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Clothes Organization Ideas (2023): Best Ways to Organize Your Closet

Posted by Dianne Chen on
Clothes organization ideas

Let's be 100% honest here - who else loves being organized, but hates organizing? Especially if you have to do the same space over and over again. The worse part is -- you need to deal with it all the time.

If only there's a way in which you could take a two-day break from sorting and keeping things in order, without your house quickly descending into an unorganized chaos. If only there's a "set it and forget it" system that would leave rooms in the house organized but sadly, those DIY organizing systems aren't cheap.

Luckily, the Internet is a place for life-changing hacks and the best part is -- it's not very expensive, some are even for free! Here are our favorite clothes organization ideas for managing a messy closet!


Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

closet organization using packing cubes

**Thanks to Home Made by Carmona for this photo!

There are many ways to organize a closet but none of them as easy and doable as these tips that we have prepared just for you. You can finally achieve that ultimate wardrobe makeover you've been wanting to have when you follow these tips.

Tip #1 - Hang bags on the door using hooks

hanging purse

Whether you're a bag collector or not, seeing totes everywhere is not a pleasant sight. So how do you solve this without burning a dime? The answer is simple! Ransack your toolbox, find a hook, and attach it to the inside of your closet door. This will not only help you organize your purses but also, it will offer a wider space for your clothes, shoes, and other collections. A very easy (and cheap) closet organizer idea!

Tip #2 - Utilize drawers to sort garments

folded clothes organized in a drawer with folding board

**Thanks to Tracy Bowers for this photo!

Closet drawers make the perfect storage for clothes, and they can be aesthetically pleasing, too, if your garments are properly folded. That being said, these folding boards should definitely do the trick. It will help you fold your clothes with great precision in just a matter of seconds. These boards also come in three different sizes to fold all your small, medium, and large clothing items.

Tip #3 - Coordinate clothes with hangers

clothes organized in hangers

Going for hangers of a single color for your closet will definitely make your items more organized. Who would want to look at a wardrobe in chaos with wires and various neon plastic hangers? Sticking to one palette, style, and sturdy hangers will give your closet the fresh look it deserves.

Tip #4 - Roll t-shirts, pajamas, and other flimsy clothing into their storage

rolling clothes

Items of clothing made of cotton, polyester, and other thin and pliable, stretchable materials should be rolled and tucked into your drawers. Doing this not only keeps your flimsy clothes organized but it saves you space for more as well!

Tip #5 - Stack denim, sweaters, and other bulkier items in drawers


These items can't be rolled, or they'll get even bulkier! Folding and stacking is the best way for these clothing items to get organized because they're sturdy and thick. It means that you won't have to worry about a slump, wrinkle, or messy stack when you put them on top of each other but instead be able to see all your clothes clearly. It's definitely the best way to organize pants in the closet!

Tip #6 - Hang your coats, blazers, &  fancy dresses

hanging sweaters and jackets

These are your sturdy and structured items like coats and blazers, evening dresses, skirts, other fancy outfits that must not be rolled or folded at any cost. If you're familiar with Marie Kondo, she recommends hanging everything facing the same direction. Start with longer items on the left all the way to shorter items on the right to create a sloping line on the bottom of your clothes. Now, that would definitely spark joy!

Tip #7 - Sort your wardrobe using a color-code

color coded clothes in hangers

Think of ROY G. BIV. The colors of the rainbow. You can arrange your clothes according to colors. Put all reds together, oranges, yellows, and so on to make your closet an eye candy. Or you can have it your way. Maybe you can start with the most number of items you have in that particular color, and work your way to the least number of items in that color. It's like grouping a bunch of M&M's together!

Tip #8 - Make use of vertical storage space

shoe rack organization

More than the shelves and the racks for hangers, there's more space to your closet than meets the eye. We're talking about walls, top shelves, doors, and yes - even that extra space just between your floor and your hanging clothes! Take advantage of these vertical storage spaces to maximize your closet into its full potential by converting it into a hanging shoe rack or storage for accessories, old books, and journals, etc.

Tip #9 - Use drawer dividers for undies

foldable drawer divider

Small items such as underwear and socks can easily get messy inside your drawer. When rolling or folding them doesn't seem to do the job, foldable drawer dividers certainly will! Just place your undergarments, socks, and other small items in their own divided section, and you'll have a neat and organized drawer in no time!

Tip #10 - Organize scarves with hangers

organizing scarves

Scarves are an essential piece of clothing. They can be used as an alternative to hats when the sun's too hot, as a neck warmer when it's too cold, or as a fashion statement when the weather's just right. Now, where should you keep such a crucial item for your #OOTDs? Well, hang 'em! Tie them on a hanger and let them hang loose to avoid crease and wrinkle. Plus, it will be easier to see and access them when needed.

Tip #11 - Use empty wall space to hang belts, hats, and other accessories

hanging hats

How do you upscale an empty wall so you can utilize its space? Easy, just use nails or towel hooks and hang your fashion accessories like belts, jewelry, hats, hair ties, and more! Get creative by adding your personal touch when hanging your blings and trinkets.

Tip #12 - Arrange clothes the way you get dressed

packing cubes for drawer organization

**Thanks to Megan for this photo!

Put the clothes you usually wear on top, and those that you don't exactly wear often at the bottom of the neat pile. That way, you won't have to get your clothes from the bottom, which tends to mess up your closet, especially if you can't find what you're looking for. This way, you can spot your favorite shirt or pants and wear them right away.

Tip #13 - Use extra pillowcases as storage for towels & sheets

organized closet with clear packing cubes

You can either keep your pillowcases or use them as storage for your towels and linens. Just fold them up so it fits in your pillowcases and put them in their own storage cube to keep them safe from moths and prevent them from collecting dust.

Tip #14 - Use moth-free storage for clothes and sheets

linen closet organization with packing cubes

If your biggest pet peeve is moths, you're not alone. These insects love sneaking into the dark corners of a closet and eating holes into your favorite articles of clothing. One unexpected benefit of storing clothes using EzPacking travel cubes is that moths can’t eat into it. In this regard, EzPacking will quickly pay for itself by depriving moths of their favorite food -- your shirts! If you find Storage Cube too big, you can opt for other sizes such as the: Extra Small, Small, Medium, or Large cubes. Even with limited space, you can surely find a cube that will help resolve moth problems. Without a doubt, packing cubes are the best portable drawers for clothes!

Tip #15 - Take advantage of clear organizing cubes

As mentioned, these travel cubes are intended for traveling; however, they also prove high efficiency at home. The cubes don't use any vacuum sealed technology; they automatically push the air out of the cubes when zipping closed. This reduces the amount of shelf space that these items, such as clothes, towels, or duvets take up. The cubes also have built-in strong zippers that prevent air from reentering the cube, this alone is a simple yet efficient space-saving clothes storage technique. Imagine how much space you're saving while using these cubes, and the best part -- they're not as expensive as you think.

Before And After Photo Using EzPacking Travel Cube With Duvet, Blanket, Towels

All the items above fit into six storage cubes! Duvets, bulky blankets, pillows, and a bunch of towels all packed away nice and neat. There is so much extra space in the closet and the new storage opportunities are endless. Not only is the closet extremely neat, but also anytime you need to find something, you can easily see what's inside each cube and pull out the necessary items without affecting the other things in the closet.


How to Organize Your Closet With Packing Cubes

How to organize your closet with packing cubes

**Thanks to Lisa Jacobs for this photo!

The moment you discover you can use your extra EzPacking travel cubes for other things around the house, you'll find the wonders it can do to your closet! Aside from solving your basic travel problems, these cubes have come to raid your wardrobe as your closet storage containers and change the way you organize them - for the better!

1. Extra Small Cube for Accessories

accessories inside a green extra small cube

**Thanks to Rhoda from Southern Hospitality for this photo!

Achieving that organized and tidy closet starts by sorting out the smallest of pieces. We're talking about that necklace, bracelet, and other fashion accessories that you haven't used in a long time. Whether you're not planning to wear them or just waiting for the perfect time to use them again, the best place to keep them safe and sound is inside this extra small cube. They can be stored in your shelves or in your drawers, whichever you like. They're so small, they won't take up too much space in your closet.

2. Small Cubes for Undies, Socks, and Bras

underwear and bras in a small gray cube

Keep your undergarments and other small-sized items of clothing tamed in this small cube. Roll them neatly inside, easily zip the cube close and store in your drawer for safekeeping. This will make it easier for you to organize your undies, socks, and bras because you can easily see what's inside the cube. No need to search far and wide for your favorite pair of undies or your lucky pair of socks when you can spot them right away when you open your drawer. The best drawer organization comes in small packages!

3. Medium Cubes for Baby Clothes & Blankets

organizing baby clothes in a medium cube

** Thanks to Megan from The Homes I Have Made for this photo!

The best thing about medium cubes is that they're perfect for all your baby clothes organization ideas! Although they're medium in size, they're large when it comes to storing tiny baby clothes and blankets. Of course, babies don't stay little forever. Eventually, they'll learn how to crawl and soon enough run around the house and next thing you know, they're off to school.

Now, what could you possibly do with the baby clothes they've outgrown? It's such a waste to throw them away, and while you still can't think of someone to give them to, might as well store them for safekeeping. Have a separate clothes storage organizer for your baby's onesies, burp cloths, and blankets. Pile them in your closet and no need to worry when the need arises for you to give them away. You can easily locate the baby stuff because these cubes are clear!

4. Large Cubes for Off-Season Clothes & Ski Gear

storing ski gears in packing cubes

We absolutely love these Large Cubes -- the second largest cube in our collection -- when sorting things at home and it's quite amazing to know that it's still significant even when you're not traveling. Apart from its functionality, these cubes are space-savers, durable, and easy-to-use. The cubes can be easily expanded or contracted so there's nothing to worry about if you want to keep them empty and ready for travel use, or packed with all your winter gear and other off-season clothes.

Yes, that's right! Storing them in these cubes is the best way to organize sweaters, jackets, ski pants, and other ski-related items, and keep them safe from moths and insect infestation as well (thanks to our durable cordura and vinyl materials!) Use this cube for storing your summer clothes when it's winter and vice versa! They keep your clothes safely contained and ready by the time you need them again.

5. Storage Cubes for linen closet organization

linen closet organization with extra large cubes

Meet the Storage Cube. It's the largest cube we have, yet! Measuring at 20″ wide x 15″ long x 6″ tall, the storage cube is perfect for storing away bulky items in your closets, such as duvets/bed sheets, linens, or thick towels and pillowcases. It's simply the perfect linen closet organization solution out there! Not only that, it's also useful for laundry room organization.

laundry room organization

**Thanks to Melissa for this photo!

Many of our customers usually talk about their hate for dust. Well, who doesn't? When items are stored away for long periods of time, dust accumulates. It is a sad but inevitable truth. The Storage Cube’s clear enclosed design keeps the items inside clean and dust-free (just make sure that the cubes are fully zipped!) If you are putting away items in a storage unit or a closet for extended periods of time, then this cube is definitely a must-have. Say goodbye to dust allergies! Items will come out of the cubes exactly the way they are packed in – neat and clean!

If you want to learn the basics of packing cubes, click here!

We hope these space-saving clothes (and other knick-knacks) storage ideas helped you with your own closet dilemma. If you have other closet organization hacks, feel free to share it below.

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