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Why Am I so Disorganized? Four Possible Reasons to Your Messy Lifestyle

Why Am I so Disorganized?

Four Possible Reasons to Your Messy Lifestyle

Coffee with a "Begin" quote for those who want to know why they have a messy lifestyle

Your office desk is a total chaotic mess; crumpled papers everywhere, coffee cups from last week, pens on the floor. And your home -- don’t even let me get started. One of your New Year’s resolutions was to get organized but after a short month, not much has changed.

Whether you’re a neat freak or slob, having a clean and organized space will give you a clear and peaceful mind no matter what. If you're there thinking, "Why am I so disorganized?" Find out which of these four habits below you need to get rid of!

1. Giving Lame Excuses

Man wearing watch driving car

"I have very limited time."

"I have more important things to do."

"I can always organize my home some other time."

Having a busy schedule is an overused excuse. Come on people! This is what forces you to believe that you don’t have enough time to organize. Rather than sticking to this lame excuse, how about using that same time to get a little organized. One small step at a time. You don’t have to deep clean the whole house, maybe just one tiny section of it.


Identify the areas that need decluttering and cleaning. It doesn’t matter if it’s the whole house. You still need to write a list. Break. It. Down.

      • - Office shelves

      • - Office drawers

      • - Shoes in closet

      • - Towels in linen closet

      • - Kitchen cabinet for snacks

      • - Etc.

Pick one area to start with. Choose a day & time to dedicate it to.

      • - Sunday, clean your office desk from 4-6pm.

        •  Write that in your calendar. No, we’re not kidding. We’re totally serious.

Ask for help!

      • ✓ Ask a family member or a friend if you can partner up with them. Team up together and make it a fun experience - put some music on, grab a snack, and get cleaning! Cleaning your bestie’s kitchen this weekend and tidy up yours next week.

2. Not Using Packing Cubes

Toiletries organized in grey packing cube

"I can’t afford packing cubes."

"I’m not organized enough to use packing cubes."

"I don’t know how to use packing cubes."

While taking out a few bucks to spend on an organizational system sounds like a great deal of effort, these packing cubes will keep you organized before your travel, while you travel, and after returning home. It's the best tool for organizing your disorganized life

Coming back to a messy house with a messy suitcase literally the worst.

Avoid this issue with an EzPacking Starter Set. Besides for traveling, use these babies to organize your closet into different categories! You can even assign a different color to each category. Okay woah, let’s not get too fancy yet. Let’s get real, you need these in your life.


Buy a set of cubes when the company is having a sale (or if you’re serious about decluttering, buy them right now).


1. Assign different size cubes to cluttered items in your closet.

2. Use extra small packing cubes for tinier items, such as extra mini shampoos, body washes, soaps, etc. When going on a trip, easily grab this cube out to see what you need.

3. Use small packing cubes as a first aid kit or store hair product essentials. 

4. Use medium packing cubes to store clothes you don’t need this season (jackets/sweaters) or to keep your important documents.

5. Use large packing cubes to keep your duvets, linen, and towels clean in the closet (avoids the weird smell they accumulate in the closet)

6. In your drawers, use two colored cubes to sort items that typically get messy. For example, use green cubes for your underwear and pink cubes for your socks.

Want to learn more about packing cubes? Click here for our post on Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know.

3. You Are A Hoarder

Shelf of a hoarder

"I can’t throw this away because my childhood friend gave it to me."

"I can’t give away these 7 blouses because I might get super thin in the future."

"This cost me money and I don’t want to waste it."

If you can’t easily throw away unnecessary items or if you’re tied up with its sentimental value, then you’re definitely a hoarder.

As Dr. Nemko suggests, “you must realize your life will be better if you freed yourself from the shackles of stuff”. If you find it difficult to change the way you think, below are some things you should consider. 


  • Find out if you’re really a “hoarder” or not. Hoarding disorder is associated with OCD and the best way to know whether you have it or not is to visit a licensed therapist. At some point, the disorder may cause harmful effects to patient’s emotional, social, physical, and financial aspects.

  • Dispose one thing at a time. Do not throw out everything at once as it may lead to anxiety or regret.

  • Declutter collections. If you’re a fan of keeping childhood items, such as school cards or toys, save at least 1 or 2 items and throw out the rest. If it’s truly a special memorabilia, have it framed and displayed in your home.

  • Donate or host a garage sale. One of the best ways to forego an item is to donate it. You can also try selling items through various apps such as PoshMark, ThredUp, or Tradesy. Get rid of your old clothes, shoes, or jewelry boxes you never use and are just taking up space and creating dust. Not only will you have a more decluttered home, but you might even earn some extra money as well. 

4. You Believe That You’re Naturally Disorganized

Why am I so disorganized reasoning that it is an innate characteristic

"Being disorganized is innate and it has never caused any problems in my life."

"Even Albert Einstein had a cluttered desk."

"I’ll always be a messy person."

"I have no desire to change."

Some people don’t worry much about disorganization because surprisingly, this cluttered system works for them. If you feel like you can function well and your mind is still at ease amidst the chaos, then don’t waste your time here. But, if you feel terrible every time you see your untidy house and your life is becoming affected by this “hot mess” lifestyle, then it’s time for a change.


Focus on the areas that affect your life.

  • - If you’re always late, get your all your items ready the night before work, and keep a notepad next to your bed for any last minute thoughts. Write them down so their not jiggling around in your head all night!

  • - Missed appointments/dates? Create a calendar system, set alarms, or download apps that keep you on time.

    Change the way you think.

    • - If you believe that being organized is not essential, but it’s clearly visible that it’s making your life difficult, then it’s time to make a mindset change. Read and follow organization-related blogs - this will help you get motivated and give you ideas on how you can stay away from clutter. 

    Also, read this book asap.  

    The Magic of Tidying Up 

    In line with the solutions above, allow yourself to be YOU. While there is an overwhelming amount of “organization systems” found online, choose the one that works for you!

    There’s no need to buy color-coded drawers if you feel uncomfortable with it. However, color coded packing cubes - that’s a whole different (and awesome) feeling.

    But as we’ve learned here today, just #doyou.

    Reasons why you feel disorganized
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