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Top Luggage Organizers for Families

Top Luggage Organizers for Families

    Best travel organizer for families
    The problem with simply folding (or even rolling) your clothes into a suitcase is that no matter how detailed you are, you’ll probably end up with a chaotic mess. Siblings sharing a suitcase is even worse! Rummaging through their items to find something will definitely not end well. #MomProblems 

    No matter how well you have folded the clothes into your luggage, you will be disappointed by the way the clothes arrive to your destination (most likely wrinkled!). This is why using a luggage organizer makes packing and traveling easier for the whole family. We’re giving you the 5 best recommended travel packing organizers you can use for your next trip!

    What are luggage organizers and why are they useful?

    EzPacking’s Starter Set in green as luggage organizer set

    Luggage organizers are simply small bags or pouches you can use to organize your suitcase, duffle bag or backpack when traveling. They are sometimes referred to as bags in bags.

    With travel organizers, organizing and separating items inside your luggage makes life (and traveling) so much easier. Instead of one huge bag with an assortment of different clothing or travel items, you have one bag compartmentalized into different sections.

    Packing, unpacking and repacking becomes much easier! Having this kind of ease and organization is not a luxury. It’s a necessity that all travelers, especially moms, truly need! Here are some of the benefits of using packing organizers:

    Separates items in your luggage (shirts, jeans, underwear, toiletries, etc.)

    Separates clean clothes from dirty clothes

    Easily find which items you need

    No need to unpack / repack (use like drawers)

    Economical because most travel organizers are reusable

    The top five types of suitcase organizers

    Woman organizing clothes in packing cubes (One type of travel clothes organizer)

    There are many different types of packing organizers. We did the work to find out the top five packing organizers travelers love for organizing. Here are our top 5 favorites below. See which option fits your style the most!

    1. Clear Packing Cubes 

    Gray packing cubes for travel organizer inside a carry-on luggage

    At the top of our list is clear packing cubes! The most innovative and modern type of travel organizer bag. Their rectangular shape makes them ideal for organizing suitcases. They also come in different sizes, from extra small to extra large, so you can choose which variety suits your travel needs.

    That is why Monica, a mother of three, decided to create a line of clear packing cubes. EzPacking cubes have a clear, see-through design allowing you to see what’s inside without having to open up each bag organizer! Packing cubes are great for organizing clothes into separate categories, outfits or even separated by each kid!

    Although they are not technically compression bags, when closing each bag organizer you will naturally press air out and compress the clothes inside each cube. You definitely fit way more items into the cubes than without them!



      Most innovative type of travel bag organizer

      Comes in different sizes and colors

      ✓ Useful for separating and organizing clothes

       Great for family organization

      ✓ No need to unpack/ traveling drawers 

       Reusable and washable

      ✓ Some brands are very expensive

       Not all packing cubes are made equally, some have very low quality and will break easily

        2. Compression Bags 

        Compression bags or sacks are usually made from plastic. They are like ziplock bags but specifically created for compressing clothing items into suitcases or bags.

        They work well to remove excess air and thus helps save lots space in your luggage. These work mainly for over-packers who want to bring more clothing items than their luggage can fit and aren’t worried about aesthetics.

        We recommend The Chestnut Compression Bags which are quite affordable yet durable. Compression bags also come in varying sizes and colors. However, they lack the innovative design that packing cubes have and have no zippering capability nor wrinkle protection.



          ✓ Cheap and available everywhere

          ✓ Works well to remove excess air from clothes and save space

          ✓ Reusable

          ✓ Saves you lots of space

          ✓ No need for a vacuum!

            ✓ Some brands are bad quality

            ✓ Mainly for saving space and not for organizing

            ✓ Can lead to wrinkles in clothes

            ✓ Takes time to press air out of each bag

              3. Packing Folders 

              Packing folders are highly recommended for families traveling and attending a formal event or for business travelers! Obviously these types of trips require nice clothes that could wrinkle very easily.

              Packing folders can hold several items of clothing. However, they are on the larger and bulkier side. They are also not recommended for storing or organizing casual clothing items.

              The Gonex Garment Folders is our recommended brand, and they have a variety of colors and sizes that you can choose from. You might still need other types of travel clothes organizers even if you have packing folders (they’re just not meant to organize clothing).



                ✓ Comes in a variety of colors

                ✓ Ideal for business travelers or special event travels

                ✓ Prevents wrinkling of clothes

                  ✓ Some brands are made cheaply and can break easily

                  ✓ Not ideal for packing or saving space in your luggage

                  ✓ Not ideal for keep suitcase neat and separated by item

                    4. Vacuum Storage Bags 

                    Compression bag with valve

                    Excited for your winter skiing trip? You can use vacuum storage bags for compressing bulky items like jackets and sweaters. This works wonders for winter vacations where bulky items are a must (and your suitcase isn’t getting any bigger).

                    These storage bags are another type of plastic organizer, however you’ll use a vacuum to suck out all the air. This makes your large pile of clothes into a small size in a few minutes! You can also use it for small items although wrinkling might be enhanced if you do so.

                    Our recommended brand is the Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags. If using a vacuum already sounds like a hassle, then these are not for you. If your ultimate goal is to save tons of space and don’t mind the extra time spent vacuuming, then you have met your match!   



                      ✓ Available online everywhere

                      ✓ Works well for bulky clothing items to reduce space in luggage

                      ✓ Perfect for winter vacations where bulky items are a must

                      ✓ Comes in different sizes

                        ✓ Requires extra time / effort to use

                        ✓ Not ideal for non-bulky clothing items

                        ✓ Might enhance wrinkling

                          5. Ziplock Bags

                          Everyone’s done this at some point (or at least thought about it). But it’s only so convenient until your toothpaste punctures a hole in the bag. Sure, you can use large ziplock bags as a travel clothes organizer. You can purchase them in varying sizes. They are cheap.

                          If you’re truly on a budget, we recommend using the original Ziploc Bags brand which is sturdier than other generic brands. But listen....when you feel it’s time to ditch the bags and upgrade to packing cubes, you deserve it honey. 



                            ✓ Very cheap

                            ✓ Available everywhere

                            ✓ Works well for separating clothes

                            ✓ Comes in varying sizes

                              ✓ Do not have any shape

                              ✓ Reusable but can be easily worn out with repeated use

                              ✓ Doesn’t help with wrinkles

                              ✓ Clothes are not easily accessible (you’ll have to take everything out to reach what you need)

                                Choosing the best luggage organizer for you and your family

                                Cute baby holding EzPacking medium cube

                                In terms of functionality, innovativeness and style, nothing beats packing cubes - especially the EzPacking Cubes. They are very diverse, can be used for casual clothes, formal clothes, underwear, sleepwear and toiletries. Besides for traveling, these cubes can also be used for storing cosmetics, snacks and even electronics for organization around the house, in the car, kids toy room or day to day activities.

                                So there’s no doubt that when it comes to organizing your luggage and separating items, packing cubes are your the best option. They will last you the longest, will organize your items into ‘traveling drawers’ and you won’t even need to unpack! But your other options are also just as valid. Which one do you relate to the most below?

                                Type of Luggage Organizer

                                Ideal For

                                1. Packing Cubes

                                  Families/couples who want to stay organized while traveling, save space and make packing and unpacking easier

                                  2. Compression Bags

                                    Families who want to save lots of space (over-packers, winter travelers, etc.)

                                    3. Packing Folders

                                      Families bringing formal clothes, clothes that wrinkle easily or business travelers

                                      4. Vacuum Storage Bags

                                        Families going to winter destination (or those bringing bulky clothing items) and have some extra time for vacuuming

                                        5. Ziplock Bags

                                          Families who are on a budget but want to organize luggage

                                           It’s important to remember your own travel needs! Ask yourself what’s most important.

                                          Is it organization? Saving lots of space? Sticking to a budget?

                                          We always recommend packing cubes as our favorite option because they give you the most flexibility for how to use them! They have both organizing and space-saving capabilities. At the same time, they are designed to make packing (and unpacking) an enjoyable experience, not a chore!

                                          Best type of luggage organizer for suitcase

                                          Best type of luggage organizer

                                          However, you can always opt for the other types of travel clothes organizers depending on your needs. Over-packers might benefit more from using compression or vacuum storage bags to save tons of space in their luggage.

                                          If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a gold star for trying to weigh out your options.

                                          Our last tip would be to combine a few of the above as your travel bag organizers! Try out a few different types until you find one (or a few) that you love!

                                          P.S. Want to learn more about packing cubes? Click here for a detailed guide - including their different types, the best brands and tips on how to use.

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                                          Top 5 luggage organizers for families
                                          Best luggage organizers for families

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