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Family Ski Trip Packing List: Essentials to Pack & Free Checklist

Family Ski Trip Packing List

Essentials to Pack & Free Checklist

Child with skiing trip essentials

If it's an adventure you’re craving for, head on to the mountain slopes and get that dose of adrenaline rush. You’ll feel a tingle of excitement (blame it on the endorphins) with every slide through the snowy hills! 

Hold on a minute though because packing for a skiing winter trip requires a little more planning and preparation. Without the proper skiing clothes and gear, you’ll be slipping on thin ice (pun intended). 

So if you’re ready to face the winter cold, continue reading for our ski trip packing list which every member of your fun-loving family can use!

Skiing checklist for beginners and packing tips

Woman writing checklist for snowboarding trip

Even with a sweet ski packing list, you might still feel a bit overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we’ve provided a few tips on how to survive your winter vacation without bringing your whole closet. 

1.) Print a packing list

Before you pack those five dressy outfits -- think first. Do you really need all those items?

Rather than putting random things in your suitcase, print this Ski Holiday Checklist to figure out what you really need and avoid bringing unnecessary things.  

2.) Use clear packing cubes

Ever wondered why those clear packing cubes are a hit? 

It’s because these tiny goodies are skilled at many things!

Ski trip essentials organized in packing cubes

Use an Extra Small Cube for tinier items, such as travel size toiletries or charges, USB connectors or even snacks. Use a Small Cube to keep your accessories together, such as ski glasses, mittens, scarves and beanies. Use a Medium Cube to store your regular resort clothes such as long-sleeve tops and thermal leggings. Use a Large Cube for bulkier items, like your sweaters, coats and jackets.

3.) Plan your airport outfits (x2) before packing

Airport outfit for skiing holiday trip

Are you planning on being comfy or ready for the day when you arrive? 

Avoid the mistake of packing all your favorite outfits with nothing left to wear on the plane. Don’t forget to wear your bulkiest jacket as an addition to your airport outfit. It might not look trendy but at least you’re lessening the bulk of your luggage!

4.) Buy travel-size toiletries

No, there’s no need to bring that entire bottle of TRESemmé, all you need is a mini version of it. If you’re a frequent traveler, invest in travel-size toiletries of all your favorite products.

Travel size toiletries for things you need for skiing

If you can’t find small versions of your favorite brands, raid the drugstore, look for 3 ounce, clear containers and transfer the toiletries into the bottles.

Pro Tip: Before you place each bottle inside the cube, put a plastic wrap under its cap and close it tightly. Next, store all your 3 ounce items safely inside an Extra Small Cube to avoid leaks in your suitcase.

5.) Bring a portable phone charger

Chances are you'll be outside the whole time -- skiing, perfecting that snow angel, or taking a selfie under a snow-covered tree. 

Carry a portable phone charger with you all the time so you can survive all day without worrying about an empty battery.

6.) Bring a mini wallet

Small sling purse for what do you need for skiing

Forget that bulky wallet! Find a purse that can keep your cash and most important cards together without worrying about a big lump in your back pocket or small sling purse. Now that your suitcase is good to go, don't forget to pack your airplane tote bag!

Ski trip packing list for families

Packing for a ski trip doesn’t have to be as complicated or mind boggling. The key to combating the low temperatures is to layer clothes. And with our simple ski trip essentials checklist below, you’ll be out on the slopes instead of worrying about the cold temperature. So enjoy!

Ski essentials waterproof jacket and snow pants

Skiing / Snowboarding Clothes

☐ Thermal Tops & Pants (Base layer - made from synthetic or merino wool) 

Fleece Tops (Mid layer for insulation - fleece is better than down for wicking moisture and retaining heat)

Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof Snow Pants

Skiing / Snowboarding Socks

Sports Bras (For moms and older daughter)

EzPacking Tip: To stay warm while skiing (or snowboarding), layering is the key! For your base layer, invest in synthetic or merino wool top and pants which keeps moisture (snow, water, or sweat) away from the body. Fleece fabrics work well as a mid-layer because they can trap heat while avoiding moisture retention (as compared to down). Of course, it’s a must to invest in a waterproof jacket and snow pants as outer layers (to avoid water getting into your inner layers). For your under layers bring plenty of skiing socks and sports bras (for females).

Ski poles for snowboarding gear list

Skiing / Snowboarding Gear

☐ Skiing / Snowboarding Boots

☐ Skis / Snowboard (Plus Ski Bag)

☐ Ski Poles

☐ Helmet

☐ Day Backpack

 Snack Pouch

☐ Avalanche Kit

EzPacking Tip: To rent or to bring your own? That is the question. For true blue adventure lovers, bring your favorite ski gear such as skis (or snowboard), skiing (or snowboarding) boots, ski poles and helmet. Don’t forget the ski bag or snowboard bag to help protect your gear from damage (opt for hardcase ones). Invest in a sturdy backpack that can hold all your skiing (or snowboarding) essentials like this one from Miracol (it comes with an insulation pack which can help warm your body). If you’re going on a backcountry ski trip, pack an avalanche kit (with transceiver, shovel and probe).

Man wearing snowboarding essentials

Skiing / Snowboarding Accessories

☐ Goggles / Sunglasses

☐ Hat / Beanie

☐ Neck Warmer

☐ Skiing Gloves or Mittens

☐ Balaclava Face Mask

☐ Ear Muffs / Headband

EzPacking Tip: Your packing list won’t be complete without the proper skiing (or snowboarding) accessories. Imagine being out on the slopes in the middle of the day without goggles or sunglasses! Don’t forget to pack your skiing (or snowboarding) accessories. Pack skiing gloves or mittens as well, because they keep you warm and they’re cute.

Mom wearing regular winter clothes in ski resort

Resort / Non-Ski Clothes

☐ Long Sleeve Tops

☐ Jeans, Trousers / Thermal Leggings

☐ Sweater / Wool Jacket

☐ Snow / Winter Boots

☐ Normal Gloves

☐ Pajamas / Loungewear (For sleeping)

☐ Underwear (Briefs, boxers, panties, bras, socks & swimwear)

EzPacking Tip: You won’t always be out in the slopes, unless you’re secretly the abominable snowman. Pack along some casual clothes you can wear around the resort. But...always pack extra undies, extra socks and extra pants. Those items can easily get wet during the day and you don’t want to be wet, cold and without a fresh pair of socks.

Clear toiletry bag for ski essentials


☐ Shampoo & Conditioner

☐ Soap / Body Wash

☐ Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

☐ Deodorant

☐ Facial Wash, Toner & Moisturizer

☐ Lotion / Body Cream

☐ Lip Balm

☐ Face Sunscreen

☐ Cosmetics / Makeup

☐ Tampons

EzPacking Tip: When you’re up in the mountains, you’ll want your favorite lip balm, a mini sunscreen, some tissues (snow make you sniffly), and maybe some snacks on hand. This clear circle pouch set is perfect for keeping in your jacket while on the slopes!  Fun fact: The higher the altitude, the more exposed you are to UV radiation! Just because it’s colder, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Not so fun if you leave the slopes with a burned face.

Ski trip first aid kit

Health / First Aid

☐ Prescription Medications

☐ Pain Relievers & Anti-Inflammatory Meds

☐ Alcohol Wipes & Antibiotic Ointment

☐ Bandages, Gauze Pads & Medical Tape

☐ Tweezers

☐ Moleskin Fabric (For blisters)

☐ Muscle Ache Patch / Balm

EzPacking Tip: Health shouldn’t be set aside when packing for a ski trip. Aside from your prescription medications (should always be at the top of your list), pack some pain relievers, anti-inflammatory and allergy medicines. Accidents can happen anytime during a ski trip so bring some bandages, antibiotic ointment and moleskin fabric (for blisters). This DIY first aid kit should always be in your backpack or handbag. You can use our Extra Small Cube which even has an easy-grip handle for on-the-go adventures!

Electronics for snowboarding packing list


☐ Camera + Charger

☐ Smartphone + Charger

☐ Tablet + Charger

☐ Laptop + Charger

☐ Walkie Talkie (Why not?!)

☐ Earphones

EzPacking Tip: Bring your handy camera (and charger) for saving memories. If you have kids, why not invest in long-range walkie talkies (we like this one from Arcshell)? It helps to be prepared in case the little ones get lost.

Packing cube with ski essentials

Personal Bag Essentials

☐ Passport & Visa

☐ Flight Ticket, Itinerary & Resort Reservation

☐ Wallet, Keys & Other Valuables

☐ Travel Size Toiletries

☐ Gadgets

☐ Travel Insurance Card/s

☐ Snacks

EzPacking Tip: Use our Extra Small Packing Cube for organizing these items (passport, visa, flight ticket, keys and travel cards). For the kiddos, use another Extra Small Packing Cube for their favorite snacks and treats. It can help temper tantrums and breakdowns while on the plane!

Other essentials for what to pack for a ski trip

Others / Extras

 Laundry Bag

 Mini Tissues

 Water Bottle

 Hand & Foot Warmers


 List of Emergency Contacts


 Small Handbag



EzPacking Tip: Bring a water bottle for each member of the family for staying hydrated during your adventures (and less buying plastic bottles). Entertaining items like toys, coloring tools and playing cards are also a nice touch to have for travel days or chilling in the cabin / resort. 

Now you’re ready for your adventurous ski trip. With our complete ski trip packing list and ski trip checklist, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

But since we want to make things even easier for you, here’s a link to our Free Printable Ski Trip Packing List. Do check out our different sizes packing cubes to make your next ski adventure organized for the entire family.

Skiing suitcase essentials

**Thanks to Zina from Let's Lasso the Moon for this awesome photo!

Any comments or suggestions? Questions going through your mind? Send us an email and we’d be glad to alp you (wink wink).

Ski trip packing list

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