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Gray Packing Cubes

Gray Packing Cubes

Gray packing cubes inside suitcase

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Over here at EzPacking, we try to make the best travel and organizational products. Our gray packing cubes are one of our best sellers! While great for traveling and organizing a suitcase, our packing cubes can be used in so many other ways. For example, here are 20 unique ways to use our Extra Small Cube.

Interested in buying our Gray Packing Cubes? Check out our Starter Set in gray for easy carry on organization or our Complete Bundle in gray for checked bag organization.

Here are our gray packing cubes (with their conventional uses):

Extra small gray packing cube - Our gray packing cube is the ideal clear toiletry bag for your carry-on bag. Yes, it meets TSA standards (under quart size and see through). Unlike flimsy ziplock bags, our cubes have double zippers and can fit 10 to 15 bottles under 3 ounces!

Small gray packing cubeSmall cube - Avoid airport security mishaps like your underwear rolling out of your luggage! Pack your delicates inside a small cube to keep them hidden from the public eye. Or if you’ve got bigger toiletries and cosmetics, this is the perfect clear makeup bag for travel.  

Medium gray packing cubeMedium cube - Perfect for packing your lightweight clothes like cotton tops, blouses and shirts. Your lighter bottoms like leggings and shorts can also go on our medium cube. Are you a backpacker? This size packing cube can usually fit in most travel backpacks! 

Large gray packing cubeLarge cube - Traveling for a business meeting? Our largest size cube can hold your dress shirts without wrinkling them. This size cube is also ideal for bulkier clothes like jeans, jackets and sweaters! 

EzPacking’s Starter Set in grayStarter Set - Our simple packing cube set can solve your organization woes. This packing cube set includes our 4 sizes of cubes. Use them for organizing a suitcase or backpack, it’s up to you! 

EzPacking’s Complete Bundle in grayComplete Bundle - Get the most bang for your buck with our Complete Bundle! It includes two Starter Sets, 2 shoe bags, 1 laundry bag and 1 folding board set. Split the bundle with your loved one for sharing a suitcase!


How gray packing cubes can help you organize an office or cubicle 

A cluttered surrounding can affect your productivity --- more so in the workplace! Don’t let clutter get in the way of you becoming employee of the month! Use our gray packing cubes for organizing your office. Why gray? Because it’s a neutral color and , you don’t wouldn’t want distracting hues while you’re working!

Not sure how packing cubes fit in your workplace? Surprisingly, they adapt well and can help you stay organized without hassles. You don’t need fancy drawers or organizers, cubes are all you need. Just for fun, here are some ways to use our gray packing cubes to organize an office space!

Extra small gray travel cubePaperclip Pouch - Are you collecting all colors of the rainbow with your paperclips? Make sure they’re not all over your desk (it can take a long time to pick them all up). Use an extra small cube as a paperclip pouch instead. Since the cube is clear on all three sides, you can easily find the color paperclip that you need. Yippee!

Small gray travel cubePens and Pencil Organizer - Pens are a staple in any office desk and so are some pencils. We like this complete set from Pentel (it even has accompanying erasers and highlighters). But if your pens and pencils are starting to roll everywhere, it might be time to keep them organized in one place. Use a small gray packing cube for pen organization. Slip the cube in your drawer and you can easily access all your writing needs in an instant.

Medium gray travel cubePaper & Notebook Organizer - Can’t find them when you need them? Maybe because you’re not organizing them properly. Our medium packing cube is the perfect size for storing all your color papers and notebooks. Running late for a meeting? Simply grab this gray cube so you can take notes and stand out from the rest.

Chargers & Cord Pouch - We know you need all your electronics chargers. But you can’t leave them tangled around your desk! Use a rubber band or velcro tie to keep your cords from tangling. Place them inside a medium cube to keep track of their whereabouts.

Large travel cube in grayImportant Documents Holder - It’s easy to misplace important documents for work like a company report or memo. Use a large gray packing cube for safekeeping these documents. They’re also protected from insects or water spills. Don’t forget to place them in a lockable drawer or cabinet.  

Starter Set packing cube set in grayDon’t let a cluttered desk rule your mind. With the help of our gray packing cubes, your desk will be all organized and pretty. First time packing cube user? Check out our Starter Set, it has all our four cube sizes. You’re going to have many uses for them in your office.

Complete Bundle in grayPlanning to organize a larger workplace? You might need more help using our Complete Bundle. It comes with two Starter Sets and other travel organizers (use them for your trips). Good luck and enjoy organizing!

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