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Daily Habits Of Extremely Organized People

Daily Habits Of Extremely-Organized People

Extremely organized woman planning with bullet journal

Being an extremely-organized person seems like a complex task, but honestly these special people have a few things in common. They have daily habits that work. These are things they don’t even think twice about.

Let’s learn about these habits and how we can start to practice them ourselves.

Habit 1 - They buy less stuff

Simple-looking vases with purple and pink flowers

Highly-organized people try to limit the amount of stuff they own. Rather than splurging on many items, they invest only in items that are high quality, useful for multiple reasons, and bring joy (or functionality) to their life. When shopping for items, they research different versions of the product, read reviews, and ask friends for advice. If an item in their life is not serving a purpose anymore, they throw it out, give it to a friend, or donate it.

Habit 2 - They are clutter free 

Bedside organizer with phone, money, pens and watch that extremely organized individuals use

Clutter has no space to party in any part of their home, car, or office. A piece of trash or messy pile of papers will not last very long on their desk. They are constantly arranging items in their environment to put things back where they belong, throw out useless information, or clear their space.

Habit 3 - They choose multi-functional items

Multi-functional ironing board slash mirror to become extremely organized

Well-organized people purchase items that have dual (or multi) purposes to save space, time, and effort. However, they are strategic with their purchases - you don’t see them buying 10 crazy cool gadgets on Amazon in one day. They take their time and find a few that will work best in their lives.

Habit 4 - They arrange like items with one another

Extremely organized shelf with same items

Every shelf of the house has a purpose, and they make sure to honor that shelf’s purpose.

If canned goods go on the 4th shelf, you bet yourself no other items are allowed on that shelf.

If you can be kind enough to honor these shelves “homes”, you won’t end up with destroyed house, literally.

Tip: Assign (and label) categories to each part of the house. Cupboards, drawers, shelves, etc. Find a place where the “random” items can live. Then, stick to the system!

Habit 5 - They organize their wardrobe efficiently

Hanged shirts organized according to color

Okay, not every extremely-organized person has their closet perfectly arranged according to type, use, and color. However, they do have some sort of system that works for them. Whether their closet is arranged by item of clothing, weather season, or by color, it works for them. Choose a system, take a day (or a few days) to organize it, and then stick to it. If it’s not working, switch it up!

Habit 6 - They wake up at the same time every day

Woman with dog in bed just waking up

Even without the help of an alarm, very-organized people follow their body clocks.

They are strict about getting up at the same time every morning, and even stricter about going to sleep at the same time.

They have an “inner clock” that lets them know it’s time for bed. At 9:45pm, they know it’s time to start unwinding, brush those pearly whites, and hit the hay. Set up some achievable times for yourself, and stick to it for a whole week.

7am - Wake Up
10:30 - Bedtime
Bedtime Reminder: 9:45pm

Habit 7 - They coordinate their calendar every morning and night (And actually check it)

Daily calendar coordination using pens and highlighters

Every day is a new, crazy, to-do list filled day. You may think you’ll remember everything, but let’s be real. We’re human and we forget things.

Highly-organized people know that in advance and take the stress off their shoulders by writing EVERYTHING down.

Whether it’s a reminder to “call mom”, your best friend’s wedding, or that big meeting at work, you know it’s written in their calendar. Whether you use a physical planner, scheduling app, or Google Calendar is up to you. They key is actually checking it - every morning and every night.

Habit 8 - They follow a specific exercise routine or program

Woman doing yoga on beach sideIt’s old news to think exercising is only for losing weight.

Working out gives oxygen to the brain, improves memory, thinking skills, and ultimately gives you more energy. Harvard said it themselves here, that “exercise even reduces stress and anxiety”.

Organized people are less stressed out for many reasons (well duh - they’re organized) but most importantly is exercise. They have their “go to” workouts scheduled, and they also have the day and time written in their calendars (see #7), ahead of time.

Whether it’s a living room 25 minute HIIT workout from your laptop, SoulCycle class, Yoga, Zumba, or gym session...they have it scheduled (about 3 times a week). Those that need a little extra push to get their butt to class will make a friend commit to the class ahead of time too. Now you’re letting someone else down (besides yourself) if you don’t show up.

Habit 9 - They write everything down and prioritize

Extremely organized woman planning tasks according to priorityHaving a calendar is great for daily events, grandma’s birthday, and lunch with that college professor.

But when tasks get too overwhelming for a small space in your planner, they make TO DO lists. Lots of them. Throughout the day, you may find them writing down things on post it notes, in their phone, or even on their hand.

However, they always take the time at the end of the day to put the items on one organized list or app in their phone and prioritize. Most important items on the top, less time sensitive items on the bottom.

They also set little “due dates” for themselves of when things should get done. Even better, you should know they set those dates days before they are actually needed, so they give themselves leeway to be a regular person.

Habit 10 - They set alarms and reminders

Alarm clock on white bedside table

No bills are left unpaid! Setting an alarm or reminder is a crucial part to ensure they will not miss any deadlines, events, or important dates.

No matter how good they are at remembering things or how active their “body clock” is, an alarm clock will always do the trick!

Aside from ensuring that they will wake up on time, they also use reminders in their phone to make sure not to miss an appointment, important bills to pay, friends’ birthdays and the list goes on.

Habit 11 - They go for simple solutions

Extra small packing cube with skincare products insideRather than opting for complex systems, organized people use the simplest tools -- a bowl to hold keys; a hook to hang up bags; a clear packing cube to keep toiletries while traveling. For them, there’s no need to complicate things. Making use of the ones they already have is the key to solving daily dilemmas.

Habit 12 - They put things back where they belong

Organized person putting book back on the shelf

Every single thing inside the house or office should be in its rightful place.

Shoes in the bedroom, scissors in the office, pliers in the toolbox -- no matter what the item is, it should be returned to its proper position so the next time they need it, they know where to find it.

Also this avoids random clutter around their favorite spaces.

Habit 13 - They arrive early everywhere (Not just work)

Woman on bike ride going to a meetingIf there’s one thing that organized people value the most, it’s time.

Being late is not an option no matter what the situation is. In fact, they ensure to reach their meeting, class, or work at least 15 minutes prior. This gives themselves enough time get their essentials ready before leaving.

For example: say their meeting starts at 9am and it takes 30 minutes to drive there. They will act as if the meeting actually starts at 8:45am, which means they need to leave by 8:15am. To be extra safe, they might even tell themselves to leave by 8am just to be safe. This “need to leave by” time is very important in achieving their goals of being early. You’ll most likely see them relaxed, drinking their coffee, reviewing their notes while some other employee is rushing in a 9:03am in a sweat and panic. Now who would you rather be?

Habit 14 - They are financially aware

Money and bank passbook for becoming financially aware

Knowing where every dime goes is a part of being organized. They use apps or systems to track the flow of their income and expenses. Setting a budget on a weekly or a monthly basis is a must, but saving will always be a priority.

They also try to avoid eating out too many times per week, to save money and to know what's actually in their food. 

Habit 15 - They ask for help

Highly organized person asking help from friends to fulfil task or goal

Organized people are not afraid to ask help.

They know how important it is to have a clean home and to finish other tasks as well. If you know how important cleaning the house is and meeting a deadline, why not outsource it to someone else and save time.

Many organized people have someone help clean their house, help with laundry, and other household to do’s. This becomes a system for them, and they never have to worry about when they’ll find the time or energy to clean up the house.


Habit 16 - They have “Me Time” everyday

Extremely organized woman having alone time on restaurant

After long days of work, organized people know how to unwind (and understand that it is key to their happiness). 

Whether it be reading a book, drinking their favorite wine, or taking a long, warm bath -- they know that they are not prisoner to their routine. They start to crave this alone time as a part of their daily success.

Despite all the “organization systems” available online nowadays, truly organized people always input their own personality into the system they choose, and follow the one that works best for them.

Becoming organized doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and effort. With a little commitment, these practices can turn into habits.

We challenge you to choose one of the habits mentioned above, and start taking action.

Which habit will you choose?

Habits of organized people
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