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Holiday Packing Checklist for Families

Holiday Packing Checklist for Families

Holiday packing suitcase checklist

What is your family’s favorite holiday? For ours, it has to be the Christmas season (the lights, the hot chocolate, the cheerful people). Even though we celebrate Hanukkah at the EzPacking headquarters, we still love Christmas time because of all the festive spirit it brings! Most families book some sort of trip during their time off, because why not?

With all the other things you need to worry about, packing should not be one of them. We’ve prepared a simple holiday packing checklist for you and the family. This way, you can spend more time enjoying the holidays than packing for them.

Holiday suitcase checklist for families

Smiling kids during holiday vacation trip

Packing for a holiday suitcase shouldn’t be such a stress. 

Here’s a holiday packing list we created for you below to help make everything a little easier and little more organized. Also, don’t miss the awesome packing tips we included, which work wonders when traveling with kids during the holidays. 

Holiday Presents: Don’t wrap them before the trip!

Before you start packing your regular, decide if you are bringing gifts with you on this trip. Will you be exchanging gifts at your travel destination? If so, we have a secret tip for how to travel with the gifts to save tons of space in your suitcase (and will keep the gifts more of a surprise). Here’s how to do it: 

☑ Write all the cards so those are prepped.

☑ Don’t wrap the presents before you leave…why?

1.) Fold up some wrapping & tissue paper and place it on the bottom of the packing cube (so it stays unwrinkled)

2.) Pack all the (unwrapped) presents into a Large Packing Cube

3.) Bring a small tape / small scissors  to wrap the gifts when you arrive

▪ Yes, scissors are allowed on planes, less than 4 inches long.

4.) Write a small note of which gifts are for “who” (in case you forget) and place in the cube

☑ Place the Large Cube in the parents suitcase or personal bag so the kids won’t see! 

How to pack holiday gifts for suitcase


☑ Passports

☑ Visas (If required)

☑ Vaccination Details (If required)

☑ Flight Tickets

☑ Itinerary

☑ Boarding Pass

☑ Hotel Booking Details

Extra small cube with passport and other travel valuables

Holiday Packing Tip: Pack all your documents in an EzPacking Extra Small Cube. When airport officials ask for this info, simply take the packing cube out. It’s easy to take note of all of your essentials / documents when they’re all in one place.

Clothes & Shoes:

Undies / Socks / Bras

 Shirts / Tops

 Jeans / Leggings

 Jacket / Windbreaker

 Swimsuit / Trunks / Coverup

 Thermal Clothes / Wool Jacket

 Walking Shoes


 Booties / Boots

 Jacket / Windbreaker

 Skirts / Shorts

 Loungewear / Pajamas

Medium and large packing cube with clothes

Holiday Packing Tip: Plan your outfits in advance, with the weather in mind of course. Pack a few outfits into a Medium Packing Cube. Your other items such as jeans and jackets can go into a  Large Packing Cube. Pack you underwear, socks and bras into a Small Packing Cube. Toiletries (three ounce and TSA Approved) can be packed into an Extra Small Cube 


☑ Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap

☑ Toothpaste & Toothbrush


 Sunblock / Sunscreen

 Disposable Razor

 Lotion & Moisturizer

 Nail Clipper


TSA Approved Clear Toiletry Bag in bathroom counter

Holiday Packing Tip: Since it’s just a short holiday vacation, opt for travel-sized versions of toiletries. If you’re planning on traveling with carry-on luggage only, use the EzPacking clear toiletry bag for easy airport security check. Not sure how to travel with carry-on luggage only? We have a guide for that! For moms and teens, use a separate EzPacking Extra Small Packing Cube for your cosmetics.


☑ Prescription Medications

☑ Fever Reducers

☑ Antacids / Stomach Medications

☑ Antibacterial Ointment

☑ Bandages / Gauze Pads & Tapes

☑ Alcohol

☑ Wipes

☑ Cold / Cough Medications

☑ Birth Control

DIY first aid kit

Holiday Packing Tip: Don’t forget your first aid kit! Even during a short holiday trip, accidents can happen. If traveling with kiddos, make sure you pack medications for fever, colds and coughs, as they are easily prone to these conditions. Going trekking? Pack extra first aid essentials like tweezers and an insect repellent.

Baby / Toddler  Essentials:

☑ Diapers & Wipes

 Changing Mat

☑ Bottle Cleanser

☑ Formula Milk & Bottles

☑ Pacifier

☑ Lightweight Stroller

☑ Crib

☑ Toys

☑ Entertaining Items

Holiday essentials for toddlers and babies

Holiday Packing Tip: With kids, you can just never be too sure. Pack these essential items for a hassle-free trip. If your little one is less than two years old, you can’t forget diapers, wipes, formula milk, bottles and pacifier. If you’re planning a lot of sightseeing, a lightweight stroller is also a must. Don’t forget toys and other entertaining items to keep the little ones busy and happy.


☑ Gadgets & Chargers

Laptop (If needed)

Headphones / Earphones

Bracelet GPS Tracker (For kids)

Turquoise packing cube with tablet and headphones

Holiday Packing Tip: Stick to the essentials like your smartphone and camera. For the kids, bring their tablet and headphones.Since the holiday season can get chaotic, make sure you invest in a bracelet GPS tracker for your kids, like this one. You can easily locate them in case of an emergency.

Other Carry-On Essentials:

☑ Neck Pillow

☑ Lightweight Blanket

Snacks / Water Bottle

☑ Toiletries

☑ Gadgets & Headphones

☑ Extra Change of Clothes

☑ Baby Diaper Bag

☑ EzPacking Packing Cubes

Carry-on suitcase organized with packing cubes for holiday trip

Holiday Airplane Tips: Your important documents should always be in your personal bag. Sleeping on a flight can be uncomfortable and cold. Bring a neck pillow and a  lightweight blanket. If you have little ones, don’t forget the snacks of course a separate diaper bag for the baby is also a must!

Clear Packing Cubes are a traveling MUST: 

☑ Separates / organizes family’s items

Avoids fights between kids

Provides responsibility for their “own color” set

Creates excitement to pack items all neatly

Keeping your suitcase (and the rest of the family’s items) organized and somewhat clean is important for your sanity during the holidays. Having your own packing cube set for each suitcase is a must, especially since it can avoid unnecessary fights over “who’s is who."

Our recommendation is for each family member to have their own set or to share a larger suitcase and separate by color. Blue for Bobby and Purple for Peone...see what we did there?

Carry On Packing Cube Set

- One set per family member, fits a carry on suitcase.

Starter Set in turquoise for holiday suitcase checklist

Checked Luggage Bundle Set (Sharing)

- Can be shared by multiple family members, siblings, hubby and wife. Select the “two color” option at checkout.

Packing cubes inside holiday suitcase


Important things to remember before the holiday trip

Cute Christmas decors for holiday trip

To ensure that your holiday trip goes smoothly, prepare at least two months in advance. Prior to booking your trip, make sure that every member of the family is available during the dates you are booking. Follow this holiday checklist below to feel more on top of your schedule:

✔ 2 Months Before - Hopefully you already have your flight booked. If not, get on it ASAP! Make sure everyone’s passport is up to date if you’re traveling  internationally. Double check on your travel insurance to make sure it’s also up to date. If you’re reading this close to October 2020...make sure you bring your passport whenever you travel within the United States, unless you have a Real ID. Read more about that here.

 1 Month Before - Traveling internationally? A month before the trip, check with your doctor if your family needs any vaccinations for your destination. This would also be a great time to purchase any new travel items - new clothes, clear packing cubes, new suitcases, etc. Check the weather before buying any new clothes!

✔ 1 Week Before - With only a week before the holiday trip, moms should have a definite packing list (you can print this one to use). Renting a car? Now would be a good time to confirm the reservation. Any other last-minute shopping (snacks, extra toiletries, etc.) can be done at this point.

✔ 1 Day Before - Check in 24 hours before the flight. Make sure all suitcases are organized and packed. Read off the packing checklist to your kids as they say “yes packed” or “oops I forgot that”. You can also print out a checklist for each kid to use! Double check your carry-on essentials and medications. Make sure the house is prepared to be left for awhile (trash is taken out, laundry is done, fridge is emptied).

Here’s a Closing Up the House Checklist if you want the full list! Give some spare keys to a trusted family member in case of an emergency. Also, make sure all your pets are taken to their pet hotels or friends’ houses.

The holidays are the best time of year! As long as you’re prepared, plan ahead and pack like a boss, the stress of traveling shouldn’t mess this up for you. Still need to get your hands on some clear packing cube sets for your family? You’ll find something for everyone since EzPacking offers so many options, sizes and colors. Also, remember to let the family help you with the planning! This way, you’ll be less stressed and actually bond before the actual holiday trip!

Want to download a printable version of this Holiday Suitcase Checklist

It’s free, we promise. 

Happy Holidays!

-The EzPacking Family 

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