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Top 30 Unique Uses for Medium Packing Cubes

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Medium packing cubes

So, you think you know your way around Medium Packing Cubes, don’t you? Well, what if we told you there are more ways to use Medium Cubes than you have in mind? Aside from being a really great travel accessory, there are other unique and fun ways to utilize this size packing cube.

First things first, let's talk about what makes an excellent packing cube!

The Cube you’re looking for should be...

Medium Cube held by woman

There are tons of packing cubes out there. Be sure to invest in cubes that you can use for all your travels and also recommend to loved ones who travel just as much as you. Here’s a quick checklist of what you must look for in a packing cube:

✓ Spacious enough for necessities

✓ Durable, long lasting

✓ Simple to clean / wipe off dust or dirt

✓ Easy to see contents 

✓ Available in different colors for effortless color coding / packing per person

✓ Works well with jeans, thick sweaters, bed sheets, and such

✓ Multipurpose: can be used even when not traveling

✓ Comes with pull handle for easy carrying / grabbing

✓ Looks cute and stylish for the gram (optional)

Did you know? Clear Packing Cubes ticked all those boxes above! What makes EzPacking stand out and so distinct from the rest, you ask? Well, the answer is crystal clear! Visibility sets us apart from the rest of the packing cubes world.



Our clear cubes not only organize your items, but they provide easier access to your essentials with their easy-to-see transparent feature! You don’t need to memorize what’s inside each cube and spend time finding what you are looking for. Read on to discover packing cube hacks that you can use on the daily.

Quirky Uses for Medium Packing Cubes

Medium packing cubes from customers

You already know the many unique ways of using Extra Large Cubes and Extra Small Cubes from our previous blog posts. This time, let’s put the limelight on Medium Cubes. Our medium packing cell can fit up to 15 casual shirts (depending on the size), and even a few leggings and shorts. But let’s skip the normal for now and jump into the different fun and quirky ways you can utilize medium packing cubes.

For the Family

1. Complete First Aid Kit - Extra Small Cubes are perfect for organizing your travel first aid kit. However, when you’re at home, you’ll need a more complex first aid kit for the family and a separate one for pets, if you have any. Having an elaborate first aid kit at home requires more space, that’s why you need medium packing cubes. If you need help packing your home first aid kit (as well as your pet’s) check out this first aid post.

2. Spare Toiletry Essentials Pouch - You’re not too extra for having extras! Organize your spare tubes of toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, and other extra toiletries in a medium packing cube. Stack them nicely in your linen closet or bathroom cabinet. 

3. Snack Pack - Stash your kids’ favorite snacks in their own medium cubes for late night cravings or day time grub. Its easy-grip handle makes it convenient to bring anywhere and everywhere so they won’t miss out on munch time. 

4. Beach Essentials - It’s that time of the year again when palm trees and flamingo pool floats flood your Instagram feed. Get your beach essentials ready in a medium packing cube. Match your cube color with your swimwear and have the time of your life! Don't forget to pack the essentials. Need help packing? Check out this fun video.

Beach essentials organized in clear packing cubes

5. Swimwear Organizer (when not in use) - When you’re not out swimming in the pool or frolicking in the ocean, where does your swimwear go? Honestly, they can rest quite comfortably in a medium packing cube. You know what they say, clothes for the same weather should go together. Keep your bathing suits in one cube so you can easily grab a pair or two for your next beach trip.

6. Bags within a Bag (aka grocery bags) - Bag inception? Nope, just bags within a medium clear packing cube. Keep your tote bags, Eco bags, and shopping bags in one place for when you need them. It’s better to utilize these reusable bags for your grocery shopping rather than the plastic ones. It’s one simple way of contributing to the wellness of our environment.

7. Pillowcase Storage - Keep your pillow covers fresh and crisp by placing them inside a medium packing cube after laundry. Stack them nicely in your linen closet and you’ll have nice clean covers for a better sleep and healthier skin. 

Did You Know? Dermatologists and skin care experts recommend changing your pillowcases and bed sheets at least once a week, especially if you have sensitive skin.

8. Clean Towel Keeper - Store your spare bath towels in a medium cube when they’re not in use. It’s better to have extra towels stored in your closet so that when the dirty ones are in the laundry, you can use fresh ones right away. Placing them in a medium cube will keep them from acquiring dust from just sitting in the closet.

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9. Journal Holder - Keep old journals and notebooks you’ve been saving to use in a medium cube for safekeeping. Whenever you want to revisit and reread certain moments of your life, you won’t have to search far and wide for your old journals because you can easily spot them in your clear medium cube.

10. Closet / Cabinet Organizer - Let medium packing cubes do what they do best: organize! Make three separate piles for your  clothing items: stay, donate and toss. Then organize those in the ‘stay’ pile by category (shirts, dresses, pants, etc.) before packing them inside color coded medium cubes.

Clean and organized closet with medium packing cubes

11. Hobby Collection Container - If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep and collect things, we totally support you. Be it stamps, coins, comic books, stones, toys, or buttons, you can use the medium cube to keep them organized. You can even show off your collection on a shelf with the clear design.

12. Pet Snacks & Stuff - If you’re a pet lover like us, you also consider dogs and cats as part of the family! That’s why they deserve their own medium packing cube for all their treats and other essentials. This will make going out for a walk in the park more convenient and fun with their things always packed and ready to go. Store their treats, leashes, poopie bags, park towels and toys in the cube… before you leave the house, just grab and go!

For Daddies

13. Clear Stadium Bag - For all NFL fans or concert goers out there, this is the perfect stadium bag for you. It meets the clear bag policy of the SEC for all football games. Each medium cube has a clear design and does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Enjoy the game or concert with your essentials neatly packed in your stadium approved tote bag! Don’t forget to bring snacks, sunscreen, a face towel, rain gear, and bottled water. You’re welcome. 

Clear stadium-approved Medium Cube

14. Modular Kits for Backpack - Who else has a pet peeve of reaching into a backpack and feeling like your hand is stuck in a bottomless pit of mess because of all the clutter going on in there? Your backpack’s like, “Looking for your socks? Have this pencil instead!” The medium cube is perfect for building modular kits for your backpack. Sort your cubes by category such as toiletries, clothes, undies, gadgets, and more so you’ll never grab the wrong item again.

15. Cords Cube - Tangled cords? We know... We have the perfect solution for you! Presenting, a medium packing cube that can store all your cords and wires in place (with a little help from your good ol’ friend, velcro strips, of course). 

16. Gym Tote - Driving straight from work to the gym and then to dinner with friends? Pack all your different outfits, bluetooth earbuds, hydro flask water bottle, microfiber towel, deodorant, muscle rub cream, and other personal items in the cube! Keep your cube in a place where you can always see it so it serves as a reminder that you need to hit the gym.

Packing cube as gym pouch tote

**Thanks to Megan from The Homes I Have Made for this photo!

For Mommies

17. Ring Sling Storage - Ring slings are definitely a thing! One of the best things about them is that they can be easily stored in a medium cube without any hassle. You can pack them while traveling with your toddler or keep them packed in your closet when not in use.


18. Baby Essentials Container - You know your babies are not going to stay little forever (sadly). Rather than throwing your extra baby bottles and other feeding essentials away... clean, sanitize, and keep them in a medium cube for when you need to donate or give them away. Or perhaps when a new baby is on the way!

19. Craft Supplies Organizer - Got a new artsy hobby? Store your supplies where you can see them. Be it knitting, crocheting, quilting, painting, coloring, or learning calligraphy, this medium cube is the best fit for keeping your materials neat and organized. You can set a different color cube for each activity that you are into and alternate between them to keep things fun and exciting!

Colorful yarns organized in pink medium cubes

20. Diaper / Milk Bag - Organize your baby’s essentials like diapers, milk bottles, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, small disposable trash bags, and nursing cover inside a clear medium packing cube. Keep these items separate from the ones you use at home. Take this as an exclusive “for outdoor walks only” pouch which can also double as your extra for when you run out of diapers at home.

21. Pouch Holder - You can never have too many pouches when you have a medium cube to keep them all in. Pouches for travel documents, travel jewelry pouch, nail kit, sewing kit, loyalty cards, stationery kit, dental kit, makeup pouch, feminine care products, cash, planner tools, coupons, business cards, and all other things can fit right into a medium packing cube. That’s how you organize while staying organized!

Medium cube for organizing travel jewelry roll

22. Memory Lane Kit - Here’s to all the sentimental people out there. Medium packing cubes can be a great way to keep anything that holds a special place in your heart and preserve the memories. Love letters, birthday cards, baby toys / clothes, band t-shirts, hoodies, artwork, and other nostalgic objects that can easily take you down to memory lane can be stored neatly in this clear cube.

23. Hair Products Organizer
- Truth be told, women’s hair and beauty products take up about 80% of the space on the bathroom counter. However, when you use a medium cube to store all your hair essentials, you can lessen that percentage to 50% and have a super organized bathroom. We can almost hear men applauding this tip.

Packing hair tools and products in Medium Cube

For Kiddos

24. Toy Organizer - You’ll never know the pain of cluttered toys unless you’ve stepped on a lego! Save yourself from headache (and from foot pain) by organizing your kids’ toys in medium packing cubes. Sort their playthings by categories like action figures, legos, animals, construction toys, dolls, educational toys, stuffed toys, sound toys, wooden toys, and puzzles in different color cubes to make your playroom look vibrant.

Pro Tip: Include your children in the process of organizing their toys so they can do it on their own next time.

25. Activity Kit - Get your kids away from the phone/computer screens this weekend... and get your activity kits ready! The medium packing cube is perfect for categorizing different activities for your kids. Color coding with cubes can make learning  even more fun! You can put reading activities in a blue cube, math & numbers in an orange cube, arts & crafts in a green cube. Check out this site for fun DIY activity ideas!

26. Kids’ Camp Cubby Organizer - Make sure your kids are ready for their outdoor activities by organizing all their camp essentials in a medium cube. Make it more fun by allowing them to choose their own cube color and helping them plan and choose their outfits for camp. Sort and categorize using different color cubes to make sure they won’t mix with other kids’ stuff in the cabin.

Organized cabinet using medium packing cubes in different colors

27. Rewards / Treats Pack - Medium Cubes are also the perfect storage for kids’ treats when they do something worth a snack prize! Keep it fun by storing various snacks and items in different color cubes and let them pick the cube they want and they’ll be surprised with what’s inside! Parenting done right!

Other Ideal Uses

28. Office Paper Keeper - Give it a few months or so, you’ll notice you’ve accumulated so many papers on your desk that it’s now a mess. Keep unnecessary papers filed and compiled in a medium packing cube inside your desk drawer and use them as scratch paper or when you need to clean out your printer’s ink cartridges.

29. Scrunchies / Hair Ties Pack - Lost one scrunchie today? Don’t worry, you’ve got tons more in your medium cube scrunchies pack. That’s right, ladies. Show your stretchies some love and care by keeping them organized in their own cube. Mix and match with your outfits to be more stylish!

30. Costume Storage  - If you’re into costumes, dressing up for Halloween, or you have  dance costumes from high school you just can't give away.... the medium packing cube is a perfect fit for you. It’s not like you’re going to wear your costumes all-year-round. Keep them organized and in their own space, without taking up too much of it.  

Dance costumes in medium clear packing cubes

With all these unique and fun ways to use medium packing cubes, we can say that the future of packing is clear! We know that there are still many incredible and creative ways of using medium cubes out there. They just need to be discovered. How about you? What would you use this medium packing cube for? Don’t leave us hanging. Share your thoughts!

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