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What to Pack for Hawaii: Packing List for Families for 1 Week

What to Pack for Hawaii:

One Week Packing List for Families

Cute girl smiling on Hawaii beach
Hawaii is home to stunning beaches, volcanoes and rainforests. You certainly won’t regret a trip to this island of paradise! Whether it’s for some alone time or an adventure, Hawaii is perfect for all types of wanderlusting. The question is, do you have everything covered for a trip to the aloha state? If you still don’t know what to pack for your Hawaii trip, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll cover everything you need to know about packing for Hawaii.

Guide on what things to pack for Hawaii

Packing for Hawaii is more laidback… You won’t need to worry about formal outfits, unless you have a wedding to attend! Follow along for all your Hawaiian trip essentials!

Carry-On Bag Essentials:

What to pack in carry-on bag for Hawaii

Travel Documents - US citizens aren’t required to present their passport when flying to Hawaii (it’s a US state after all). You still need to bring a government-issued ID though (make sure it’s Real ID compliant). Same goes for cruises to Hawaii as long as the ship doesn’t sail beyond the state. Other travel documents such as flight tickets, itinerary and hotel bookings should also be in your carry-on bag! Take screenshots of everything so you have double copies on your phone.

Chargers - Don’t forget your charger for each of your electronic devices! Keep them all organized in a clear packing cube.

Medications - Use an extra small cube for storing and organizing your medications and first aid essentials. Keep prescription medicines in their original bottles to avoid being questioned by security!

Earphones / Headphones - They don’t always give out free earphones during the flight so bring your own!

Valuables - Your wallet, jewelry, keys and any other valuable items you can’t risk losing. Use this convenient travel jewelry roll to keep your favorite jewelry pieces safe and in place.

Extra Change of Clothes - Bathing suit, hat and change of clothes… Be prepared in case your checked luggage gets lost!

Toiletries - Bring a travel size toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash and moisturizer so you can freshen up while on the flight. Use a TSA approved clear toiletry bag to keep these organized and move through security quickly!

What toiletries to pack for Hawaii trip

Neck Pillow We like this discreet scarf pillow that supports your head and neck fully while dozing off!

Pen - In case you need to fill out forms during your trip. Try this key ring pen which conveniently hooks to your keychain!

Checked Bag Essentials:

Packing Cubes / Organization

Clear cubes for organizing suitcase for Hawaii trip

Organization, categories, color coding… Love the sound of these?

✓ Make sure you get yourself (and the family) each a set of EzPacking Clear Packing Cubes to organize their clothes, toiletries and shoes.  

Laundry Bags - Keep clean away from dirty with these easy drawstring turquoise laundry bags for each family member. Dumping the blue bags into the laundry will be easy peasy upon returning home!


What clothes to pack for Hawaii

Underwear / Bras / Socks - Pack 1 to 2 per day of your Hawaiian vacation. For the ladies, we recommend seamless underwear since you’ll be strutting skirts and sundresses. Pack 2 to 3 bras or sports bras if you plan on being more active. You can also bring a few socks (3 to 4 pairs) if you plan on hiking and wearing sneakers.

Swimwear - Time for some fun in the sun! For the ladies, check out this floral printed bikini. Men can sport comfy swim trunks or board shorts, here’s a pair we like! Pack at least 2 bathing suits for each person.

Rash Guard - Added protection for when you’re doing activities like surfing or snorkeling. We like this rash guard for women and this version for men (it has UPF 50+).

Beach Coverup - Must have when lounging around or by the beach. We like this flowy knit one from Wander Agio!

Sundresses (for the ladies) - Preferably in cotton or rayon materials because the Hawaiian heat can be uncomfy. Maxi flowy dresses like this one fit the Hawaiian climate well! Plus, you can dress them down or up depending on your shoes and jewelry!  

Tank Tops / Shirts - Lightweight tank tops or shirts are good for sightseeing, day to day activities. Bring 4 to 5 shirts.

Shorts - Pack 2 to 3 pairs of shorts for beach, pool or out in the town.

Leggings - Pack 2 pairs of leggings for lounging around the hotel, working out in the gym (on vacation?!) or going hiking.

Waterproof Light Jacket - Must have if you’re visiting Hawaii during the rainy season or you’re planning on some hiking. Make sure it’s hooded like this one for the ladies and this one for guys.

Light Sweater - Additional item to pack if you’re planning on trekking at higher elevations. Try out this pullover hoodie from Adidas for the ladies.

Activewear - A must have if you’re planning on doing outdoor activities during your trip. Pack some quick dry shirts and jogger or yoga pants (for women).

Pajamas - Pack for warm and cold… Depending on the air conditioner and weather, you just never know!


Shoes and other things to bring on Hawaii trip

Water Shoes - Some beaches in Hawaii (like Waikiki) are rocky. It helps to have water shoes to avoid getting cuts on your feet.

Flip Flops - Pack 1 pair of comfy flip flops for lounging around the pool or beach.

Athletic / Walking Shoes - You’ll need 1 good pair of walking shoes for sightseeing activities and when going into town.

Dressy Shoes - A pair of nude strappy sandals for the ladies and nicer sneakers for men are perfect for more dressy nights.

Kid Gear

Kiddie gear packed for Hawaii vacation

Baby Carrier - A must when traveling from place to place! This one is super comfy and won’t break your back after 30 minutes.

All Purpose Mat (foldable) - We like this portable mat that folds into a compact size. It even comes with a pouch that you can hook onto your bag! Can be used for diaper changing to cover for the floor, or as a beach blanket - so versatile!

Wipes - Wipes are super handy for diaper changes and sanitizing baby’s hands. Opt for organic baby wipes since your baby’s skin is so sensitive and delicate.

Swim Diapers - Essential for babies that aren’t potty trained yet! You can go for either disposable ones or reusable ones.

Regular Diapers - Pack some regular diapers to last you for a day or two (you can buy more in Hawaii) and save space in your suitcase.

Baby Sunscreen - Finding a hypoallergenic, organic and reef-friendly sunscreen for your baby is tough… Luckily we found one for you!

Floaties - A life vest or an inflatable floatie works best for kids aged 2 and below. For kids older than 2 years old, we like this swim vest with arm band design!

Formula - For moms who aren’t breastfeeding, pack some formula that will last you for a few days. Again, you can always purchase more once you reach the aloha state.

Milk Bottles / Sippy Cup - Pack 2 to 3 milk bottles and 1 sippy cup!  Also, don’t forget a bottle cleanser.


Toiletries inside clear toiletry bag

Reef-Safe Sunscreen - For parents and older kids, bring a separate (but still reef-friendly) sunscreen. We recommend this sunscreen by Solid Sun Logistics. It has SPF 50, reef friendly and naturally made! You can also purchase more sunscreen in Hawaii (which locals appreciate since they aren’t too keen on harsh sunscreens that damage corals).

Insect Repellent - Must have when you’re planning on doing hiking or visiting botanical and rainforest areas. This is a good insect repellent and they also have various sizes (including a TSA friendly one).

UV Hair Protection Serum - The harsh sun + salty water isn’t a good combo for your hair! If you want to avoid a frizzy, tangled mess, check out this UV leave-in conditioner spray for after the beach!

Lightweight Moisturizer - Moisturizing the skin is so important. But when you’re in a tropical climate, oil-based moisturizers can be too heavy and sticky. Instead, opt for water-based, gel moisturizers which absorb easily but still provide moisture to your skin. We like this Hada Labo Tokyo facial gel cream. There’s also some water-based moisturizers from drugstore brands like L’Oreal and Neutrogena.

Lip Balm With SPF - If you have really chapped lips, that can be aggravated by the Hawaiian heat. Try this intense therapy lip balm from Jack Black!

Shampoo + Conditioner - If your hair is damaged or colored, bring your own UV protecting shampoo and conditioner!

Toothbrush + Toothpaste - Pack a travel size one that fits within TSA standards!

Deodorant - Pack a heavy duty deodorant if you’re sweaty. But for our eco-loving friends, here’s a natural deodorant that’s sure to keep your armpits smelling fresh.

Soap / Body Wash - Not really a necessity since the hotel provides this or you can buy locally.

Facial Wash - Again, something light and gel based like this one from Simple!

Cosmetics - Pack just a few basics like tinted moisturizer, bronzer, and blush. Opt for a lip tint (they’re more natural looking). And don’t forget to pack a waterproof mascara!

Disposable Razor - For those smooth and silky beach legs!

Hair Brush / Comb - A detangler brush works best for many hair types!

Cotton Buds / Q Tips  - A must to keep your ears dry and clean after swimming at the beach! Pack a few in your toiletry bag.

Tampons / Pads - Looking for environment friendly alternatives? We found these organic tampons that work just as well as commercial tampons (without all the chemicals).

First Aid Kit

First aid kit for Hawaii trip

Prescription Medicines - Bring your prescription medicines in their original bottles. It might be hard to purchase them in Hawaii.

Pain Relievers - Bring some Advil and Motrin (for the kids) in case of headaches or fevers.

Motion Sickness Relief - Helps to be prepared especially if you have planned road trips or boat rides in Hawaii. These wristbands are great for preventing motion sickness. You can also pack some ginger chews in case motion sickness has already begun.

After Bite Relief - Helps to stop the itching from insect bites!

Allergy Medicines - If you or a family member is prone to allergies, it’s also best to pack an anti-allergy medicine.

Band Aids - We like this assorted band aid set since they’re waterproof (good for beach destinations).

Aloe Vera - In case someone in the family gets a little sunburn, aloe vera gel is a great itching and pain reliever. 

Beach Essentials

Beach essentials for Hawaii trip

Hat - A must for added protection from the sun! For the ladies, we love this packable straw hat that folds into a compact size when not in use.

Sunglasses - Ideally UV polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun!

Turkish Towel - It’s less bulky and quick to dry compared to a regular towel.

Beach Blanket - We recommend this sand-resistant and waterproof beach blanket (it’s machine washable too).

Day Bag - Our medium packing cube is the perfect beach tote bag! It’s water resistant and has an easy-grip handle. The see-through design allows you to see what’s inside too!


What to pack for Hawaii
**Love this photo taken by @milaharik before her beach vacation!

Underwater Camera - We like this underwater camera which is lightweight and has a slot for an SD card. It’s more expensive than a disposable waterproof camera but takes better photos that don’t have to be developed.

Ebook Reader / Tablet - The perfect entertainment options during your relaxation days in Hawaii.

Waterproof Phone Case - For underwater fun! This one works for different smartphones (including android phones).

Floatie Phone Strap - So you don’t risk losing your phone in the water!

Mini Binoculars - Great addition when you’re into bird or whale watching! But also works for those going to Hawaii via cruise or those touring volcanoes.

Power Strip - You’ll be charging your gadgets more than you think (especially cameras and smartphones) so bring your own power strip for the whole family to share!

Reusable Water Bottle - Opt for a stainless steel thermo bottle so your drinks can stay cold all day (crucial in the Hawaiian heat). Also, make sure to empty the bottle before going through airport security!

Map (screenshots) of Islands - This depends on which islands you’re visiting. But Google is your friend, just download maps offline so you’ll have a guide even without internet.

what to pack for hawaii best jewelry organizer bag

Travel Jewelry Roll - Keep your jewelry organized, compact and safe in this cute grey and turquoise jewelry roll up!

Hair Ties / Scrunchies - Something to keep the hair out of your face! We love these ouchless scrunchies from Goody. If you’re rocking the short haired look, bring a few fabric headbands like this floral one that just screams aloha.

Small Purse / Bag - A dressy purse or bag for nights out in the town or just to dinner!

Waterproof Waist Strap / Fanny Pack (Optional) - Not a necessity unless you’re planning on snorkeling or diving as a whole family. A waterproof waist strap keeps your valuables dry on the beach or the pool.

Hooray! Now you’re ready for your Hawaiian vacation. This packing list is ideal for families, couples or even solo travelers going to Hawaii.

You can also download the Free Printable Hawaii Packing List for Families here.

Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! Aloha!

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