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An Organized Suitcase: How to Use EzPacking Cubes as Traveling Drawers

An Organized Suitcase:

How to Use EzPacking Cubes as Traveling Drawers

Organized suitcase using blue packing cubes

It's every traveler's dirty little secret. Something you would never admit to. You'd rather be stopped by TSA, pay excess baggage fees, sit next to a baby, than admit you're guilty of this: There's nothing you hate more than packing for your trip. 

That as much as you're willing to trek for hours to watch the sunrise, fearlessly jump off cliffs, or eat bugs for dinner, you have to drag yourself to pack your own suitcase.

And all you can think about is, how nice it would be if bored billionaires can stop sending stuff to space and focus instead on the important stuff - like making a self-packing suitcase.

But until they get their priorities straight, here's an organized suitcase hack, so you can pack your clothes once, and never have to unpack until your return home.   

Functional Suitcase = Traveling Drawers

Different sizes of EzPacking cubes for an organized suitcase

If you want to have an organized luggage for your trip with breakneck speed, all you have to do is store your clothes into packing cubes one time. When you arrive at your destination, you don't have to unpack! Simply take out the cubes, open the zip and treat your cubes like traveling drawers. Just follow these simple steps to get started. 

Get rid of excess baggage

An open luggage with shoes and EzPacking cubes on the side

One of the reasons people hate packing is because it forces them to come face-to-face with all their extremely questionable shopping decisions - and why they have so many of them.

Which is why if you want to make packing for your trip an enjoyable experience, the first step is to get rid of your closet's excess baggage.

By ridding your closet of things you don't really need, you avoid having decision fatigue when it's time to pack for your trip, because each of your outfits are your favorites.

Simple clothes hanger with different types of shirts

An easy way to trim down your closet to its most stylish version is to follow Tim Gunn's method. In his book A Guide to Quality, Taste, & Style, the style guru suggests sorting your clothes into four piles:

1. The Soul-Stirring Pile. It doesn't have to be your most lavish item. If a pair of jeans makes you feel like your best self, it goes into this pile too.

2. The Repair Pile. Clothes that need to be repaired / fixed / hemmed. The items you haven't gotten repaired within five days of cleaning out your closet should go directly to The Give-Away Pile. No excuses.

3. The Give-Away Pile. The clothes you never wear. Period. List items from this pile on any of these fashion reselling sites for some extra cash.

4. The Throw-Out Pile. If you're uncertain which items go in this pile, remember, if "There is no reason to have something taking up space in your closet that does not make you feel good. These items must go."

The EzPacking Method

EzPacking Starter Set beside open luggage

This Starter Set of clear packing cubes is the go-to organizing system for frequent flyers when it comes to their suitcase, so should it be yours too. 

By using clear packing cubes to organize and de-clutter your closet, you're naturally training yourself to strategically pack your suitcase with absolute ease.

Which is especially helpful if you lead a nomadic lifestyle, like Amber and her munchkins from her travel blog, and want to make packing and unpacking at your place of accommodations a breeze.

Once you arrive at your destination, you can simply lay the cubes out on a flat surface, zip open the tops of the cubes, and 'voila'... you're unpacked!

“With EzPacking Cubes, you simply stack them to create a functional mobile closet, which you can as easily pack away when it's time to move on to your next destination.”

Separate packing cubes by category

EzPacking Starter Set for an organized luggage

The call of adventure can come at anytime, and there's nothing worse than not being packed (or organized) for it.

Wait, you know what, there is - realizing that you actually have to pack for it.

Preparing your suitcase a few days in advance (with the help of packing cubes) gives you no time to hate packing. 

Here's a sample packing list for all your different cubes:

Toiletries (Extra Small Packing Cube)

EzPacking toiletry bag for organizing toiletriesEzPacking cube for organizing toiletries

Most personal care products last for years, so you don't have to worry about keeping them in stock. Make sure to use TSA-approved, 3 ounce containers for all your toiletries. You can also include your prescription medication and first aid kit in this cube.







 Body Wash/Gel



 Shaving Cream


 Contact Lens Solution 

Technology or Gadgets (Extra Small Packing Cube

Cord and charger in Extra Small Cube

To keep your mobile devices from getting ruined while traveling, make sure to first check out this complete list of plug, socket, and voltage in different countries. 

 Chargers (computer / phone / tablet)

 Universal Adapter

 USB Cables

 Flash disk

 SD cards

 Extension socket

    Underwear, Socks, Bathing Suits, etc. (Small Packing Cube)

    Clear packing cube for organizing underwear and swimwear

    Clear packing cube with underwear and swimwear inside

    This size of packing cube is perfect for your undergarments, smaller clothing items, or even to store makeup! Decide what you could make the most use of. 

     Underwear / Undergarments

     Bras / Sports Bras


     Bathing Suits 

    Shirts, Shorts, Dresses, etc. (Medium Packing Cubes) 

    Medium-sized EzPacking cube for dressesMedium-sized EzPacking cube with dresses inside

    Depending on your destination and estimated length of stay, you can opt for two Medium Packing Cubes or a one Medium and one large packing cube. These cubes are perfect for:





      Jeans, Jackets, Sweaters, Long Sleeves, etc. (Large Packing Cube)

      Large packing cube for jeans, jackers and long-sleeve shirtsLarge EzPacking cube with jeans, jackers and long-sleeve shirts inside

      The largest of the them! Use this cube for your biggest and bulkiest items.




       Long Sleeves

       Workout Gear

      TRAVEL TIP: If you can wear your bulkiest sweater around your waist or place it in your carry on bag, you'll save tons of space in your suitcase!

      Woman putting EzPacking cubes inside luggage for organization

      Don't forget to include a laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate from your clean ones.

      Sharing a large suitcase

      This goes without saying, but how great would it be to take just one suitcase?

      You can order the Complete Bundle in 2 different colors, making it a breeze to organize your large suitcase while traveling.

      Grey and blue Packing cubes inside an organized suitcase

      Easily split a suitcase with your hubby, have the kids share, or split up your suitcase by winter and summer clothes if traveling for a long period of time. The kids will love having their "own color" and packing will become a fun activity for them!

      Packing cubes in pink and blue for an organized suitcase

      P.S. Want to learn more about packing cubes? Click here for a more detailed guideincluding the different types of travel cubes, the BEST brands to choose from and more!

      How to pack an organized suitcase
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