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Shoe Bag

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Travel Shoe Bag

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Don’t let dirty soles enter your clean suitcase! Keep the dirt off your personal belongings by using our travel shoe bag. Perfect for a pair of sandy beach sandals, muddy running shoes or any other dirty sole. Our shoe dust bag comes with a drawstring feature. When not in use, fold along the creases and tie together using the elastic band for easy storage in your suitcase or at home.

Capacity: Our travel shoe pouch can fit 1 large men’s shoes or 2 medium-size women’s shoes. It can also hold 2 to 3 pairs of sandals or flip flops.

Here are Other Ways of Using Our Drawstring Shoe Bag:

  • Travel Shoe Pouch: Avoid contaminating your clean travel items! Use our drawstring pouch when traveling (especially when you’re bringing several pairs of shoes).

  • Sneaker Bag: Are you a certified sneakerholic? Protect your precious collection from dust or insects using our drawstring shoe bag. It can comfortably fit 1 to 2 pairs of sneakers!

  • Mini Laundry Bag: An EzPacking customer shared this unique use for our travel shoe bag! Designate one shoe bag for each kid to use as their own mini laundry bag. Takes the hassle out of segregating laundry!

  • Shoe Dust Bag for Home: Sick and tired of dust ruining your favorite pair of heels? Cover them with our shoe bag before placing them inside cabinets or shoe racks.

  • Gym Shoe Bag: Going to the gym? You can keep a backup pair of shoes (placed inside our shoe bag) in your bag to use after your sweat session.

Product Features:

  • Sensational turquoise hue for that stand-out vibe.

  • Drawstring top for fail-proof dirt protection (of your other items).

  • Foldable into a compact size and comes with elastic band for security.

  • Lightweight and easy to store while not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much fits inside our travel shoe pouch? Fits a large pair of men’s shoes, sneakers or rubber shoes. It can comfortably fit multiple pairs of sandals, flip flops or two pairs of medium-sized shoes.

Why does our travel shoe bag rock? Because it does the job at an affordable price! It’s more economical and environment friendly than a regular plastic bag because you can reuse it over and over again. After each trip, toss it in the wash to clean it!

Is it waterproof? No. Please do not store wet items in the shoe bag as the liquid will leak into your bag.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions (Unfolded): 15" Long x 12" Wide

  • Dimensions (Folded): 3.75" Long x 2.25" Wide x .5" Thick

  • Weight - 1.1 Ounces

  • Washable

  • Drawstring Closure