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Pink Packing Cubes

Pink Packing Cubes

Pink packing cubes inside blue suitcase

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Ask any little girl what her favorite color is and the answer (almost every time) is pink! Luckily, we’ve got pink packing cubes here at EzPacking. Organizing your suitcase for travel just got easier. Check out all the different ways to use our pink packing cubes on this page!

Here are our pink packing cubes (with their conventional uses):

EzPacking pink extra small cubeExtra small cube - The best clear toiletry bag for your carry-on bag! It’s compliant with TSA standards (just under quart size and see through). But what makes it unique is that it has a clam-shell opening. Set it in your hotel’s bathroom counter or vanity table without having to empty the contents out!

EzPacking pink clear makeup bagSmall cube - This size cube can hold up to a week’s worth of your travel underwear and socks! It can also be used for keeping your baby’s diaper bag from becoming a hot mess. Got lots of electronics? Get them sorted and organized inside a small cube (especially those chargers and cords).

EzPacking orange pink cubeMedium cube - This size cube can hold all your casual travel clothes. That includes shirts, blouses, shorts and leggings! Bringing along some hair tools and products? This is the ideal size for them! Pack all your hair essentials (hair straightener, curling iron or dryer) inside this cube.

EzPacking large pink packing cube Large cube - Get those bulky jackets and sweaters organized in our largest cube! It keeps them intact and compressed in your suitcase. Limited space in your home? Use this cube for keeping extra bedding protected from insects (or dust) during storage.

Starter Set in pinkStarter Set - If it's value you're looking for, this packing cube set is the best match for you! It includes all sizes of our cubes. Choose the fuschia pink color the girly girls in your family (including mommies)!

Complete Bundle in pinkComplete Bundle - You’re getting not just cubes but also other luggage organizers in this travel cube set! This includes a travel laundry bag, 2 shoe bags and 3 folding boards. You get more for your money cause buying these items individually costs more! 


Six things to love about our pink packing cubes

For the girly toddler or the stylish sister in the family, pink packing cubes can solve almost all their organizing woes. Moms who are still young at heart would also love to use our pink packing cubes! Looking for more reasons to love this funky-colored travel cubes? Check out the list below:




Pink packing cube in extra small1. Fuschia Pink That Demands Attention - Do you have a boring plain suitcase or backpack? Our pink packing cubes livens them up! It’s a color that instantly grabs attention. Just goes to prove that packing doesn’t have to be daunting or tiring if you have the right tools for it!

2. Clear Design - Our cubes were designed with travelers in mind. Need something in a snap? The see-through front and sides allow you to see exactly what’s inside our pink packing cubes. It takes packing and unpacking to the next level!

Pink packing cube in small 3. Double Zipper - The double zipper feature means that our pink travel organizers are sturdier and more durable than your usual mesh-type packing cubes. Packing or unpacking in a jiffy? Don’t worry because our cubes work well under pressure thanks to their double zipper ability!

4. Easy-Grip Handle - Going to the beach? There’s no need to pack a separate beach bag. Use our pink cubes as your stylish beach companion. Our small packing cube can hold your girly toddler’s beach essentials like a swimsuit, sunscreen and even some toys. The easy-grip handle makes it an ideal bag to tote around with you! Even the little one won’t mind carrying the cube because of the super cute design.

Pink packing cube in medium 5. Stiffer Than Mesh Fabric - We’re really proud that our cubes are made from stiffer cordura and vinyl materials. This means they stay put (even during a bumpy bus ride) inside a suitcase. There’s just less chances for wrinkles this way! Plus, you can stack them in your bag any way you want (horizontal or vertical). That’s something other packing cubes won’t let you enjoy (wink wink)!

6. Wipe to Clean - Who has time for washing their cubes especially on long-term trips? We know we don’t! Our pink packing cubes don’t require much when it comes to cleaning. Use baby wipes or a wet rag with soap for removing dirt or debris. Then you’re good to go!

EzPacking pink extra small cubeWe hope you enjoyed this list! Was it enough to convert you to a pink-cube lover? If it was, check out our Starter Set (which you can order in pink). It comes with our four size cubes for a discounted price. It’s the best gift for beginners to EzPacking.

Luggage organizer set in pinkAre you a couple wanting to share a suitcase? Or looking to pack 3 weeks of clothes into a checked bag or duffle bag?  We recommend The Complete Bundle (which you can order in pink or mix and match two colors). It comes with two sets of each size cube, a laundry bag, two shoe bags and a folding board set. You get more than what you pay for with this bundle!