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Travel Laundry Bag

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Travel Laundry Bag

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Reign in the sock orphans and underwear escapees! Separate the clean from the dirty in this travel-sized, foldable laundry bag. Its bright hue makes it easy to spot even in the messiest suitcases!

Capacity: Our travel laundry bag can fit 7 to 10 days worth of dirty clothes! The lighter the clothes, the more you can fit. For thicker and bulkier clothes (like jackets and sweaters), plan on fitting two or three. This dirty clothes bag is the ideal size for traveling and is not as big as a large laundry bag like the ones we use at home!

Different Ways of Using Our Travel Laundry Bag:

  • Travel Dirty Clothes Bag: This is the perfect dirty clothes bag to use for travel. Its compact and lightweight features allow you to store it folded in practically any bag or suitcase. Take out the laundry bag after a long day out and stuff in dirty clothes. Keep your clean clothes in our packing cubes to separate odors and bacteria.

  • Dorm Room Laundry Bag: Use this compact laundry bag for the dorm! Fill it with a few days’ worth of clothes. Pack in some detergent and fabric conditioner before lugging it to the nearest laundromat.

  • Dirty Shoes Holder: Used your shoes for a muddy hiking trip? Protect your delicate clothing items from dirt using our foldable laundry bag. It can hold larger rubber shoes or hiking boots (not to mention smaller shoes as well, but you may want our Shoe Bag for that)!

  • Stuffed Toys Bag: Got some old stuffed toys hanging around? Store them inside our laundry bag to avoid dust accumulation and store them in a closet

Product Features:

  • Durable double stitching for long-term use.

  • Lightweight and can be folded when not in use and held in place by elastic strap.

  • Perfect size for travel, easy to fit in carry-on bags or backpacks.

  • Bright color that doesn’t bleed in the wash.

  • Drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close the laundry bag. This is a durable low tech solution that won’t break when you need it most. Additionally, the drawstring allows you to use this as a hanging laundry bag.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use? Once you have soiled clothes, pull out the dirty laundry bag and let it expand to its full size before stuffing with clothes. Lay all clothes flat before putting inside to maximize space!

How to store when not in use? Fold the drawstring laundry bag into itself until it’s a compact size. Use the elastic band to secure the laundry bag before placing it inside your suitcase or backpack. It’s so small even overpackers can find space for it inside their bags!

Is it washer and dryer safe? Yes, it’s a washable laundry bag! You can wash it along with your dirty clothes (no worries about the fabric color bleeding). It’s dryer safe too but use the lowest heat setting to avoid shrinking the bag.

How many clothes can it carry? Our travel laundry bag can fit around 7 to 10 days of clothes (depending on your size). Perfect for that weekend vacation or short Disneyland trip! Fold clothes before stuffing them inside the bag so you can pack more.

Is it waterproof? Our dirty clothes bag isn’t meant for holding wet clothes. You can instead use a plastic bag for wet items before placing them inside the travel laundry bag.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions (Unfolded) - 22” Tall x 16” Wide

  • Dimensions (Folded) - 5.5" Tall x 2.25" Wide

  • Weight - 1.8 Ounces

  • Washable (Washer & Dryer)

  • Drawstring Closure