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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Plus 10 Packing Tips for an Epic Trip!

Posted by Jelinne Navarro on
Disney cruise packing list

What’s the most magical place on the high seas? A Disney cruise of course! It’s the best cruising option for families (especially those with toddlers). It’s where princesses, Mickey Mouse and more popular Disney characters come alive. But before your little ones get too excited, you still have to go through the packing process. Don’t know what to pack for a Disney cruise? We got you covered! We’re even throwing in some packing tips you can use for an epic Disney trip. Let’s get started!

What to pack for a Disney cruise (with printable checklist)

Little girl on Disney cruise

Hey, moms (and dads)! Not sure on what should go in your Disney cruise luggage? 

Here’s a complete packing list for a Disney cruise. Stay tuned until the end for a free printable checklist!

Disney Cruise Carry-On Luggage / Bag: This is the only bag you’ll have access to during the first day of your cruise. Keep all the items you can’t afford to lose here. But at the same time, keep it lightweight! You’ll also want something waterproof so you can take it on port excursions. Only opt for a rolling luggage if you’re brave enough to face long lines (because Disney cruise ships are notorious for very small elevators). Here’s what should be inside your Disney cruise carry-on bag:

Carry on bag for Disney cruise

**Thanks to Paula from Beauty Through Imperfection for this photo!

☑ Disney cruise planning book / guide - This book / guide is mailed to passengers a few weeks before embarkation day. Read it, learn it and love it! Don’t forget to attach the luggage tags (inserted in this book) in your checked bags before boarding the ship.

☑ Cruise paperwork - All passports should be updated and valid! It’s usually a good idea to bring passports for every member of the family. Even if your cruise route is considered as a closed-loop circuit, you never know when emergencies happen. Aside from that, visas, photo IDs, insurance and boarding passes should also be inside you carry-on bag.

☑ First aid kit - Sea sickness during embarkation day? Be prepared, pack your first aid kit in your carry-on bag as well. Don’t forget prescription meds, some bandaids and an antibiotic cream. Use our Extra Small Cube for this purpose. It’s the ideal size for any carry-on bag & it’s TSA Approved!

First aid kit for Disney cruise

☑ Toiletries - You don’t need to pack the full ensemble. But just the essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and soap! At least you’ll have the basics for freshening up before dinner during embarkation day. Use our TSA Approved Clear Toiletry Bag for organizing these in your carry-on bag.

☑ Swimwear - No Disney cruise packing list would be complete without swimwear! But here’s an insider tip: Pack one in your carry-on bag too! We all know kids, they are born ready to swim. Swimming is also a great way of passing time while waiting for your cabin (and checked bags) to be ready.

☑ Change of clothes - After swimming, your kids will want to snack or explore the ship. Have 1 set of clothes ready in your carry-on bag. Don’t forget the undies!

Change of clothes for carry on for Disney cruise

**Thanks to Ashley from At Home With Ashley for this photo!

☑ Sunscreen - Who wants sunburned skin on the first day of their cruise? Pack a bottle of sunscreen in your carry-on bag to avoid frowns on your first day on board.

☑ All electronics & valuables - Don’t risk losing or damaging these items inside your checked bag. Plus, you’ll want to take lots of photos as soon as you step on board. Keep your camera and smartphone with you all the time!

Disney Cruise Checked Luggage: You can bring as many checked bags as you like on your Disney cruise. But with cramped cabin space, it’s not such a good idea! A cruise isn’t the best time to be an overpacker. Invest in a durable, lightweight suitcase for each member of your family. Here are the essential items to pack in your checked luggage:

Checked luggage for Disney cruise trip

➣ Clothes:

☑ Swimwear (2 to 3) - You can definitely bring more swimwear than usual! They don’t dry as fast so you’ll have an extra while the wet one’s drying. Toddlers? It’s the perfect time for strutting Disney-themed swimwear! We love this Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse sets. Prone to sunburn? Pack a long-sleeve rashguard instead!

☑ Casual tops - Be as casual as you like! Pack comfy shirts or tank tops for your Disney cruise. You can also enjoy being matchy matchy (while the kids are still young and compliant). We love these matching cute Mickey Mouse shirts!

Cute clothes for Disney trip

☑ Casual bottoms - Bring a few pairs of shorts and a florals skirts (if you want to show your feminine side)...but don’t forget to pack some sweatpants, leggings and jeans (good for casual dining).

☑ Rompers / fitted dresses - For mommies, you can pack your favorite summer dresses! But make sure they’re on the fitted side, it’s windy by the beach or on the ship’s deck. A great alternative is a romper, doesn’t this little number just scream summer? Also they’re good for more formal nights!

☑ Formal clothes - Got reservations for formal dining (either in Remy or Palo)? Pack at least 1 dressy outfit! Some slacks, a dress shirt and closed shoes for dad. Moms can go with an evening or cocktail dress with heels, wedges or nice flats.

Kid wearing formal clothes for Disney cruise

 Sweatshirt - It can get chilly in the dining area or theatre. Pack at least 1  sweatshirt or jacket for each family member.

☑ Loungewear - Pack some comfy loungewear that you can use for sleeping or walking around the ship. These Mickey Mouse fleece sleeping pants are too adorable, don’t you think?

☑ More underwear (7 to 9) - With the constant swimming, you’ll need more underwear than you think (specifically the kids)! Pack at least 2 for each cruise day. Don’t forget some socks and bras (for moms and teenage daughters).

☑ Pirate costume - Don’t miss out on the fun! Pirate night is one of the best parts of a Disney cruise. We love this simple pirate poncho costume for the ladies. Just throw in some leggings plus boots and you’re good to go! Dads don’t like dressing up as much so here’s a simple printed pirate buccaneer shirt for them! It’s a good thing Disney cruise lines give a free pirate bandana for every passenger.

➣ Other Clothes for the Kids:

☑ Princess dresses (for girls) - You don’t want them to be underdressed when they’re meeting Elsa, Anna or any of the Disney princesses! This set includes 4 Disney princess dresses already (Belle, Aurora, Snow White & Cinderella).

Girl in Disney princess costume

☑ Disney costumes (for boys) - Boys can play dress up too! Pack a few costumes for your little boy. We adore this Buzz Lightyear one (just never goes out of style) and this Jedi knight costume (for the Star Wars fanatics).

☑ Nice pajamas - Some Disney cruises offer a pajama night with Pluto. They get to meet Pluto and do some arts & crafts. Want your kids to match the theme? We recommend this Pluto and Mickey Mouse pajama set for that!

➣ Shoes:

☑ Non-slip flip flops - For moms and dads, invest in non-slip flip flops for walking around the pool (which is very slippery). Can also be used for the bathroom! Pack regular flip flops for the kids that they can use inside the cabin or in the bathroom.

☑ Water shoes - Around the pool or by the beach, kids need water shoes! They are ideal for preventing accidents which kids are very prone to. We love this brand with the subtle design and efficient quick drying capability!

☑ Walking shoes - If you’re not planning any adventurous activities or excursions, regular flip flops will do! But for those who are planning to go hiking or lots of sightseeing, packing a separate pair of walking or hiking shoes is a must!

Mickey Mouse shoes for cruise trip

☑ Formal shoes (For mom and dad) - For reserved formal dinners, packing heels (for mom) and nice shoes (for dad) is a must!

➣ Toiletries:

☑ Sunscreen - You’re going to be under the sun… a lot! Pack a few bottles of sunscreen for your cruise. We like this Spacology set of four. A bonus is that it isn’t as sticky when applied (unlike other brands)! If you are pale and burn very easily, try out this Banana Boat sunscreen (SPF 100).

Sunscreen inside Small Cube

☑ Jellyfish / sea lice repellent - Excursions on Castaway Cay or the Caribbean beaches? Pack a bottle or 2 of jellyfish (sea lice) repellent lotion. We recommend this brand which also doubles as sunscreen! Slather the lotion before going into the beach to prevent jellyfish stings.

Aloe vera with lidocaine - The best product for alleviating sunburn pain and itch! The extra lidocaine and menthol just adds relief. It’s a bit sticky but does the job so well we don’t mind at all!

Vitamin E gel - Great for bad sunburns because it helps in repairing the affected skin! We recommend this brand (mentioned many times already in other posts)!

☑ Insect repellent - Don’t forget to pack bug spray for when you’re exploring woods or insect-laden areas!

☑ Baby powder - This is a dual-purpose product! Use it for keeping fresh on hot, humid days. You can also use it for removing sand on your feet or body.

Baby powder for Disney cruise packing list

☑ Shampoo & conditioner - You don’t need to bring these if you’re okay with using the free stuff from the cruise line! And actually, the H20+ brand of shampoo and conditioner on the cruise is pretty good. But if you have special hair that needs more attention, it’s a good idea to bring your own products that work for you.

☑ Soap & body wash - Again the cruise line provides these toiletries! But pack your own if you want that extra comfort or familiarity.

☑ Lotion & moisturizer - You’ll need to moisturize your skin after a long day under the sun!

☑ Deodorant - Sweaty armpits can ruin your Disney cruise fun! Make sure to bring your favorite deodorant.

☑ Toothpaste / toothbrush - Not provided by the Disney cruise line!

Toothbrush and toothpaste for Disney cruise essentials

☑ Brush / comb - A good detangler brush or comb is also handy! Trust us, you’ll need this after several days of pool or beach fun.

☑ Disinfectant Wipes - We love wipes because they’re multi-functional. Use them for sanitizing hands or even surfaces. You can also use them for removing makeup! Pack a full-size one in your checked bag.

☑ Hair ties / grippy headbands - It’s really windy on cruise ship decks! For the ladies with long hair, pack lots of hair ties. Got short hair or bangs? Try grippy headbands (they don’t hurt and keep hair away from your face).

☑ Razor - For those days on deck by the pool or beach days off site, you’ll want smooth, hair-free legs.

☑ Essential Makeup items - You might go makeup free during your days on deck, but you might want to look made up during formal nights! Pack just the essentials like foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

Makeup bag essentials for Disney cruise

➣ First Aid Kit:

☑ Seasickness bands - This motion sickness wristbands work via acupressure. Make sure you pack one for each family member!

☑ Seasickness meds - A just in case that is okay to pack! Opt for the non-drowsy dramamine and don’t forget to pack a kid-friendly version.

☑ Ginger chews - In case you forget to drink your seasickness meds (because they work to prevent motion sickness), pack some ginger chews! They work well to reduce the seasickness symptoms at their onset. We love the Gin Gins brand, they taste so good (just a hint of spiciness) and they work instantly!

☑ Headache relief - Pack whichever works for you, some caplets of Advil or even a migraine relief roll-on stick!

First aid kit for Disney cruise trip

☑ Fever reducer - Just in case someone get a fever on board and you want the familiar meds you normally take (or give your kids).

☑ Allergy medicines - Although it’s best to avoid allergic reactions, there are times when it’s out of your hands! Pack a few antihistamines just in case.

☑ Stomach medicines - Got to have some antacids, anti-diarrhea meds and constipation meds! You’ll be sampling lots of foods on board and it’s best to be prepared.

☑ Prescription medicines - Pack your prescription medicines in your suitcase and leave them in their original bottles to avoid being questioned.

☑ Bandaids - We love this pack which has a variety of sizes for every member of the family!

Bandaids and medicines for Disney cruise trip

☑ Antibiotic ointment - Pack an antibiotic ointment for cleaning of wounds or scratches. Don’t forget to pack a few cotton swabs too!

☑ Alcohol swabs - Alcohol swabs are compact and ideal for sanitizing hands before handling somebody’s wound.

☑ Alcohol / hand sanitizer - Just some added protection against the spread of bacteria (which can lead to illness)!

➣ Baby / Toddler Gear:

☑ Nursery bag - Planning on having some quiet time with your hubby? Disney cruise lines have the It’s a Small World Nursery where babies between 6 months to 3 years old can stay. It’s paid but worth it if moms and dads want to take some time off from baby care. You can pack some water, milk bottles, formula, pacifier, diaper and clothes for your little one. We love this nursery bag since it can hold a lot of items despite its compact size!

☑ Baby carrier - A stroller might come in handy during a Disney Park trip. But not so much during a Disney cruise. Can you imagine navigating through small hallways with your bulky stroller? Pack instead a baby carrier (we like this carrier with a hip seat). No need to wait in line for the elevator with this one!

☑ Some diapers - Pack a few diapers to last you all throughout your embarkation day! Don’t worry, you can preorder diapers and have them shipped to the port so they won’t take up space in your checked luggage. More on this later!

Diapers and baby items for Disney cruise

**Thanks to Ashely from Taylor Made Mama for this awesome photo!

☑ Lots of wipes - You’ll need lots and lots of wipes! Pack travel-size ones on your nursery bag and carry-on bag. Get a whole pack for your checked bag that you can use in the cabin!

☑ Formula / breast milk - There’s no limits to the amount of milk you can bring on board. So bring as much as your baby needs!

☑ Water - Tap water is safe on board but if you’re a worrying mom, don’t worry! You can preorder water and have it delivered to your cabin as well.

☑ Milk bottles / sippy cups - Pack some milk bottles or sippy cups for your little one to drink in.

Sippy cups for Disney trip essentials

 Lightweight towel / blanket - We love this muslin towel slash blanket, can be used to keep warm or for drying baby after a bath!

➣ Electronics / Gadgets:

 Camera (extra memory card + batteries) - Get your camera ready because photo ops can arise at ANY moment on a Disney cruise! Don’t forget the extra memory card and batteries.

☑ Smartphone - Useful for communicating with loved ones on the ship (as long as you’ve downloaded the Disney Cruise Navigator Line app before boarding).

☑ Tablet / ebook reader - Good for keeping kids entertained during sea days (though there are plenty to do on board). For dads and moms, an ebook reader is the way to go to catch up on your reading.

☑ Portable charger - Lots of gadgets equals lots of charging! A portable charger is handy for port excursions when you just don’t have access to power outlets.

Powerbank for Disney trip checklist

☑ Headphones / earphones - So everybody can do their own thing on the cabin without disturbing one another.

☑ All chargers - Especially for your camera!

➣ Beach / Pool Essentials:

☑ Water-resistant tote bag - Our Large Cube is the ideal beach or pool tote bag. It comes with an easy-grip handle so you can grab it as you go. The see-through design allows you to see what you need when you need it! Plus, it’s water and sand resistant (you’re sure that the items inside are protected).

Beach tote bag for Disney cruise beach

☑ Sunglasses - Must have for protecting your eyes from the sun! Bring at least 2 pairs for each family member (someone’s bound to lose 1 pair during the cruise).

☑ Waterproof phone case - In case you’re using your phone as a camera for your cruise trip, it’s also worth it to invest in a waterproof phone case.

☑ Waterproof watch - Nothing fancy, just a simple waterproof watch set to your ship’s time!

Disney cruise Mickey Mouse watch

☑ Cooling towel - Very helpful during hot days on the beach or by the pool! You only need to soak this towel in water for a few minutes and the cooling effect lasts for hours.

☑ Sand toys - Go for cheap toys that you can dispose off after use.

Beach blanket - You’ll love this water-resistant and sand-proof beach blanket from Bertte! Takes away the hassle of cleaning up after a trip to the beach.

☑ Hat - Make sure each family member has a hat!  Also, you can’t go wrong with this Minnie Mouse hat for girls and this Lightning McQueen hat for boys.

Mickey Mouse hat for Disney essentials

☑ Sand-off mitt / baby powder - If you’re not a fan of sandy legs after a beach trip, invest in a sand-off mitt which can ease the cleaning process for you! Or just bring baby powder with you during excursions to the beach.

☑ Goggles - Not a necessity but can make a world of difference for those who enjoy swimming a lot!

☑ Snorkeling gear - Only if you’re planning on snorkeling or diving and don’t want to use the ones provided. Not necessary to bring your own! 

☑ Wet bag - Useful when lugging your wet swimwear from the beach or the pool to your cabin! We like this one from Planet Wise.

Wet bag for beach or pool

 **Thanks to Livi from Xo Livi for this photo!

☑ Swim diaper/s - Unfortunately, babies who aren’t potty trained can’t use Disney cruise pools. But for beach excursions, you’ll still need to pack some swim diapers!

➣ Others / Miscellaneous:

Refillable cup / bottle - So you won’t have to keep going to the deck or dining area for water, coffee or soda! We like this insulated tumbler with straw from Bubba.

☑ Dish soap / sponge - For cleaning and washing your baby’s bottles or sippy cups, even your refillable cup or bottle! We like this sulfate-free dish soap, just transfer it to a smaller container. Of course don’t forget to pack a sponge or bottle brush cleaner.

☑ Suction cup hooks - Most Disney cruise ships have a clothesline in the cabin’s bathroom. But it’s hard to dry swimwear when they’re hung too close together. You can buy a few suction cup hooks, place them in doors or walls and voila, instant hanging options for your wet swimwear!

☑ Pre-toilet spray - Sometimes families have to share 1 bathroom in their small cabin! Use this pre-toilet spray to mask odors before you know what...

☑ Magnet decors on door - It’s part of the fun of a Disney cruise! You’ll see that most families or passengers join in on this activity. But if you don’t have the time to make your own stateroom decor, you can purchase ready-made ones instead

☑ Lanyard - Recommended for first-time Disney cruisers! We like this set which already includes 3 lanyards with different designs. On embarkation day, ask a guest officer to punch a hole in your Key to the World ship card. Then insert the lanyard in the hole. This makes it easily accessible (since you’re going to be using it as a key for your room or to pay for stuff) as opposed to putting it inside an ID holder.

☑ Multi USB charger - Power strips / extension cords aren’t allowed in Disney cruise lines. But you can bring a multi USB charger like this one. This is very handy for charging multiple devices at the same time!

☑ Glow stick / flashlight - It’s hard to find your way in a dark cabin! Pack some glow sticks for each member of the family. They can use it for finding items or going to the bathroom at night without opening the cabin light. Or you can just pack a regular flashlight (but where’s the fun in that?)

☑ Binoculars - A basic one so you can see distant views more easily!

☑ Gift cards - We love the idea of giving kids their independence (but with limits). During your Disney cruise, give your kids gift cards (preloaded with your desired spending limit). Once they’ve used up their gift card, they’re done with shopping!

☑ Snacks - While Disney cruise ships have unlimited food in dining areas, there’s a lack of snacks in general. It’s nice to be able to munch on something while in the cabin. Also, the theatres have more expensive snacks or candies for sale. It’s just more practical to bring your own!

Medium cube with snacks

☑ Fish Extender bag - Only recommended if you have plans to join the Disney Cruise Fish Extender (where treats are given as surprises). We like this hanging canvas bag but make it your own! Design it with Disney patches or stickers to fit in with the whole theme.

Autograph book - Last but definitely not the least is an autograph book (or any other memorabilia). Have your kid’s favorite Disney character sign it when you get the chance to see them!

Some Disney cruise packing tips

Here are some more packing tips for an epic Disney cruise adventure:

1. Yes, you can bring alcohol on a Disney cruise - If you want to save a few bucks, you can bring your own wine or alcohol in your carry-on bag! For adults aged 21 and above, you can either bring 2 bottles of 750 ml wine or 6 packs of 12 ounce beers. Want to know a secret? This limit isn’t just for the embarkation port! You can bring in these beverages for each port of call (much cheaper than buying on the cruise ship).

Disney cruise ship on port

2. Bring some cash for tips - Gratuities are calculated and added to your bill each day. But you can also tip your servers in cash if you’d like. Before embarkation day, pack an envelope filled with $1 bills. Place this in your carry-on bag so you can easily access it when you need it!

3. Order diapers / water and ship them to hotel - Unfortunately, it's not possible anymore to ship items like diapers and water ahead of time to your Disney cruise embarkation port. What you can do is ship them instead to the hotel you're staying in before embarkation day.

4. Lessen your baby gear - You don’t need to pack the full baby gear ensemble knowing that cabin space is very limited! Instead of a bulky stroller, pack your baby carrier which can be folded and stored in a bag when not in use. For other baby gear, just rent them from the Disney Cruise Line. Inform your stateroom host for any baby gear you need and they’ll be glad to set them up for you. Even bottle warmers and sterilizers can be rented from the cruise line!

Kid carrying Small Cube with cruise essentials

5. Free soda so no need to pack - Most cruise lines don’t offer sodas in their inclusive cruise fares. Not with a Disney cruise! You can get unlimited sodas in most dining areas. So fill that cup to your heart’s content!

6. Bring a camera bag - On a Disney cruise, you must always bring your camera with you! Even if it’s just a trip to the dining area, you never know which Disney character you’ll run into. So it’s also a must to bring a handy camera bag, to keep your camera and accessories protected at all times.

7. Use clear packing cubes - Want an organized cabin from the beginning until the end of your cruise trip? Invest in packing cubes! They take the work out of packing and unpacking for you. Pack similar items together or complete outfits in one cube. You don’t even need to unpack the cubes once you reach your room. Set the cubes in the drawer or closet and use them as portable drawers! Here’s the different sizes packing cubes and how you can use them:

✔️ Extra Small Cube - Ideal for storing toiletries, cosmetics or your first aid kit essentials! Our TSA-approved clear toiletry bag abide by the airport restrictions. It’s also made from strong and durable cordura plus vinyl materials to ensure that it lasts a long, long time.

TSA Approved Toiletries Bag

✔️ Small Cube - Perfect size for storing underwear like panties, briefs, bras and socks. Can also be used for storing your loungewear, pajamas and lightweight tanks or shirts. Also works as a clear bag for toys or larger toiletries.

Small Cube with Disney clothes

**Thanks to @carlyandsloan for this awesome photo!

✔️ Medium Cube - Great for organizing your Mickey Mouse shirts and lightweight bottoms. Can also be used as a tote bag for movie screenings or theatre shows on board.

Medium Cube for Disney cruise essentials

**Thanks to Paula from Beauty Through Imperfection for this photo! 

✔️ Large Cube - Good for bulkier clothing items. Can also be used as a beach or pool tote bag to pack your swimwear, change of clothes and sunscreen!

Large Cube for Disney trip must haves

**Thanks to Anna from Ask Anna Moseley for this photo!

8. Decide on pin trading - It’s a tradition that everyone loves on a Disney cruise: pin trading. But it can get expensive (since you need to trade authentic Disney pins). At the same time, it can add a lot to the weight of your luggage. So decide on whether pin trading is for you and your family beforehand.

9. Lots of movie options on your TV - No need to pack your own portable DVD player because the on board television has lots of options. In fact, it’s one of the best features of a Disney cruise. Kids can enjoy on-demand Disney movies in their very own cabin. Also saves parents time downloading series or movies in the tablet!

10. Sign up for kid’s club online - You can save tons of space in your luggage if you can get your kids to join in as many activities! There’s no need to pack toys, playing cards or other forms of entertainment. There’s even an option to register your kid online so you won’t need to line up on board!

We've got a FREE packing list that you can use to help you get started with packing. Just print it out and tick each item you’ve packed in your cubes or luggage. Also take a short dash through our packing tips for an epic Disney cruise adventure that you won’t forget!

P.S. Going on a different cruise? Check out this FREE Ultimate Cruise Packing List!

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