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Green Packing Cubes

Green Packing Cubes

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Our clear packing cubes come in many colors including this refreshing green! It has the same features as our other cubes. A clear, see-through design (for easy access during security), a reinforced grip handle (grab as you go) and double zippers (durability even during pressured times). Plus, our green packing cubes can be stacked vertically (unlike other packing cube brands). It gives you that edge when it comes to organizing your luggage!

Conventional uses for our green packing cubes

EzPacking green extra small cubeExtra small cube - Finally! A durable clear toiletry bag to last you for years to come. It’s compliant with the TSA standards (under quart size and transparent on all three sides). Pack all your 3 ounce liquid containers inside this cube. Unsure of TSA restrictions? Click here to learn more about what you can pack in your TSA approved toiletry bag.

EzPacking green clear makeup bagSmall cube - Want to keep your undies organized (and hidden from prying eyes)? Our small cube can hold 5 to 7 days’ worth of underwear plus socks. It can also be used for storing and organizing your favorite makeup items like foundation, powder, blush and lipstick.

EzPacking green medium cubeMedium cube - Allot one medium cube for your casual tops and another for your casual bottoms. You can even organize by outfit if you’d like! Depending on your size, you can fit up to a week’s worth of casual clothes inside this cube.

EzPacking large green packing cubeLarge cube - The best tool for keeping bulky clothing items intact! Our large cube can be used for organizing your winter jackets or sweaters. Got dressy shirts or dresses? Keep them neatly folded inside this size cube to prevent wrinkling.

Starter Set in greenStarter Set - This cube set includes our four sizes cubes! Make packing and unpacking easier for you and your whole family. Just allot one cube set for each family member for easy color coordination and carry on suitcase organization.

Complete Bundle in greenComplete Bundle - Split one suitcase to be shared by two with the help of our Complete Bundle! Or organize a checked bag with up to three weeks worth of clothes. It includes 2 Starter Sets, our laundry bag, 2 shoe bags and 3 folding boards.


Unique ways to use our green packing cubes

Have you ever thought of using our green packing cubes in other unconventional ways? You’ll be surprised to learn just how versatile these green packing cubes are!

Green extra small packing cube1. Plant Seeds Pouch - Green represents nature! So why not use an extra small green cube for organizing your various planting seeds? You can use removable sticker labels for easy identification of the seeds inside each cube. We like this brand because the stickers don’t leave sticky residues behind!

2. Makeshift Pillow - Going on a long flight or camping trip? You can use a large packing cube as a makeshift pillow! Make sure it’s filled with some clothes --- comfy and soft sweaters are ideal. You can then use it as a pillow for your kid while in a flight or during a camping trip.

3. Scavenger Hunt Bag - It’s a classic game that can be played anytime, anywhere! Give each player their own large cube for collecting items. You can easily track their progress and it just makes the game easier on everyone (our cubes have an easy-grip handle for little hands).

green small packing cube4. Recipes Organizer - Found a recipe online you would love to try sometime later? Print out a copy of it and store it inside our small green cube. Do this every time you find a recipe that you love, even in old cookbooks or magazines --- just cut them out. Now you have a place for all your future mastercook dishes!

5. Memorabilia Holder - College kids always have tons of keepsakes from their alma mater. From old lanyards, to pins or just important photos, you can use a medium packing cube for keeping them organized. If you want to take a little stroll down memory lane, especially during reunions, you can just take this cube with you!

Green extra small packing cube6. Eco-Bag Holder - With years of shopping, you might have collected quite a bit of eco-bags! Are you keeping them organized? Or like most people, are you just letting them scatter in various places around the house? Use our large green packing cube (so it matches your eco-friendly agenda) to keep all eco-bags in one place.

7. Manuals Pouch - It’s a rookie mistake to throw away those small manuals that come with your appliances and electronics. You’ll need them when something goes wrong with your items! Keep them organized in our small green packing cube for easy reference in a time of need.

Green large packing cube8. College Game Day Bag - College life isn’t just about the books and the four corners of the classroom. Use our medium green cube as a clear stadium approved bag. Enjoy game days (especially for students of Arkansas Tech University and Colorado State University).

9. Socks Organizer - Not for travel but for those times when some socks just suddenly lose their matching pair. Use a small cube for collecting these lone socks. Now you can keep track of all your missing sock pieces!

Packing cube set in greenGreen is truly in! Are you ready to pack your way into suitcase or home organization? Yes! You can check out this link for our Starter Set. It’s the ideal set for beginners or individuals looking to organize a carry on.

Luggage organizer set in greenWe recommend The Complete Bundle for families who want to stay organized or share a suitcase. You can even choose two colors for your set (just mention it as a note during checkout). Don’t forget, you can always build your packing cube stash individually (choose the sizes that you prefer)!