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Orange Packing Cubes

Orange Packing Cubes

Orange packing cubes inside blue suitcase

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EzPacking is dedicated to making travel easy. We’ve invented our clear packing cubes for this purpose. Made from durable cordura and vinyl materials, our cubes are meant to last you a long, long time (unlike mesh cubes). With the see-through design, you can find the items you need in a snap! Stack the cubes vertically or horizontally in your bag, it’s your choice! We’re giving the spotlight to our orange packing cubes in this post.

Here are our orange packing cubes (with their conventional uses):

EzPacking orange extra small cubeExtra small cube - Our designated TSA approved toiletry bag. It is compliant with the TSA standards for a carry-on toiletry bag. Fit all your 3 ounce bottles inside this quart size pouch. No worries during airport security, just grab the pouch and breeze through the lines like a packing pro!

EzPacking clear makeup bagSmall cube - Need to be photo ready for your trip? Use our clear makeup bag as a cosmetics pouch. It can hold all your beauty necessities. Plus, it can also be used as an underwear bag (for bras and socks). This size cube can hold up to a week’s worth of underwear!

EzPacking orange medium cube Medium cube - Our medium cube has lots of organizing uses. For travel, use it for organizing your casual tops and bottoms. It can fit up to 15 casual women’s tops! Love arts and crafts? This size cube is perfect for keeping your art supplies organized when you’re traveling.

EzPacking large orange packing cubeLarge cube - Our largest packing cube is perfect for organizing your bulkier clothes. For men, it’s the ideal size for organizing your dress shirts. Use our travel folding board if you don’t know how to properly fold a dress shirt! For the home, this size cube can be used as an underbed storage bag (for your bed sheets or winter clothing items).

Starter Set in orangeStarter Set - This packing cube set includes our four cube sizes from the extra small to the large! Good for anyone who likes to travel “carry on only” because this set perfectly packs a carry on suitcase. If you want to share a larger suitcase, each person can have their own set for easy color coordination.

Complete Bundle in orangeComplete Bundle - The best value-for-your-money travel cube set! It includes two Starter Sets plus our other travel accessories (laundry bag, shoe bags and folding board set). Great option for families or couples sharing a suitcase.

Five unique uses for our orange packing cubes

Now that you know the conventional uses for our cubes, let’s explore some options unique to Orange!

Extra small orange travel cube✓ Spare Change Organizer - Coins scattered around the house are an eyesore (especially for mommies)! Even more frustrating is that pennies and quarters somehow make it into drawers, the bedside table and other unlikely areas around the house. Give each member of your family an orange extra small cube for organizing spare change. This is also a great way to “find” extra money you wouldn’t normally keep track of!

✓ Card / Coupon Pouch - There are times when you don’t want to lug around your huge wallet, we get it! Our orange travel cube can double as a card/coupon pouch for those instances. Pack our smallest cube with your debit/credit cards, your couponing essentials and some cash.

Extra small orange travel cube ✓ Emergency Kit - What’s the designated color for warnings and emergencies? You guessed that right… Orange! So what better way to keep track of your emergency supplies than using an orange packing cube? Here’s how to make your own DIY first aid kit. Whether it’s an emergency kit for your car, your home or your trips, our clear orange packing cubes are the perfect bags for them!

Medium orange travel cube✓ Trick or Treat Bag - Here’s a good one: use an orange medium cube as a halloween goodies bag! You can even decorate the cube using washable markers. Your kids will stand out from the crowd because of their unique trick or treat bag. Don’t worry because our cubes have an easy-grip handle (for those little hands) and double zipper feature (secured candies all the way).

Large orange travel cube Show Your School Spirit - Want to show your school spirit in a subtle way? Our orange packing cube is a handy tool for that! Especially for college kids studying in Syracuse University or Princeton University. Our medium cube is the perfect clear stadium approved game day bag for packing water, snacks, a sweater and any other game day essentials.

Packing cube set in orangeOrange you glad you stumbled upon this post? ;) If you’re ready to purchase your first set of orange packing cubes, we recommend our value-for-money sets. The Starter Set is ideal for a solo traveler or families with older children. Yes, this set comes in funky orange too! 

Luggage organizer set in orangeOr you can opt for The Complete Bundle which includes two Starter Sets plus a laundry bag, two shoe bags and a folding board set. It’s the ideal set for a couple sharing a suitcase or a family planning to split a checked bag. Happy packing!