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Forget Me Not: A Simple Pre-Trip Checklist

Forget Me Not:

A Simple Pre-Trip Checklist

 A simple pre-trip checklist can make your travel stress-free

By now, you've probably read all the guidebooks, binge-watched every travel vlog, and followed every travel photographer on Instagram about your travel destination, right? But before you jet, go through our pre-trip checklist below to prepare for your vacation.

Pack your suitcase a week before your trip

Woman completing pre-trip checklist by packing suitcase week ahead of trip

If you're the type of person who solves every packing problem by telling yourself, “just bring both or bring them all”, this item should be at the top of your pre-trip checklist.

Pack your suitcase at least a week (or more) before your date of travel. Take everything you want. Yes. Everything.

Your bulky puffer jacket when you're going to the Maldives? Why not?

Your high heels when you're climbing the Machu Picchu? You never know, right?

Your high school yearbook? Can't leave home without it!

Then, counting down to the day of your trip - ruthlessly edit and remove items.

If the sight of your overpacked suitcase doesn't make you take out your high school yearbook, maybe the physical manifestation of your struggle to lug around such an unnecessarily heavy suitcase for your entire trip will.

To pare down your suitcase down to only your essentials, use clear packing cubes like EzPacking's Complete Bundle Set to organize your belongings, so you never overpack.

Secure your personal and financial information

Two women checking their smartphones to avoid identity theft

Prep your mobile devices

Being in a new place can be overwhelming. One minute you’re asking the waiter to bring you the check, and the next thing you know somebody's already swiped your phone. If only we were all Serena Williams.

But we're not. So, before you even think about leaving your home, make sure that all your mobile devices are travel-ready.

  • 1. Back up of your data. (iOS | Android)

  • 2. Layer on your device’s security features. (iOS | Android)

  • 3. Download anti-theft apps. (iOS | Android)

Get travel cards

Market and restaurant overseas, can be paid for using travel cards

Travel cards hit that sweet spot between the convenience of cash and the security of credit cards when paying for your travel expenses.

You can use them like you would an ATM - if you need cash, or swipe them in shops that accept credit / debit cards for quick transactions.

Why you should consider travel cards as your main mode of payment on your trip:

(1) The cards are not connected to your main bank account (so there's an added layer of protection against skimming scams, and (2) most cards offer lower foreign transaction fees. 

So why not consider applying for a travel card? Do this a few weeks before your trip.

Send your pets on a vacation too

Woman cuddling pet cat before leaving for trip

Leaving your pets alone for an extended period of time can negatively impact their behaviour, which can lead to anxiety and depression. So, if you have pets, arrange for them to have a vacation of their own while you're away on yours.

You can either leave them with your family & friends or look for a pet hotel,  so your fur baby can socialize with other fur babies as well.

Download our Free Closing Up the House Checklist here to ensure major packing success. Don't leave the house without doing these!

If you're looking for more information on things you need to do before your trip check out our other posts if you're traveling solo or traveling with your toddler.

Pre-trip checklist
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