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Medium Packing Cube

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Medium Packing Cube - Clear Stadium Bag

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The Medium Cube is perfect for organizing t-shirts, shorts and other smaller items for travel. It’s also the ideal clear stadium bag for when you want to bring items into an NFL stadium or a concert.

Capacity: Our Medium Cube can fit 10 to 15 casual shirts. Depending on your size, you can even sneak in a few lightweight bottoms (like leggings or shorts). As a clear stadium tote, it can fit snacks, water, rain jackets, umbrellas, a small towel and even a change of clothes!

Clear stadium bag from all angles

How Our Customers Use the Medium Packing Cube:

  • Organizing Casual Wear: The Medium Cube packs 15 casual tops! Women can easily fit 10 tank tops, 5 shirts, 3 blouses and a few shorts. Depending on your clothing size, you may be able to pack even more into the cube! It is perfect for organizing a carry on suitcase, backpack, duffle bag or checked bag.

  • Clear Stadium Bag: With security getting stricter for games and concerts, new stadium requirements have been put in place. Easily pass through stadium security at your next concert or NFL game with our stadium approved clear tote bag! Just under stadium requirements (12” x 12” x 6”), use this clear game day bag to bring in all you need. Pack snacks, sunscreen, water, a small towel, rain jackets and umbrellas. The easy-grip handle makes it easy to store under stadium seats too.

  • Organizing Craft Supplies: Do you love crochet or quilting? Our Medium Size Cube can hold all your supplies like yarns and pattern boards!

  • Building a Modular Backpack: Want an easy way to organize your backpack? Use a Medium Packing Cube! It’s the best tool for building modular kits for your backpack. Separate your kits by category like your toiletries, clothes, gadgets, etc.

Pink packing cube with and without clothes

Product Features:

  • Spectacular color selection for easy color coordinating.

  • Reinforced stitching, reinforced handle and a double zipper mean this bag will last you for a long time.

  • Easy-grip handle for use as game or stadium bag.

  • Transparent design so you can find what you need in an instant.

Gray medium packing cube with and without clothes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it waterproof? While not completely waterproof, our cubes can resist water splashes or drops. With the easy-grip handle, you can use them as a tote bag for the pool or the beach.

Will it fit in most luggages or backpacks? Our Medium Packing Cube is the ideal solution for organizing luggage and backpacks. Its dimensions fit in most carry-on or checked luggages as well as travel backpacks.

What’s the difference between these cubes and other mesh cubes? EzPacking cubes are made from stiffer cordura and vinyl. They hold their shape firmly unlike other mesh cubes. They’re also stronger and more resistant to tears or abrasions. And best of all, you can SEE what’s inside!

How to clean? Use a wet rag or wipes to remove dirt and stains from your Medium Packing Cube. It’s that simple!

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 12” L  x 10.3” W x 4” H

  • Weight: 5.7 Ounces

  • Hand Wash

  • Material Handle

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