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Clear Plastic Packing Cubes: Why They’re The Best Option For Organizing Luggage

Clear Plastic Packing Cubes:

Why They’re The Best Option For Organizing Luggage

Best packing cubes for traveling with families

When it comes to organizing luggage, we are given so many systems and tools to choose from. One of the crowd favorites from organized people are packing cubes, but there are so many brands and companies to choose from it’s overwhelming.

Given these many options, which type of packing cubes are worth your money? Modesty aside, we think that clear packing cubes still hold the crown when it comes to luggage organization. And in this blog post, we’ll convince you why we think clear plastic packing cubes takes the lead!

Why Clear Plastic Packing Cubes Win

EzPacking Grey Starter Set, all clear vinyl packing cubes

Mesh packing cubes, fabric packing cubes, leather packing cubes… there are many kinds of packing cubes out there. What makes clear plastic packing cubes the undefeated champion when it comes to luggage organization? Clear packing cubes, specifically the EzPacking brand, were designed with the struggling-to-be-organized family in mind.

Here are the top eight reasons why you should opt for transparent packing cubes if you’re struggling to keep your suitcase organized:

1. Clear, see-through design:

Unlike other brands, EzPacking cubes have a clear, see-through design. The front and the sides of the our packing cubes are transparent. So it won’t matter which position you stack your cubes, you can find what you need in an instant. With other brands of packing cubes, you’ll have to label them or open them up just to find out what you packed in there... what a hassle!

2. Durability and long-term use:

This advantage is specific to EzPacking clear plastic cubes only. Except for the transparent vinyl front and sides, the handles, zippers and back of the cubes are made from durable fabric called cordura. It’s a stronger type of nylon fabric that resists breaks and tears. Even the military uses cordura fabric for some of their gear. Most mesh packing cubes are made from weaker nylon so they’re more prone to damage. Not to mention the actual mesh can easily rip apart after a few uses.

3. Splash resistant:

Both materials, cordura and vinyl plastic, used to create EzPacking packing cubes are water-resistant. This makes clear plastic packing cubes highly recommended for beach trips, water parks, and pool days. Plus, when you’re packing liquids, this type of packing cube can help lessen the risk of leaks in your suitcase. A few splashes of water can be easily wiped away from our packing cubes using a dry rag or towel. While not fully waterproof, we are comfortable calling the cubes splash-resistant.

4. Easy to clean:

All-nylon packing cubes have to be washed or laundered to fully clean them. Clear packing cubes don’t require such high maintenance. You can simply use a towel to wipe dirt from the plastic packing cubes. You can even just wash the plastic packing cube under tap water and pat dry with a towel. Air dry them and you can reuse them in no time.

5. Maintain their shape:

With other nylon-based packing cubes, shape retention is hard to achieve. This is mostly true if you intend to fully pack these packing cubes to the brim. This is yet another aspect where EzPacking plastic packing cubes dominate. They retain their shape even when packed to the brim. You can enjoy the trip knowing that no matter how bumpy the ride is, your clothes will stay intact inside the packing cubes. This firmer shape also reduces the risk of clothes wrinkling while in transit.

Packing cubes for suitcase

6. Maximize space 

Because EzPacking cubes can maintain their shape when packed, you can pack them vertically in a suitcase. Rather than horizontally stacking packing cubes on top of each other (leaving valuable space to waste), EzPacking allows you to pack the cubes vertically like a mini tetris board. The photo above shows our Starter Set packs 5-7 days of clothes into a carry on suitcase with enough space for an extra pair of shoes and a laundry bag.

7. Wide range of color options:

With Ezpacking, there’s a variety of colors to choose from so you can easily designate specific colors to each member of the family. You can designate pink for your little girl, royal blue for your hubby and the classic grey for mommy. Color coordinating makes sharing a suitcase easier than ever!

EzPacking Grey Starter Set of Clear Packing Cubes

8. No need to unpack / traveling drawers:

Since your items will already be organized into your cubes, when you arrive to your destination there is no need to unpack. Simple take the cubes out and place them in the hotel room drawers, closet shelving, or any other flat surface! Unzip the cubes and take out what you need for each day. Many customers also mention how they actually “live out of their suitcase” so easily because they can take out and put back the cubes they need for the day. For those who hate packing and repacking, this is as close as we can get you to heaven.  

Make the Switch to EzPacking’s Clear Plastic Packing Cubes

Best packing cubes organizers for suitcase travel

Created and designed by a mom herself, the EzPacking see-through cubes were created to solve a problem. The clear, transparent design makes packing and luggage organization a breeze. Especially if you have kids, it’s a must to be organized. What a pleasure it is to find your items in a matter of seconds! You will definitely get your money’s worth when it comes to durability and reliable features. Plus, cleaning these packing cubes is easier than nylon-based, mesh type ones.

The EzPacking clear, see-through packing cubes are ideal for:

EzPacking Starter Set of Pink see-through packing cubes

Couples - For the couples who love traveling, the EzPacking see-through packing cubes help you stay organized on the go. Traveling with a carry-on suitcase only? Use clear packing cubes to pass through airport security with no issues. Even the EzPacking extra small cube is the perfect TSA approved toiletry bag  for carrying 3 ounce liquids. Easily split a suitcase into two colors with EzPacking’s Complete Bundle option, or take your own carry on and choose the Starter Set option for each of you.

Families With Small Children - If you’re traveling with a baby (or two!), luggage organization is a must. For your carry-on bag, you can use different size packing cubes for specific purposes. For instance, diapers, wipes and other bathroom essentials can go in a medium packing cube. Snacks and toys can go in another separate small packing cube. Whenever you need these items, simply take out the packing cube you need (with its easy access pull handle). For organizing suitcases for the family, the Complete Bundle is definitely the right choice (with the two color option at checkout).

Families With Older Children - When it comes to finding the things they need, your older kids know what they want. You can avoid the tantrums by using clear plastic packing cubes. Organize their suitcase with their own color EzPacking cubes (that they chose) and make the trip easier for the entire family. No more fighting about who packed what.

Solo Travelers - Whether you’re using a backpack or a suitcase, packing cubes can help you stay organized and find the things you need every time. When traveling solo, fit up to 10 days of clothes in the Starter Set option, or up to three weeks of clothes in our Complete Bundle option!

Are you new to the world of packing cubes? Welcome! We’re all friends here.

It can be very overwhelming at first, especially when it comes to finding the appropriate size and type of packing cubes for you and your family.

With EzPacking, you can opt for different sizes, colors, and sets depending on your specific travel needs. You’ll be happily surprised to see how much can fit in these cubes!

Happy Travels. 

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