April 2018 Customer of the Month – EzPacking, Inc
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April 2018 Customer of the Month

EzPacking April Customer of the Month

We are excited to start our Customer of the Month tradition! 

Our first Customer of the Month goes to Jenine HerrellCheck out our interview with Jenine below. Learn more about her and how she loves to use EzPacking.

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Where are you from?

Pflugerville, Texas

Why do you love EzPacking? Tell us about an experience you've had where EzPacking has saved the day.

I love them because they are sturdy, provide protection and organization, and are clear so that I can see exactly what's in each cube. I've purchased other packing cubes before but since discovering EzPacking Cubes, the other ones are now just gathering dust. 

We have three full sets of EzPacking Cubes - in green, turquoise, and royal blue

I started out with one set and then when I found out how much I loved them, I got the two other colors for our girls.  We took a road trip and our girls and I each packed our own things neatly packed away in each of our colors - green for my 15 year old, turquoise for my 13 year old, and the royal blue for myself.

What is your favorite size cube? What do you typically use it for?

I don't have an absolutely favorite size cube as we use them all.  However, the smallest cubes (the extra small) is just so adorable!  I tend to pack either jewelry in them, or put small electronics in them to keep them separate and to spread them across the suitcase.

Any last words you want to share with us?

We've taken our three sets of EzPacking Cubes on several road trips, a few week-end cross-country trips, an extended trip touring around Europe, and a week long trip to Maui.  They've held up marvelously! We also have taken EzPacking laundry bags, shoe bags, and duffles. The expandable duffle was a life-saver when it came time to bring home souvenirs.

Jenine shared some of her photos with us!

Check out her suitcase packed for her 2 daughters and herself. 

How Jenine uses EzPacking cubes for her daughter's suitcase
Thanks for being the customer of the month Jenine!
You now have access to these fun prizes.

Customer of the Month Rewards:

An Exclusive Interview on our Blog 

Social Media Feature

$50 gift card to EzPacking

20% Discount for a year!

Much love,

- The EzPacking Team 

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