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How to Use Travel Cubes for Backpacks

How to Use Travel Cubes for Backpacks

Father using travel cubes for backpack
Are you a family of backpackers? Would you rather have all your necessities in a backpack? If you answered yes to both questions, you might be familiar with the struggles of disorganized backpacking.

Stuffing everything you need inside your backpack? It’s a big no-no, especially for backpacking families!

That’s why we recommend using travel cubes for backpacks. Find out how you can effectively use packing cubes for backpack organization.

Ideal sizes travel cubes for backpacks

Turquoise packing cubes for travel backpack

Before purchasing packing cubes, find out the dimensions of your backpack. While a majority of large packing cubes fit well in suitcases, we can’t say the same for backpacks. Once you know the dimensions of your backpack, you can match the appropriate size of packing cubes to it.

Extra Small Packing Cube - EzPacking’s extra small packing cube measures just 6 inches by 6 inches. It’s a great size for organizing toiletries, hiking essentials and other travel size items in your travel backpack. Lots of families like to purchase a few extra of this size!  

Turquoise extra small packing cube for organizing toiletries in a backpack

Small Packing Cube - EzPacking’s small packing cube measures 10.3 inches by 6 inches in length. This size is great for organizing clothes or undergarments. It will fit in almost all travel backpacks and is a great size to stack next to one other (seen below). You could fit 3 to 4 of this size in a smaller backpack like this one from Osprey or organize 5 to 7 of these cubes in a larger travel backpack like this Royal Blue 40 L High Sierra. Check out how XO Livi stacked her Small Cubes in her diaper backpack below!  You can use this idea for any backpack.

Best way to pack a backpack

Medium Packing Cube - EzPacking’s medium packing cube measures 12 inches by 10.3 inches in length. It’s actually your safest bet if looking for a bigger-size cube - especially for normal size travel backpacks. This size is great for organizing outfits for your trip, separating by season and packing like items together. For a larger travel backpack, we recommend using 2 to 3 Medium Cubes. Check out how Becky from Organizing Made Fun organized more than 10 shirts into 1 Medium Cube below!  

Best packing cubes for backpacking backpackers

Large Packing Cube - EzPacking’s large packing cube measures 16 inches by 10.3 inches in length. Since this is the largest of packing cube sizes, you have to be careful. This size can usually fit in most travel backpacks, but the question is if you should use it. You could use 1 large packing cube and a few other small cubes, but you’ll end up using less cubes. Do you want your items separated into more cubes or less cubes? For the ultimate organized backpack, we recommend more cubes in smaller sizes.  

Turquoise packing cube for backpacks organizer

Remember: There’s no one ideal size packing cube for all backpacks. Measure the dimensions of your backpack to find out how many cubes can fit. It’s all about trial and error!

How to use packing cubes in a backpack

How to use travel cubes for backpacks

Confused on how to use travel cubes for backpacking? We’re here to help! Aside from measuring the dimensions and matching parts, the process is practically the same when using packing cubes for suitcases. Below are some tips and tricks you can try when using packing cubes for backpacks.

1. First things first, measure the dimensions of your backpack! 

Finally, a use for that ancient measuring tape you have! Match the dimensions of your backpack with the ideal packing cube sizes.

Our recommendation: Two medium cubes, two small cubes and one extra small cube. You can always add more cubes to your stash as needed.

2. Invest in a packing cube set. 

You will save money with the Starter Set or Complete Bundle. So if you’re planning on re-using these cubes for future travels, then it’s worth it to invest in a set. But only take the necessary cubes for your backpacking trip! Also, why wouldn’t you use these in the future? If you really don’t need the whole set, then you can purchase the individual cubes you need separately.  

3. Lay items on bed & separate by category. 

Categorize the cubes by outfit or by type of item. For example, all t-shirts and blouses in one small cube. All pants, jeans, shorts in another. It’s up to you how you want to separate your items! If you know your outfits ahead of time, then separate by outfits. If it’s a longer trip and you’ll be mixing and matching items, then pack like items together.

How to use packing cubes for backpacks

4. Pack specific cubes with certain items! 

Use the rolling method for wrinkle-resistant clothes and the folding method for wrinkle-easy clothes. Medium cubes are best for packing casual shirts, leggings, and shorts. Small cubes are good for packing underwear, socks, bras and sleepwear. Extra small cubes can be used for storing toiletries, cosmetics or even your carry-on bag valuables.

Travel cubes for backpacking

5. Organize largest to smallest packing cubes inside your backpack. 

EzPacking cubes can be stored vertically or horizontally (unlike other brands). We recommend you store heavier items that you don’t need as much during your trip (or flight) at the bottom of the backpack. Fitting each cube into your backpack might take some time, it’s like a game of Tetris! But once you figure out the right puzzle pieces for your specific backpack, you’re done. Take a picture for the way home!

You’ll most likely have random spaces left over in your backpack too! Don’t forget to utilize these in-between spaces with shoes, toiletries and other travel organizers like the ones below.  

Other backpack organizers you can use

Gray backpack with different travel organizers inside

EzPacking Cubes let you stay organized while also maximizing your backpack space.

Utilize other backpack organizers to help better organization the rest of your backpack. Try the EzPacking shoe bag for storing your shoes and avoiding getting clean items dirty in your backpack. For techies, purchase a separate gadget organizer to keep your items in one place, especially cords and chargers. Below are some other types of backpack organizers you can use:

✓ Molle Pocket Organizer - This type of organizer can be attached in the external part of your backpack. You can then use it as additional storage for smaller items like pens or a first aid kit. We recommend the 3V Gear Molle Pocket Organizer.

✓ Shirt Insert / Safety Wallet  -. If you want to keep your money, cards and passport extra safe when traveling (and not in a clear cube), this passport holder from 4th Voucher has RFID Blocking is useful for the safekeeping all your important items.


The best backpacking backpacks we recommend for packing cubes

Woman with backpack organized using travel cubes

Backpacking across Europe? Hiking in the mountains of Nepal? Having the right backpack (or rucksack as some call it) really matters! There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a backpack. If you’re planning on city sightseeing, your backpack needs might be different from a trip trekking the mountains. Other important things to consider are your body size, duration of travel and your planned activities.

Here’s our top 5 recommended backpacks:

1. Osprey Farpoint - Osprey is considered the holy grail rucksack for backpackers who love packing cubes! Their best-selling version is the Farpoint which comes in various sizes. We’re a fan of their 40 liter backpack which fits within airlines’ carry-on standards! The backpack exterior is made from ripstop material, making it extremely resistant to tears.

Another reason we love this bag is the front panel opening (it opens just like a suitcase and is perfect for pulling out packing cubes). They come in different sizes (match to your torso height) so it can work for both men and women. But Osprey recently launched a version for women called the Osprey Fairview.

Packing Cubes we recommend for this backpack:

2 Small Cubes, 2 Extra Small Cubes

2. Osprey Aether - Planning on doing lots of hiking with your backpack? You’ll need a larger and more high capacity backpack like the Osprey Aether. This version comes in 65 liter and 70 liter versions. Again, you should choose a size according to your torso height to make sure it fits you. This one’s geared towards outdoor travelers and features a traditional top loading opening. The good news is, you do have bottom and side access to the inside. This rucksack also has anti-gravity technology so the heavy load is transferred to your hips. It also has a mesh panel in the back for breathability. Here’s a similar version specifically for women!

Packing Cubes we recommend for this backpack:

2 Medium Cubes, 2 Small Cubes, 1 Extra Small Cube

3. Kelty 40 L Redwing - Another great option for a carry-on backpacks. First off, the backpack is aesthetically beautiful. It comes in 3 colors (we recommend the twilight blue). Aside from the clam-shell opening, this bag also has top loading access. You’ll also get lots of pockets to fit your knick knacks in. The large size allows even our largest packing cube to fit inside. For comfort, you’ll have mesh back panels and a lumbar pad to transfer the weight to your hips. It’s also the cheapest option (under $130) on this list so a good option for those on a budget!

Packing Cubes we recommend for this backpack:

1 Medium Cube, 2 Small Cubes, 1 Extra Small Cube

4. Deuter ACT Trail - The Deuter ACT Trail Pro 40 Backpack is a traditional hiking backpack. It comes with the classic top loading drawstring feature. You’ll also get lots of pockets and an additional rain cover. It doesn’t necessarily fit within carry-on standards (it possibly could when not packed to the brim). But if you’re looking for a larger backpack for hiking or trekking, it’s a great option. The padded back panel, hip belt and straps helps retain comfort during treks.

Packing Cubes we recommend for this backpack:

2 Medium Cubes, 2 Small Cubes, 2 Extra Small Cube.

5. Gregory Baltoro -  For those who just can’t travel light, the Gregory Baltoro 65 Liter Backpack is for you. It is perhaps one of the best backpacks for hiking. It has the technology that allows the bag to adjust to the body’s angle. So even when you’re on the move, the weight of the bag is evenly distributed to your hips! You also have top loading access and a U-zipper in front (so you can access things in the middle without going through the top). Other nice features are a detachable day pack and added rain cover. Gregory backpacks come at a higher price but for the quality, you can’t complain!

Packing Cubes we recommend for this backpack:

2 Medium Cubes, 2 Small Cubes, 1 Extra Small Cube.

Now it’s time to figure out how many cubes you’ll need for your backpack! Remember, using travel cubes for backpacks is essentially the same as using travel cubes for your suitcase.

Check out the various sizes and colors of EzPacking Cubes here.

We would LOVE to see your backpacking photos using EzPacking. Send us your travel photos to to be featured.

Happy Backpacking!

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