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September 2019 Customer of the Month

Posted by Tali Aires on
September Customer of the Month

Our tenth Customer of the Month goes to Jacqueline Thompson! 
Check out our interview with Jacqui below. 
Learn more about her and how she loves to use EzPacking.
Also find out how to become the next Customer of the Month here.

Where are you from?

I am from San Clemente, California.

How did you hear about EzPacking?

One of the bloggers I follow posted about you!

I travel mostly for:

For fun!

Do you have kids?

Yes, I have 2 kids.

What do you typically use EzPacking for?

We travel often and I use it for packing my suitcases. We will be doing many trips this year including going to the river, 2 weeks in Fiji, Maui, and some road trips. I also will be using some of the smaller cubes in my upcoming backpacking trip. I’m figuring this out!

Why do you love EzPacking? Tell us an experience you've had where EzPacking has saved the day.

The first time I used it was for our bi-yearly trip to Maui. Oh my gosh it kept me incredibly organized, and made my suitcase so easy to work with. Bathing suits have always been complicated to pack but EzPacking has completely simplified that for me.

Also when I do my road trips and we stop at hotels for quick overnights my clothes don’t have to touch any of the dressers! I can see everything in the cubes that I packed. I always know where everything is. It also made a huge difference with shoes, and my bathroom items.

And I have to say I love the aesthetics of these adorable cubes! So many colors! Black, blue and gray for the people traveling on business. But the beautiful colors for those who love to pack with their favorite colors! Best thing ever!

I’m telling you they are above all cubes because they are clear and such a quality material. The handles are very strong and the zippers are high quality never sticking!

Do you like to use EzPacking for anything else besides suitcase organization?

Well I will be integrating a few items (the circular bags and a few of the small size bags) into my upcoming backpacking trip in Arizona! I have to keep my pack at 30 lbs so I’m going to use these to keep my pack ultra organized! I think they will be great for backpacking!

I will most likely keep some of my small items for backpacking in the smaller cubes year round so it’s easier to just pick up my pack and throw my cube in and go! Will use some to keep my hiking socks and accessories separate in my drawers.

Also I love to do illustration journaling so wanting many more cubes to help me store and organize all my journaling items! So many things I can do with the cubes!

Jacqui shared some of her photos with us!

Ready for hiking with packing cubes

**Ready to hike with her Extra Small Cubes!

Extra Small Cubes

**Hiking essentials inside Extra Small Cubes

Suitcase organization with packing cubes

**Suitcase organization on point!

Thanks to Jacqui for being the September 2019 Customer of the Month. 

You now have access to these fun prizes.

Customer of the Month Rewards:

✔ An Exclusive Interview on our Blog 

✔ Social Media Feature

✔ $50 gift card to EzPacking

✔ 20% Discount for a year!

If you want to learn more, click here to read our Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know post. 

P.S. Want to become a customer of the month too? Click here to find out how!

Much love,

- The EzPacking Team

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