing List to know which essentials to bring. We also have a FREE packing list that you can download or print to help you organize.

5. Adventure Honeymoon Packing List

hiking in Wyoming's national park


✓ Shirts and Pants - Make sure they're comfortable and bring ones that you don't mind ruining.

✓ Workout Clothes - Works best for days when you decide to go on a hike.

✓ Swimsuits - If you happen to pass by a lake or a waterfall.

✓ Cute Outfits - You can include going to town for a fun night out for your adventure list so best be prepared with a cute outfit.

✓ Hiking Boots - Wear a durable pair that can keep up with your honeymoon adventures.


✓ Daypack - Bring some snacks, sunblock, a camera, and your hygiene kit.

✓ Mood Lighting - Decorate your tent, cabin, or RV with some mood lighting to create a romantic honeymoon atmosphere.

✓ Cocktails - Create your DIY cocktails and cheers to that marriage.

✓ Map or GPS - Go off-grid without getting lost. Find your way back with a map or GPS.

✓ Solar-Powered Charger - Don't let your phone die on you out there. Bring a solar-powered charger so you still have access to the outside world.

✓ Hammock - Perfect for a night under the stars. It can be very romantic with your playlist playing in the background.

6. Disneyland Honeymoon Packing List

Disneyland essentials in an extra small cube

✓ Matching Outfits - Nothing screams newlywed like cute matching outfits. And you'll look adorable in your photos, too!

✓ Bride / Groom Mouse Ears - But them in advance or get them from the Disney Store as a simple way of letting people know you're celebrating your marriage.

✓ Just Married Buttons - Get the buttons from Disney's City Hall and get free treats, priority seating for shows, and extra-special treatment.

✓ Wine - Great for an afternoon or evening relaxation just the two of you either in the room or on the balcony.

Planning a trip to Disneyland doesn't seem so stressful if you know the best tips to get started and if you have a FREE checklist to help you out on what to pack. Luckily, we have both. Have a magical trip!

7. Safari Honeymoon Packing List

safari honeymoon


✓ Comfy Tops - Go for neutral colors, like beige and khaki, that blends well into the background so that animals won't easily notice or see you.

✓ Long Cargo Pants - Keeps your legs protected from bug bites, bush walks, and warm weather.

✓ Light Scarf - Great for covering your head when its warm.

✓ Hat - Not those oversized one, although you can wear them for IG photos but you won't be able to see anything.

✓ Swimsuit - For a nice cool dip after your safari adventure.

✓ Comfortable Boots - To avoid having sore feet at the end of the day.

Medicine Kit

✓ Anti-Malarial Tablets - Take one tablet a day.

✓ Mosquito Repellent - Opt for natural repellents.

✓ Electrolyte Sachets - Helps replace lost fluids when you get diarrhea or dehydrated.


✓ Ultra Zoom Camera - Some animals are gonna be quite far away so make sure you bring a camera with a perfectly good zoom. Make sure to also pack a spare memory card and external hard drive for your safari photos.

✓ Binoculars - Great for wildlife viewing so animals will look closer to you than they actually are.

✓ Mosquito Net - Protects you from bites and stings from mosquitoes and other insects.

Pro Tip: Balance adventure with relaxation. If you are the type of couple to go “all out” with one theme for the trip, make sure to remember this: balance is key. Explore new lands, try new activities, and eat new cuisines together. However, do not exhaust yourselves. Take time to chill and explore the beauty of your honeymoon destination while sipping a cocktail. Balance is the key to a fabulous trip.


Packing for a Honeymoon with EzPacking Cubes

Blue packing cubes in an organized suitcase for honeymoon trip

Excited for your first night as husband and wife? Before you lovebirds get to packing, let's get your suitcase in shape first! And of course, we wouldn't recommend you something short of perfection, that's why we advise using EzPacking cubes to organize all your honeymoon essentials.

1. Decide whether to share a suitcase or not.

Tali and Salo

Are you going to share a luggage or have your own suitcases? Either way, we've got the perfect set of cubes to get you started.

Starter SetIncludes 1 extra small, 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large cube to organize your carry on luggage into perfect harmony. It's the perfect set to start for your honeymoon adventures.

Starter Set in a luggage

Complete BundleFor couples who would like to share a suitcase, this is the perfect bundle for you! This generous bundle of joy contains 2 sets of all the 4 cube sizes, 3 sets of folding boards, 2 shoe bags, and 1 laundry bag. You can even choose 2 colors to make organizing more fun!

Complete bundle in a suitcase

2. Sort items into different color cubes. Pink for her, turquoise for him.

turquoise and rose cubes for him and for her

The great thing about these cubes - they are clear! And they come in different colors. Organize all her essentials in the pink cube, and all his things in the turquoise cube. It's a picture-perfect way to organize all your honeymoon items!

3. Pack items into their own cube sizes.

turquoise starter set

You can choose different sizes for your clothes, accessories, undergarments, bikinis, travel-size toiletries, and more! Here's how you can use each cube:

✓ Extra Small Cube - Perfectly stores your toiletries, first aid kit, hygiene kit, and other travel-size items.

✓ Small Cube - Keeps your tank tops, leggings, undies, and other flimsy items of clothing perfectly packed.

✓ Medium Cube - Fold your pants, shorts, t-shirts, and other few lightweight bottoms and they fit perfectly in this cube.

✓ Large Cube - Great for your jackets, sweaters, and other bulkier essentials.

 4. Unpack without unpacking!

When arriving at your beautiful destination, you can pull out the cubes and see exactly what inside. To make things even more exciting, you don't have to unpack! Unzip the cubes and place the them straight into the drawers of the hotel, or on top of the dresser. Don't believe us? Just watch:

So, what's your dream honeymoon vacation like? Whatever it is, you can start packing now! Just choose from the honeymoon packing lists above and you're good to go. Make your honeymoon extra special by not leaving any of these essentials behind!

Congrats to the happy couple! Have a fabulous trip you two. 

Honeymoon Planning Tips

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