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The Pros and Cons of Using a Travel Luggage Organizer

The Pros and Cons of Using a Travel Luggage Organizer

Suitcase without any travel luggage organizer
You might be using storage bins for organizing your kid’s toys in the bedroom. Or you have a tool box to organize your screwdrivers in your garage. Plastic dividers can help separate your forks from your knives in the kitchen drawer. A travel luggage organizer works exactly the same! It helps you separate and organize the items in your luggage.

Not sure if a suitcase organizer is for you? We’ll help you decide with this pros and cons list!

The different types of travel luggage organizers

Different types of travel luggage organizers inside suitcase

Remember our earlier blog post? We discussed the Top Five Luggage Organizers for Families. We mentioned the different types of luggage organizers including packing cubes, compression bags, packing folders, vacuum storage bags and Ziploc bags. All of these can also be considered luggage packing organizers. But there’s more! Below are some other types of suitcase organizers you might not know about:

Portable Hanging Shelves - Ever heard of portable hanging shelves? It’s a type of travel luggage organizer that you can easily insert in a suitcase and unpack as a hanging organizer. So once you reach your hotel, simply remove the portable hanging shelves from the suitcase and hang in your closet. We recommend the Rise Portable Shelving Luggage Insert which even has a dirty laundry shelf at the bottom.

Travel Underwear Organizer - For women who are particular about their delicates, there are great underwear organizers you can use and many brands to choose from. We recommend this round one from LAN-LIN which has a separate compartment for storing panties and bras.

Clear Toiletry Bag - Also under the travel luggage organizer category is the clear toiletry bag or extra small packing cube. The EzPacking clear toiletry bag is compliant with the TSA standards. It can hold all your travel size (3 ounce) toiletries and cosmetics. And if you’re traveling carry-on only, this travel suitcase organizer can help you ease through security (important when you have little ones running around).  

TSA approved clear toiletry bag by EzPacking

Shoe Bag - Bringing several shoes with you? Shoe bags are your best friends. The EzPacking shoe bag is your best option since it can be folded into a compact size when not in use. A shoe bag separates your shoes from the other items in your luggage to avoid getting them dirty.

✓ Laundry Bag - Yet another essential suitcase organizer. EzPacking also has its own laundry bag which folds into a compact size when not in use. A laundry bag separates your dirty clothes from the clean ones. When you’re moving from one place to another, this is a heaven sent luggage organizer tool.

Foldable drawstring travel laundry bag by EzPacking

✓ Garment Travel Organizer - Traveling for business? It’s a hassle to keep ironing or steaming your suits or formal dresses. A garment travel organizer, like this one from EzPacking, is essential for you.

The advantages and disadvantages of using luggage organizer bags

Luggage organizer bags inside black suitcase

The best reason for using luggage organizers? Peace of mind. Of course for travelers, especially families, keeping a luggage organized keeps everyone sane (especially mom). Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using luggage organizer bags:


✓ Luggage is organized and neat - Simply folding or rolling clothes is not enough to keep your luggage organized. If you’re a mom, you know the struggle all too well. A suitcase that took you an hour (or so) to organize gets messed up in seconds! With suitcase organizers, there’s a place for everything. Packing cubes let you sort items according to their type. If ever you need something, simply pull out the cube and take out the item you need. Mess averted!

Different color packing cubes in one suitcase

✓ Separates items into categories - With travel luggage organizers, items are separated and you can find what you need in a second. You can simply use packing cubes as "traveling drawers" once you reach your hotel. This is an ideal option for those always on the go or those staying in smaller hotels or hostels.

✓ Less risk for leaks - Using a clear toiletry bag means there’s less likelihood for leaking lotions and shampoos all over your suitcase. Even if the liquids do leak a bit, they are contained within a luggage organizer so the other items in your bag are protected.

✓ Saves you money on baggage fees - If you don’t need to travel in a carry on, share a larger suitcase and color code each person with packing cubes! Your hubby gets Gray and you get Turquoise. Finding your items is super easy. “Honey… Can you pass the Turquoise Small Cube please?” Check in one suitcase instead of two and your packing cubes just paid for themselves!

Kid’s travel items organized using packing cubes

✓ Saves you time / no unpacking - Pack your clothes into various packing cubes, separated by item or category. For example, Small Cube has underwear and socks. Medium Cube has shirts and shorts. Unpack the cubes when reaching your destination and use them as traveling drawers! No unpacking or repacking. You just saved a whole lot of time. 



✓ Requires money - Think of travel packing organizers as investments. You do need to spend some money before enjoying the many wonders of these suitcase organizers. There are some high-end brands that are very expensive (though not necessarily providing you with better quality --- our next point).

✓ Quality isn’t always assured - There are many brands of travel luggage organizers to choose from. But not all of them take into account the quality of the products. That’s why it’s important to invest in a luggage organizer that will provide you efficiency and quality in the long run.

Why not invest in EzPacking cubes? These are high-quality travel luggage organizers that won’t break the bank. They come with many features like:

✓ Durability - Made from strong materials so that they last long.

✓ Functionality - Comes in various sizes and colors for storing all your travel essentials.

✓ Very versatile - Cubes can be used for suitcase organization, tote bag organization, closet organization, kids toy room organization and so much more.  

The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to using travel luggage organizers

pros and cons of using luggage organizers for your suitcase

It’s matter of whether you’re ready to take the leap or not.
If you want your packing game to level up, it’s time.

Good thing EzPacking has a 30 day money back guarantee. You can try them out and see if they’re worth it! If not, just send them back. The options are endless when it comes to luggage organization. Do your research and see what is the best fit for you or your family.



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