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September 2018 Customer of the Month

Posted by Dianne Chen on
September 2018 Customer of the Month

Our sixth Customer of the Month goes to Jenna Braddock! 
Check out our interview with Jenna below. 
Learn more about her and how she loves to use EzPacking.
Also find out how to become the next Customer of the Month here.

Where are you from? 

I am from St. Augustine, Florida.

How did you hear about EzPacking?

Heard about you on the show How I Built This podcast!

I travel mostly for:


What do you typically use EzPacking for?

Packing for work trips but used them for the first time on a family trip in May! I loved them.

Why do you love EzPacking? Tell us an experience you've had where EzPacking has saved the day.

I just got back from a one night work trip and used the cubes to pack my carry on. They allowed me to get more in my suitcase and made it so easy to utilize my clothes and repack to come home with no issue. Plus, sometimes I change at the airport and the cubes keep me from having to dig through my whole suitcase. They are awesome!

Do you like to use EzPacking for anything else besides suitcase organization?

I could see how they could be useful in many situations, like when I pack up my gym bag.

Jenna shared some of her photos with us!

Jenna Braddock family vacation to Utah on summer!

This picture is from my family vacation to Utah this summer!

Jenna Braddock on a business trip to Chicago

This was taken on a business trip to Chicago. I travel about 10-12 times a year for work related reasons, so EzPacking is a huge help!

Jenna Braddock loving the efficiency of EzPacking on one of her many business trips!

Jenna loving the efficiency of EzPacking on one of her many business trips! 

Has EzPacking changed the way you travel?

EzPacking helps me condense my travel packing to the essentials. I'm notorious for bringing way more than I need. Now I think about what I need to fit in the cubes only and it just helps my brain think more efficiently. It also keeps my cloths organized so I no longer have to do a "dig and throw" of clothes each time I'm looking for something. It's been a game changer!

What do you do for business? How does EzPacking help you travel?

I am a registered dietitian and trainer who is on a mission to Make Healthy Easy through real life strategies for better health and doable and delicious recipes. I work in nutrition communications both on my websites and in the media to interpret science into practical messages. I am also a sports dietitian and work with athletes to improve their performance through a better nutrition plan.

Make sure to show some love to Jenna! Check out her amazing and easy recipes here, get off season athelete training here, and stay updated with daily tips on her instagrams: @JBraddockRD and @OffSeasonAthlete

Thanks to Jenna for being the September 2018 Customer of the Month!

You now have access to these fun prizes.

Customer of the Month Rewards:

An Exclusive Interview on our Blog 
Social Media Feature
$50 gift card to EzPacking
20% Discount for a year! 

If you want to learn more, click here to read our Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know post. 

P.S. Want to become a customer of the month too? Click here to find out how!

Much love,

- The EzPacking Team


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