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3 Travel Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing Right Now

3 Travel Mistakes

You Need to Stop Doing Right Now

Woman putting up her hand to say stop doing these travel mistakes

It doesn't matter whether you're a rookie traveler or a seasoned jetsetter, travel mistakes happen even to the best of us.

Do it once, and you've gained experience as a traveler. Do it twice, and really? Here are the most common travel mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Travel Mistake #1 - Overpacking 

Man committing a travel mistake by overpacking or bringing too many suitcases

In this age of Instagram, it's so tempting to style all your travel snaps like you're in a photoshoot. So you pack according to Rachel Zoe's mantra of "options, options, options" and the next thing you know, you're lugging around an overpacked suitcase throughout your trip. It's one travel problem that most rookies commit.

But don't worry, there are ways to stay on top of your fashion game while traveling without taking your entire closet with you. All you have to do is follow these smart packing tips:

Make a packing list

Woman avoiding overpacking by making a checklist of essential items

Aside from making sure you don't forget to bring your wallet or chargers with you, writing a list is also helpful when traveling as a group. You can make extra space in your suitcase of items that you can share, such as toiletries or snacks that might overlap.

You can also download one of our free packing lists here.

Use Packing Cubes

Avoiding overpacking travel mistake by using packing cubes

Because of their see-through design, clear packing cubes like EzPacking's Starter Set makes you better aware of your suitcase's available reality. This prompts you to pack smarter and bring only what you really need (and leave behind what doesn’t fit inside the cubes).

Style Your Outfits Around Your Shoes

Complete outfit ideas planned around shoes

Shoes are among the bulkiest items you're going to pack for your trip and can easily take up your entire suitcase. So it's a better strategy to bring only a couple of pairs and style your clothes around them.

You can also further edit your outfit choices by sticking to one color scheme (monochromatic, pastels, primary) or styling around a theme (boho, nautical, French chic). That way, you'll only take the clothes that fit your fashion vision.

Make your carry-on work for you

Different sizes of EzPacking cubes for carry-on bag

To get a highly-functional-TSA-approved-ready-for-anything carry-on, organize your carry-on with one Small Packing Cube and two Extra Small Packing Cubes.

Separate your bag's content by category, for example, one cube can have travel documents and chargers, while another can have your overnight kit of medicine, toiletries, food and extra set of clothes.

Organizing your carry-on with packing cubes not only creates more space in your checked suitcase, it also provides you with a Plan B in case your luggage gets lost.

Travel Mistake #2 - Forgetting the Fees

Forgotten fees during traveling

Half the fun of going on a trip is planning for it. But as careful as you are to dot the I’s and cross the T’s, sometimes it's the most obvious things that you tend to forget - until it puts a big dent in your post-trip budget. So don't forget to do these things before leaving for your trip:

Make a friendly visit to the bank

Piggy bank on white background

You don't want to come back from your trip with more foreign transaction fees than souvenirs, right? So don't forget to ask about how much your card will be charged if you use it abroad. Or better yet, get a prepaid travel card.

Beware of roaming fees

Man using smartphone while on flight

Roaming fees are like the ninjas of your phone bill, they attack your wallet without you even knowing. So if you don't want to get stuck with a $10,000 phone bill, check out these tips on how to prep your phone for traveling abroad.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Money and bank passbook for paying bills

If you're traveling for an extended period of time, consider subletting your apartment to take care of your ongoing bills (rent, electricity, cable, internet) while you're away unschooling your kids, soul searching, or just seeing the world.

Travel Mistake #3 - Safety As An Afterthought

Ground with large spray painted "Caution"

Sadly, travel safety gets lost in the excitement of going on a trip and it can instantly put a damper on your well-planned holiday. You can travel more safely by following these simple tips:

Learn about the culture

Different cultures around the world

While you can simply laugh off cultural faux pas as an honest tourist mistake in most countries, it can land you in jail in others. So if you don't want to spend your holiday behind bars, check this list of social error travelers make abroad and avoid doing them.

Always Protect Your Identity

Man using Macbook in the dark

Falling prey to identity theft while traveling is much more common that you think. The most recent statistics show that 9% of travelers have personally experienced identity theft, while 21% know someone else who has.

If you plan to use public wifi often, it might be a good idea to take serious precaution to protect yourself from identity theft and purchase an expressVPN. 

Sleep Easy in Airbnbs

Person hiding under the bed covers

Airbnbs blew up in the last couple of years, as they provide travelers with that balanced mix of home-y and funky accommodation for hostel prices.

Even Beyonce checked into one.

But before you do anything that Yonce wouldn't, check out this detailed research study on the safety of Airbnbs based from stories told by actual guests.

So before checking in:

  • Thoroughly research the place by checking and comparing reviews from a variety of sources.

  • If you know anyone from the place you’re visiting, ask them if they can check the listing out for you. You can also use Google Street View to check its location.

  • Only book with verified accounts.

If you're guilty of any of these travel mistakes, don’t forget to checkout our other articles: Items You Need when Vacationing With Kids and Do These Things First Before Traveling Overseas.

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