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The Ultimate Guide on Packing With Packing Cubes

Posted by Jelinne Navarro on
How to pack with packing cubes

Are you a beginner in the wonderful world of packing with packing cubes? Either way, we’re glad you found us! Don’t be scared...packing cubes are your friend. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways of transforming your luggage from a disorganized mess into an organized beauty! This guide is all about packing with packing cubes. It’s perfect for those packing cube beginners who need help understanding how to use them in their suitcase. Let’s get packing!

Why Packing Cubes are the Best Suitcase Organizers?

Clear packing cube for organizing suitcase or bag

There are lots of packing organizers that you can choose from. We have compared most of them in this blog post. But for us, packing cubes are still the best travel organization system out there (not bragging at all). Its features are compatible with most types of suitcases and even work for organizing backpacks, tote bags, closets and drawers. #versatilityiskey

With EzPacking Cubes, you can choose from a variety of sizes and colors. These packing cubes have a transparent design so you can easily find what you need, when you need it. Here’s a couple reasons why you’ll benefit from using EzPacking cubes:

Reusable - Packing cubes can be reused, over and over again! Some organizing tools for travel (we’re looking at you ziplock bags) don’t have this capability. You know they’ll end up ripping after a few uses. EzPacking cubes will last you a long time because they’re made from high-quality cordura and vinyl materials.

Reusable clear cube for organizing suitcase or bag

See-Through Cubes - Unlike other brands, EzPacking cubes have a clear, see-through design. The front and the sides of our packing cubes are transparent. So it won’t matter which position you stack your cubes, you can find what you need in an instant. With other brands of packing cubes, you’ll have to label them or open them up just to find out what you packed in there...what a hassle!

See through cubes inside duffel bag

**Thanks to Livi for this awesome photo!

One-time Investment - If you really want to feel organized when traveling, you just need a one time investment, with the right packing cubes. When you save money on baggage fees since you packed so well, the cubes will pay for themselves in no time.

Xo Livi showing how to pack using cubes

*Mommy blogger Xo Livi (@xolivi) showing us how to pack using packing cubes

Compartmentalizes a suitcase / bag - With packing cubes, you’re basically compartmentalizing your bag. The cubes work like drawers for your luggage so you can simply find the packing cube with the particular items you need, pull out the cube and then put it back. And because they are see-through, you can easily see what you’re looking for.

 How to pack a suitcase with travel cubes

*Thanks to Ursula (Home Made by Carmona) for this photo! 

How to pack with packing cubes

How to pack clothes in a suitcase with cubes

But how do you actually pack the cubes you ask? We’ll tell you exactly how you can pack with packing cubes. As important as the organization tool you’ll be using is the preparation and planning before the packing. So if you’re ready, here are some tips on how to make the most of your packing cubes:

1. Hotel amenities or bring your own? - The first thing you need to do is research or call the place (or places) you’re staying in. Find out what they already have included - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair dryer, razors, clothes steamer, etc. You can save precious space in your luggage if you don’t have to bring some of these bulky items!

Items to leave behind when packing with cubes

2. Use a packing list / lay items on the bed - How long will you be traveling? Use a simple checklist to check off items as you take them out of your closet. Lay them out on the bed separated by category of clothing. You can also categorize by outfit, which is ideal for short trips.

Packing list for travel

3. Choose which size cubes you need - If you’re going on a short summer trip or a week long vacation, you might only need a few medium packing cubes and 1 to 2 small packing cubes. The Starter Set is perfect for a carry on suitcase (it comes with four size cubes).

Starter Set for packing a suitcase

If you’re going on a 2 week cruise, going on a longer trip or want to split a larger suitcase with your hubby (or the kids), you’ll need some more cubes. The Complete Bundle is perfect for packing a larger suitcase and can be color coded easily!

The Complete Bundle for packing a suitcase

*Thanks to Megan (The Homes I Have Made) for this photo!

4. Undies, bras and socks can be packed in a Small Cube - Smaller items fit perfectly in the small packing cube. Not sure how many pairs of underwear you should be bringing? We recommend one for each day you’re away, plus one extra just in case.

Packing underwear / socks inside small cube Packing underwear / socks inside small cube

Check out this underwear chart guide by Carrie Smith. You’ll have a good laugh and it’s pretty useful.

5. Casual tops and bottoms can go in a Medium Cube - We recommend sorting your casual clothing into one or two medium packing cubes. This includes tops, blouses, skirts, dresses, shorts and leggings. Utilize the rolling method for these types of clothes. If you don’t know how to roll clothes for packing, read this guide!

How to roll clothes for packing cubes

*Thanks to Becky (Organizing Made Fun) for this awesome photo!

6. Bulky clothes can be packed in a Large Cube - Use the regular folding method to pack jeans, jackets and sweaters into a large packing cube. This size cube is also perfect for packing formal clothes to avoid wrinkles while in transit.

Bulky clothes packed inside a large cube

7. Pack toiletries / cosmetics in a clear toiletry bag - You can pack your toiletries inside your carry-on or checked luggage. Any liquids larger than 3.4 ounces must be packed in your checked luggage though. If you want to freshen up during or after the flight, you can store liquids below 3.4 ounces in a TSA approved clear toiletry bag for your carry-on bag. You also lessen the risk of damaging other items inside your carry-on bag (our cubes are leak resistant).

How to pack toiletries in packing cube

8. Maximize random spaces - Once you zip up your packing cubes, you might find small spaces where you can fit other clothing items into. So before packing them in your suitcase, make use of these spaces by adding smaller items inside them. Fitting packing cubes inside a suitcase is like completing a puzzle. It might take several tries for you to find the ideal packing cube positioning for your suitcase.

How to fit packing cubes inside suitcase

*Thanks to Megan (The Homes I Have Made) for this photo!

9. Take a Travel Laundry Bag - Nobody likes mixing clean and dirty clothes, right? Bring a small, foldable laundry bag like this one and pack it in a side pocket. Upon arrival, open it up and hang on a door knob for easy access throughout your trip. When packing up to return home, leave one cube empty at the bottom of your suitcase and place the filled laundry bag on top of it.

Travel laundry bag and shoe bags by EzPacking

When you get home, dump the dirty clothes in your hamper and hang up the rest of your clean, unworn clothes. Voila! Shoe bags are good investment options too, like this travel sized one. They keep your shoes protected but also keep your other items clean.  

10. Don’t forget these electronic MUST HAVE products - Messy cords and a dead phone battery? Come on, let’s be more prepared. The most important items you need while traveling are:

 Cords Straps - To keep your items organized

 Portable Power Bank - In case your phone dies while sightseeing

 Charger Organizer - So you know exactly where everything is

Cords and charger organized in Extra Small Cube

*Thanks to Wendi (H20 Bungalow) for this cute photo! 

 Noise Canceling Headphones (better if bluetooth) - For crying babies on the airplane. Enough said.

Quick Summary of Items to Pack in Each Size Cube

Here’s a quick breakdown of our different cube sizes and what you can pack inside them:

Extra Small Cube

Small Cube

Medium Cube

Large Cube





First Aid Items











Dress Shirts




Formal Wear

*Liquids must be under 3.4 ounce for carry on


Planning and preparing ahead even when packing with cubes

Woman using packing cubes to organize suitcase

Planning and preparing ahead of time are still important even when packing using packing cubes. The more you plan, the smoother sailing your packing cubes will be. Follow a packing list for extra help and only pack items you know you’ll wear!

Are you new to the world of packing cubes? Welcome! We’re all friends here.

It can be very overwhelming at first, especially when it comes to finding the appropriate size and type of packing cubes for you and your family.

With EzPacking, you can opt for different sizes, colors, and sets depending on your specific travel needs. You’ll be happily surprised to see how much can fit in these cubes!

Happy Travels!

P.S. Can't decide if packing cubes are for you? Click here for a detailed guide about packing cubes - including their different types, the best brands plus a LOT of tips and tricks.

Packing with packing cubes
How to pack using packing cubes

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