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Do Packing Cubes Save Space?

Do Packing Cubes Save Space?

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The truth is, not all of us can be light packers. There are some of us who feel the need to bring their entire closet with them (not judging). And for such special individuals, saving space in your luggage is an absolute must. The more you can fit, the happier you are! Sound familiar? If so, you might be wondering, “Do packing cubes actually save space?” Let’s dive in and find out below.

Best ways of saving space in your suitcase without packing cubes

How do packing cubes save space with rolling method

Families, backpackers and couples alike seem to agree that the best way of saving space in your suitcase is by utilizing the rolling method. Why not? It is a free and efficient way of maximizing suitcase space. If it’s a battle between folding versus rolling, we would say it’s a tie.  We always advise a little of both can go a long way depending on the size of the item and how much space is left in your suitcase.

There’s also the compression bags or sacs, which are basically ziplock-like bags. These bags have valves which remove excess air from inside to compress bulky clothing items. While these are great for the way there, the return trip is not such a pretty sight. If you want to go old school, you can try stuffing small items inside shoes, like socks or other non-spill products. It might seem unhygienic but it does the job of maximizing luggage space. Bringing smaller size items like toiletries is also another way of saving space in your suitcase.

Ways of Saving Space in Luggage (The Cons):

✓ Use the rolling method for packing as much as possible

Con: It’s hard to find what you’re looking for when every item is rolled up.

✓ Use compression bags or sacs for removing excess air

Con: When packing up to move to your next destination, it’s harder to compress everything the way you did it originally. Your suitcase is thus not as organized on the next leg of the trip.

✓ Stuff small items inside shoes

Con: These items can roll around and get messy. Also your items might get dirty inside your shoes.

To be honest, while these packing tips can work, we’d advise otherwise. Why go through the hassle when you can just using packing cubes?


How do packing cubes save space?

Woman stacking EzPacking cubes vertically to save space

We all know that packing cubes make for great luggage organizers. But when it comes to their space-saving capability, skeptics are very quick to raise an eyebrow. The truth is, there are many ways that packing cubes help save suitcase space. If you’re one of those skeptics, read on and find out how packing cubes can help you save space in your luggage.

✓ Save space – You can squeeze a surprising amount of clothes into a cube, so you can pack more. Compression bags are even better as they remove excess air.

✓ Keep clothes clean and dry – Some organisers are water resistant and offer protection from dirt. They can also be used to protect clothes in dusty hotel drawers. Note that mesh packing cubes may not be water resistant OR protect from dirty because of the mesh material at the opening of the cube.

✓ Prevent overpacking – Limit what you pack by choosing an organiser for each category. For example, if you know that one large cube is enough for all your clothes. If you buy a new item and it fits in the cube, you  can take it; if not, something else has to go.


Here are some packing tips for using packing cubes:

1. Pack more efficiently - When you know how much fits inside your cubes, you’ll pack more efficiently and leave the unnecessary things at home. Once the packing cubes are zipped up, you’ll arrange them like tetris pieces in your suitcase until you’ve fit everything in. If you stick to your system, you’ll be less anxious when packing. If everything is inside the cubes, you’re good to go!

2. Maximize small crevices/spaces -  Separating specific items or outfits from each other is an efficient use of space.  Saving space all comes down to the tricks you use. After filling a single packing cube with items, zip it closed and inspect for any extra space or crevices. Open the zipper and fill that space with smaller, additional items, whether they are  similar to what’s inside the packing cube or not. This is recommended for overpackers who tend to pack last-minute items in their suitcases.

3. Stack the cubes vertically - Now this space-saving capability is specific to EzPacking cubes only. Though EzPacking cubes are flexible, they retain their shape quite well. So you can position them inside your suitcase straight up (with the convenient handle facing up) or laying them flat inside the suitcase. With vertical stacking, you’re maximizing suitcase space efficiently. Make use of extra spaces for smaller items that you still want to pack, such as toiletries, makeup, shoes, or hair appliances. Stacking the cubes horizontally (on top of each other) reduces visibility and actually creates dead space in the suitcase that can’t be used by other items. Vertical stacking is the way to go!

4. Find things easily - When you’re traveling, your cubes work like traveling drawers. Since you know what’s inside of each cube (with EzPacking you can actually see what’s inside) you’ll be able to take out what’s necessary without messing up your suitcase.

5. Save actual space, fit more clothes - When you pack clothes into a packing cube, zipping it closed in itself is pushing out air. This method presses the clothes closer together, allowing for less wrinkles and room for more clothes! A good rule of thumb - if your clothes don’t fit inside the cubes, something must be left at home.

But what about compression bags? Aren’t they better for pressing out air?

No not exactly. The question above basically answered it for you. You have to press out air to pack, unpack and repack. That’s just another step we don’t have time for. Packing cubes do the same trick without the hassle of “air pressing."

So do packing cubes actually save space?

If you just want to save space and don’t care about organization, then you might benefit from using compression bags (or even just rolling). But for those who want organization while traveling, categorization and division is a necessity. Packing cubes are your best bet. You’ll get the best of both worlds: saving space and organization. Clear packing cubes are truly the best space-saving bags for travel.

But don’t just listen to us, let’s hear it from our customers!

“I hate packing for travel. I always tend to over pack. I thought I'd try the cubes to see if they would make a difference. And they did! After packing and weighing my suitcase, I decided to take out a few things. It was easy, because I didn't have to dig through my suitcase to get to what I wanted. The cubes came out, unzip, take out, zip up and back in. No refolding, rearranging to get everything back in. The cubes came out and went back in SO easily! Love them already and we haven't even left yet.”

  • - Nicki D.

“I purchased these for myself and my 2 year old twins and my husband for our month long trip to Greece! They saved my sanity! We did lots and lots of packing and unpacking as we went so many places in Greece! These kept not only myself and my husband organized but it was even better for all the little clothes and accessories and socks and shoes and bathing suits for the twins. I never had to wonder where something was or whose suitcase it was in - I always knew where to find it! Thanks for making the trip easier!!”

  • - Marika K.

“The more we use these packing cubes, the more we rave about them! They've simplified our packing and travel enormously. They keep us put together and not feeling like we're drowning in clutter halfway through the trip.”

  • - Elsie W.

“Packing for our two week trip to Sri Lanka was a breeze with our packing cubes! Everything had its place and it was so easy to pack up and change hotels! I knew exactly where to go when I needed to grab something- no hunting and pecking in the suitcase. I wasn't worried about leaving something behind bc I never had to unpack my entire suitcase! My husband said it made packing and living out of a suitcase a breeze as well!”

  • - Vicky W.

Not sold on these packing cubes yet? Check them out for yourselves here. 

Pro Tip: When ordering the Complete Bundle, choose the “two color option” and leave a note at checkout with the two colors you want. That way, you’ll be able to split up your suitcase by color. This makes for extra organization and color coordinating!

Have fun!


Do Packing Cubes Save Space?

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